He came to seek and save the lost.
by Kathleen Angell

The Love of Jesus. Truly reaches to the highest mountain and flows to the lowest valley.

That they might know, that all might know, of His love for them.

His hand reaches out to seek and save the lost. Like a Shepherd, He goes to look for the lamb caught in the brier bush.

Like the tenderest Lord and Savior, He reaches in to gently take the lamb out of the thorns, and set it free, and take it home to care for it.

That is our Lord Jesus. That is what He does.

And it is immensely important that people know that. It is immensely important that people know He loves them, and reaches out to them, as with His hand of love, to pluck them out of the devil's snare, to take them to Himself, to heal them, to have compassion on them, to see them healed, forever.

And when we have received that touch and know that relationship of our Shepherd, and our Savior, we are healed.

We begin to find a new life, a transformation from Him that He has given to us. He makes us whole. He makes us new. He takes the weakest thing, and makes it able to stand in newness of life, and live in Him.

He has come to seek and save the lost.

My name is Kathleen Angell.  

 My life was dramatically changed when the Lord made Himself real to me.

We have a outreach locally and for over ten years to Kenya children to feed those in need.  I love sharing about the Lord Jesus Christ and the wonderful things He has done

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