Does Your Christian Life Cost You Anthing?
by Mark Nickles

            As human beings, we place value on things. A hard-won promotion, a new vehicle for which we worked and saved, a relationship that has been nurtured and cared for…, all of these are examples of items which hold value to many of us. We are willing to sacrifice time, effort, money, comfort and more for that which is valuable to us. In that sense, if something is of worth to us, we are willing to pay for it, one way or another. So, here is a question for the Christian: What has your walk with Christ cost you?

            The Bible makes it clear that our commitment to Christ should cost us something. The patriarchs of the Old Testament observed a sacrificial system which was a regular part of worship. Generally, when they came to the temple, there was some type of cost for them. As an example of GREAT faith, Abraham was even prepared to sacrifice his son, Isaac, in order to be obedient to God (Genesis 22). Of course, God never intended to let him go through with it, but the instance demonstrated how much value Abraham placed on his relationship with God.

            While God’s people no longer observe a sacrificial system, the concept of sacrifice is still inherent. Luke 14, verses 25 through 33 record Jesus’ teaching that, those who are considering following him ought to “count the cost”, instructing such things as making our relationship with him our PRIMARY relationship, and renouncing all we have to be his disciple (follower). That last bit puts us in mind of Luke 9:23, in which Jesus said, “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me (emphasis added).”    

            Make no mistake: the Christian life is one of cost, sacrifice and commitment. The reason it may not often seem that way is because the benefits far outweigh the price.

            Do you know Jesus as your Lord and Savior? If not, you can, simply by asking forgiveness of your sin, committing to his rule in your life, and seeking more of him through Bible study, prayer and regular church involvement.

Mark Nickles is a husband, father of three, and a pastor in Northeastern Oklahoma. Copyright, Mark A. Nickles.

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