by Olawale Ogunsola

Every marriage, a successful one, started with pure love, this must be towards one another. A pure love must be a balanced one. A one sided love is like a wounded bird and cannot fly well or at all.

Not only this, a successful marriage unites two opposite sex to one another. This is attachment in the real sense of the word. For an effective and efficient lasting attachment, there must be leaving. Each partner should be ready to forsake his / her father's house to build his/her own. That is cleaving to each other.

The third and the last part of a lasting successful marriage is Dwelling. Dwelling with each other in marriage is in the evening of a couple's life. After evening, the night will come. What follows? They will bid each other "Good night!"

How many marriages stay until this stage? Huuum! Can you count the number that you know? The common enemy of mankind would not allow it but those who want to reach this stage must put everything in place to attain it. The common enemy, Satan, will visit in various times but the couple can render him useless.

Leah, the first wife of Jacob the son of Isaac craved this from her husband but she missed it. How can we confirm this? In her words :
"God has endowed me with a good endowment; now my husband
will dwell with me." Genesis 30:20 New King James Version. NKJV.

Can you see her good desire? It is sad that she missed it gallantly, why? She was not loved by the husband, although it was not the fault of the man, Jacob, but that of Leah's father, Laban, who played "a fast one" on Jacob.


Jacob bargained for Rachel but he was given Leah as wife. So instead of Love to be the foundation of their marital life, DECEIT was the foundation. Falsehood was the basis of contracting the marriage. Neither of the party planned it. The father who designed it based it on deceit. How can the people involved be attached together?

As it was, so it is, today many marriages cannot withstand the tide of today because either party to it is not sincere. It is not based on truth. This has given rise to the high rate of divorce, attempted murder, murder, attempted suicide and outright suicide. The words of Amos 3:3 is relevant here,
"Can two walk together, unless they are agreed?"

To dwell together involves walking together for the rest of a couple's life. The starting point is AGREEMENT. This must be in love. This is agreement in love to dwell together forever.

There is no gain saying the fact that the man and the woman involved in a marriage has their individual roles to play for their marriage to reach the DWELLING STAGE. Among others, read the recommendation of Proverbs 14:1 to every woman,
"The wise woman builds her house
But the foolish pulls it down with her hands."

Every woman who is found in the dwelling level of a marriage attained this with wisdom from God. It is a strong and unfailing weapon.

Do you know that the man has his own role? Among others, the Scripture recommends this for a man,
"Husbands, likewise, dwell with them.
With understanding, giving honour to the wife, as to the weaker vessels,
and as being heirs together of the grace of life." I Peter 3:7.

It takes two to tango indeed!

Each party in a marriage cannot afford to fail in performing his/her duties. It will not be well with them if they fail. It will not only affect them negatively but the offerings from such a home.

Crime and criminality is on the increase in the world today because of scarcity of couples dwelling together. Divorce, separation and such likes are the fuels in the fire of crimes in the world today.

Let me not fail to state here that immaturity is a very strong factor that helps in preventing dwelling together in the evening of a couples lives.

It is also essential to state that every couple who want to dwell together must be closer to God and live according to His Words - written and specific.
Stay blessed and prepared for the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Author is the set man of CTFM(WORLD OUTREACH)and Presiding Pastor of Christ Restland Gospel Church.He is a Poet and author of many books. Visit his blogsites and for more quality contents.

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