My Brother the King - Questions for Deeper Learning
by Tonja Taylor

Let’s Talk About “My Brother the King”   © 2011 By Tonja K. Taylor

1. How old is the girl in the story?
2. What does her big brother call her?
3. Does she love her big brother?
4. What is his name?
5. Is her big brother, Jesus, a king?
6. Is she a princess because her brother is a king?
7. Did Jesus say that God loves some people better because they wear fancy clothes or have a certain kind of house?
8. What did God say about flowers being dressed up?
9. Did Princess say that Jesus gives her gifts and keeps her secrets?
10. Why would Jesus say that Princess was a genius?
11. Are we all the same color inside? What color?
12. Is the real you invisible?
13. Do you have one part, two parts, or three parts? What are they?
14. Can words make things happen?
15. Do you want to use your words for good, to help people, or for bad, to hurt them?
16. Do you like it when people speak good “fruity” words to you?
17. Do pineapples grow on trees?
18. Is magic good for people?
19. Can magic make people do stupid and terrible things?
20. What is murder?
21. What are some of the stupid things that people worship instead of the real God?
22. Is it good to be afraid? Why or why not?
23. As God’s children and Jesus’ brothers and sisters, are we supposed to be afraid of God our Father?
24. How would people be in a jail they can’t see?
25. Is a king part of government?
26. What did Jesus say the good kings in the Bible did?
27. Where is Jesus’ homeland? What is life like there?
28. Who causes all the problems in the world?
29. What is Jesus going to do to the devil soon?
30. Why hasn’t Jesus come back to earth yet to get all of us who believe in Him?
31. Is Jesus ever surprised by how we act, even if we are grumpy or rude?
32. Does Jesus own the earth?
33. Jesus is Princess’s Big Brother. Is He also her BFF (Best Friend Forever)?
34. Is Jesus from America?
35. Can Princess see Jesus?
36. Does Jesus expect Princess to be thankful for what He gives her, and to share her blessings?
37. Does Jesus love all the children in the world?
38. Does Jesus like to hear Princess sing?
39. Do you think He would like to hear you sing, and even sing with you?
40. Does Jesus go with Princess everywhere?
41. Does He get mad at her?
42. When Jesus talks to Princess, do His words make her feel good or bad?
43. What did Jesus tell Princess about what she’ll be when she grows up?
44. Was Princess worried about what to do and say?
45. Did Jesus promise to go with her everywhere and help her every time, and teach her what to say?
46. How did Jesus say to get ready for what He needs her to do?
47. What did Jesus say when Princess said she was “just one little kid”?
48. What does “E pluribus unum” mean?
49. Does Princess ever think Jesus would like to her, or does she believe what He says?
50. Do you believe that Jesus can use Princess to help Him expand His Kingdom?
51. Do you think He wants to let you help Him too?


Tonja K. Taylor is the author of many works, including THE ADVENTURES OF PRINCESS PEARL, P.O.W.E.R.* Girl! series. She and her husband Clayton minister the Word through teaching, preaching, and the arts, through River Rain (Creative Arts) Ministries (You Tube, God Tube), their church, and beyond.

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