Can You Alight From Your Camel?
by Olawale Ogunsola

"And Rebecca lifted up her eyes, and when she saw Isaac, she lighted off the Camel." Gen 24:64. King James Version (KJV).

To alight is to descend from a train, bus or other form of transport. In the ancient times, animals were used as a form of transport. At the time, only those who were comfortable and were able to afford buying it and had as many as they could afford. Such people are in their own different classes.

An ass or camel were common means of transport in certain parts of the world while there are other types of animals use for (the) same purpose in other places.

In modern times, cars, buses and vehicles of all kinds are in place of the use of animals as a form of transport. These are in various forms, sizes and are in different prices. They are available to buyers at their affordable costs to them. The rich and influential as well as their children, land cruise cities with their own chosen cars. Everything is by God's grace!

Do you know that female children of rich and influential also are partakers of their parents' possessions? They have authority over them. In many cases, female children have fleet of leisure cars allocated to them out of them, they are free to ride any. Sometimes, where they are going and what they are going to do dictates which car is fit and proper to ride on. It depends on their parental purse.

In certain cases, it is the female that worked to become rich and influential as at when due, this also is by God's grace.

In many cases, such ladies are singles. One thing is that many of them may remain unmarried for a long time. A group of them may not marry forever. Another group will aid and abelt the breaking of their homes. All in the name of riches and influence. Their possessions have become intoxicants driving their lives.

To the unmarried, many find it very difficult to secure a suitor because the right fellow she ought to marry has not a car and she is not ready to have a walk to exercise her body by which she can meet the man meant for her.
Such lady finds it difficult to alight from their asses, carmels or cars.

A few days to writing this piece, a radit programme presenter narrated his experience when he was a Director of a wedding programme. He new that the new couple started boxing and slapping each other during their wedding reception. He said he monitored the home for a few months. The outcome of the marriage was divorce. His opinion was that the woman was being intoxicated by her family wealth and influence.

She found it very impossible to come down from her ass or carmel.
For a woman who wants to fulfil her God-given assignment in the affairs of men, alighting from your car (camel, ass) is mandatory. Why? It has benefits. For instance, in the verse quoted at the start of this piece, Rebecca lighted off her ass, what were the outcome?

1. Isaac, her husband brought her into his mother's (Sarah's) tent. She became Isaac's "new mother". A good wife should be ready to be a mother to her husband. That is a benefit of coming down from your animal.

2. Isaac loved his wife who was able to alight from her car, a mark of submission. Rebecca earned the love of her husband. A love that is not negotiable. Submission guarantee pure love and respect.

3. Rebecca became a source of comfort to her husband, Isaac. Gen 24:67. She fulfilled her role as a home maker and a family comforter.

4. It assures the submissive, the right to ask what she wants. This was the case with Achsah, the daughter of Caleb the son of Jephnneh, Joshua's peer. She requested for springs of water and she got it from her father. The same will apply to every request she made to her husband. Joshua 15:18-19.

Do you know that alighting from your ass, carmel or car is equivalent to submission? A lady minister of God, now late, was always quick to let any ready listening lady, "Submission guarantee security."

That is the truth and nothing but the truth

Beloved reader, can you afford to be submissive to your own husbands? Are you in competition with him? For how long shall you be a rival to your man? Cease to be!

To enjoy your life and to have peace, alight from your ass or carmel or car to humble yourself for the glory of the Lord.

Note well that I am not writing this to show that a man must dominate his wife nor bully her; but that a submissive woman must be cared for and respected by her man. Stay blessed and prepared for the coming of the Lord.

The Author is the set man of CTFM(WORLD OUTREACH)and Presiding Pastor of Christ Restland Gospel Church.He is a Poet and author of many books. Visit his blogsites and for more quality contents.

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