The Frequently Forgotten
by Shakera Reid-Stewart

Their presence can be as disturbing as it is unwelcome.
It takes great effort to see but not to acknowledge,
Strangely enough, that which takes great effort is commonly practiced.
Some have embraced the concept of being invisible to the world
It's true enough that the very thought of them can not only be offensive,
It is also a constant reminder of what could be,
A constant reminder of what's wrong with society,
A constant reminder of our lack of compassion.

During this season, however, a light shines and eyes are opened.
Hearts are vulnerable and appearances must be kept up.
Maybe the cloak of invisibility is lifted by feelings of guilt,
Or maybe the joy and love that the holidays bring compels us to assist.
Whatever it is they are truly thankful for this time,
They are filled with hope and have a renewed hope in humanity.
They are the homeless; the frequently forgotten are now remembered.
But as the New Year rolls in, they fade back into oblivion

Back into the corners of our minds.

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Shakera Reid was born in Kingston, Jamaica and raised in Miramar, Florida. Her passion in life is counseling and educating youth. Hobbies include reading, writing and watching movies. Her hope is to encourage others through her writing and to help them in their Christian walk.

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