A Gathering Together Revisited
by DeAnna Brooks

The first three verses of Psalm two are reminiscent of the tower of Babel, of the heart revealed there ... the refusal of collective man to 'bow the knee' to the Sovereign God.

What united these kings, these peoples?

A spirit of againstness.

Not against each other. Their was a commonality of purpose.

It has rightly been said that there is strength in numbers. Where one, alone, cannot stand, together you become a more powerful force.

We see that born out in history.

We see that born out in our own personal lives.

We see that born out in scripture ... when Aaron and Hur, for example, hold up Moses' arms because he can no longer hold them up himself.

We see that here ... in Psalm 2 ... just like we see it all around us.

It began in the garden ... it began when clay, accustomed to walking with God, chose instead to join with the prompting of another voice ... the voice of "againstness" aligning itself on a side opposing God.

The paradox continues.

It reveals a twisted heart that had once held a position next to the throne on high and was not satisfied.

When God created man, He created him with a plan for relationship. Relationship with Himself. Relationship with each other. Relationship intended to strengthen one another.

At the heart of this relationship lay the concept of "helpmeet". Iron sharpening iron. Where one could not stand, two could.

But that dark seed, first visible in the heavenlies, fell to earth and found a home in clay. And there it blossomed, twisting and turning God's righteous intent for his own dark purpose.

Clay, once in harmony with his Creator, decided he was no longer satisfied.

So, clay severed the only relationship he'd ever known.

Not, however, with the intent to "stand alone".

Made for relationship, clay simply formed a new alliance. An alliance of "againstness" whose fruit we still consume.

Isn't it interesting? A quick look at scripture reveals a pattern. When God calls, He calls out individuals. Abram. Moses. Samuel. Calls them to withdraw from their alliance, and meet with Him one to one.

Salvation, though it may appear collective, as in the children of Israel from the bondage of Egypt, it ever remains singular. A singular obedience. A singular union with God.

How, then, do I avoid getting caught in the wrong relationship?

How do I leave Eden's tree where I'm far too apt to listen to the voice of "againstness"?

Only one way.

Only one union.

Only one relationship.

Jesus leaves me in no doubt.

"One day you will realize that I am in the Father, and you are in Me, and I am in you.

This is a relationship never to be severed. Immersed in this relationship, through the empowering of the Holy Spirit, I am enabled, in Him, to stand strong.

Here, and only here, will I be able to recognize the true chains, the true fetters, and avoid being bound by them.

"Heavenly Father, precious LORD of all things, You, Who with all You are stand for me, grant me freedom from the 'spirit of againstness' that set itself at odds with Your heart even before You set the foundations of the world in place. That dark seed found fertile soil in clay, even in the clay having known Your breath. But 'againstness' cannot stand against Your Anointed One. You have installed Him as King. My King. In Him I take shelter, ever praising You for Your grace poured out with such mercy that I might know You might abide in. Bind my heart to Yours all the days of my life, that I might dwell in Your house forever and ever and ever."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

DeAnna Brooks (December 5, 2007)

Having raised four children, I live now in Texas. Mostly my writing is a sojourn with God.  I find myself ever planted in Eden, glorying in its abundant and rich communion with the Almighty. Or, I am looking back, with longing. And the sojourn continues.

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