Your Holy Health - Part 8 - Your Body Knows
by Tonja Taylor

JOURNAL ENTRY (a few years ago—B.O.F. (Before I really started eating organic and non-GMO Foods))

I just ate my fifth chocolate chip cookie today. It snowed this morning and I was a bit anxious (although I have given my anxiety to God), I didn’t eat them all at once—really. But after the third one, I started desiring something salty, and healthy. Really.

I really didn’t eat lunch; my husband, who normally comes home for lunch but had duty at work, was not here, so I skipped lunch and, about 12;30, ate another cookie. I did drink soy milk with it, and then ate a piece of bread.

Later in the afternoon, I ate still another cookies, then some popcorn, to balance salty with the sweet. Very quickly, my body was like, Give me something healthy!!! So I ate a piece of apple and then a stick of celery, “rabbit food” or not.

AAAAAAH! Much better.

The LORD has designed our bodies to crave what we need, at least sometimes. I am thankful!

Another point on this is, the less stress we experience, the less we will crave junk. It is the enemy that sends pressure - what we call "stress" - and when we are not at peace, it is easier, usually, for him to put thoughts in our mind that we need high-fat, high-sugar and other junky substances to make us feel better. He works in feelings/emotions and what we see.  

We were designed by the LORD to eat fruits and vegetables and grains, as Godt the Creator says in Genesis 1:29:  "Then God said, “I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food."

So don't think it weird if your body craves healthy things to eat! It is the LORD helping you to put good things in your body to strengthen and heal you.

One of the things He's helped me do is to ask Him for wisdom and desire to learn to eat healthier. It is Him that has given me these desires, and He has helped my husband and me to make healthy changes slowly (for instance, substituting one healthy thing for one type of junk food, or such), so that they stuck.

Organic or non-GMO food sometimes costs more, but it's so worth the investment up front to stay healthy, strong, energetic, and stay out of the doctor's office and not lose time from work and other activities! 

God has designed our bodies to heal themselves to a point, when we put the right things into them. Your body knows what it really needs and wants, so ask the LORD to help you stay in peace (worshiping Him and meditating on His eternal unchanging Word is the best way to do that!) and listen to Him and help you hear your body talk. He will!

Tonja K. Taylor is the author of many works, including THE ADVENTURES OF PRINCESS PEARL, P.O.W.E.R.* Girl! series. She and her husband Clayton minister the Word through teaching, preaching, and the arts, through River Rain Creative Arts (You Tube, God Tube), their church, and beyond.

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