by Dennis Van Scoy

Christmas is a joyous time, enhanced by scents of pine and hollyhock, alive with vibrant children's laughter and garnished in endearments of tradition. It is the pinnacle of fond remembrances, tender sharing and gracious giving, the treasure of family sprung from the depths of the heart.

Christmas is snowy rooftops, bell-ringing Santas and determined shoppers. It's a warming fire, a cup of cheer, and the comfort of loved ones all gathered near.

Christmas is the profound expression of faith, fused with the need to worship, a catalyst for reunion and an accelerant for charitable nature. It is the sound of jubilant bells resounding in freedom, aloft in crisp winter air.

It's a special time for the burying of differences and setting aside of one's self. It's the shining star of hope ablaze in the vast, ebony sky of indifference and, the mutual celebration of creation with Creator.

The Christmas spirit knows no malice, harbors no resentments, nor seeks it's own gratification. It is instead, the host for warm smiles, firm handshakes and tender embraces, lovingly reflecting the intent of it's Divine Author. It's an adventure in music, lights, smells and gaiety, including rich, poor, young and old alike, crossing all lines of race, age denomination, nationality and gender.

Christmas is much more than a mere point in time or date on a calendar. It is in fact, man's fondest wish for his turbulent world, the very heart of the winter scene, forever expressed in God's single, timeless, and heavenly message, meant for all mankind: "PEACE ON EARTH".


Dennis Van Scoy Sr, is a retired police officer turned Christian, freelance writer. He has been married for 27 years, has 5 adult children, 4 adut step-children, 23 grandchildren and ten great grandchildren.

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