You'll Love Again
by Shakera Reid-Stewart

I know You'll love again, of this I'm very sure
I know You'll love again even though circumstances closed one door.
Despite the hurt and confusion, you'll feel the joy of love,
You'll find that special someone chosen just for you from up above.
Those feelings of mistrust will eventually go away,
The memories of what once was will not be here to stay.
You'll find your way to that place where your confidence is restored,
You'll forget that awful act, the one that had you floored.

One day you'll see the purpose of what you had to face,
That day you'll come to realize that everything has its place.
I know you'll love again, you're a great prize to be won,
You'll have so much to offer after all is said and done.
And though it will take some time for that pain to disappear,
One day you'll find that the love of your life will suddenly be near.
That person by your standards will be a perfect ten,
And when you recognize this, I know you'll love again.

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Shakera Reid was born in Kingston, Jamaica and raised in Miramar, Florida. Her passion in life is counseling and educating youth. Hobbies include reading, writing and watching movies. Her hope is to encourage others through her writing and to help them in their Christian walk.

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