Never Enough
by Shakera Reid-Stewart

It is the self-serving nature of the human species to be forever dissatisfied with what God supplies us with. If you've ever observed a baby you would often die of envy. They eat, sleep, use the bathroom and get attention at will. If we could invade a baby's inner thoughts, we would expect a sigh of pleasure and hear "this is the life!" What ends up happening is that the baby strives to progress to the level of those around them. Now they want to move around independently. They want to imitate those around them. Being pampered and comforted is simply not enough.

Next example. Once we get around to the elementary/middle school age, we want the perks and privileges that others have. Older siblings get to stay up late, part-take in adult conversations, watch R-rated movie, stay out late, and of course, they get to drive. Once we get what we want, we find out the reality of being a licensed driver. In addition to the perks of hanging out with friends and being able to get from point A to point B by yourself, you now have to run errands, you have to take your younger siblings around and you are the personal slave of your parents. Now that you can stay awake later, you have become the resident babysitter. How fun is that???

We get to the next stage where we just can't wait to go to college and get out from under our parents' roof. You move out and realize that being on your own is not all it's cracked up to be. Bills need to be paid, food needs to be prepared, studying and/or working is now a part of the equation. Let's see, we moved out to have more fun, but more fun takes more money. The problem is that in order to get more money, you have to spend more time at work, and more time at work means that you'll need more sleep. Isn't that something? In short, when you have the money, you don't have the time and when you have the time, it often means that you don't have enough money. Quite often we begin to think "wouldn't it be nice to be back home again?"

By now, we're wishing to become more established. A higher paying job, a nice house and a nice car are on the wish list. Still, any job means less time for recreation, and a nice house means a mortgage. Let's not forget that you have to furnish the house, and pay the bills that come with the house. Women especially pray for the independence of being alone in a house of our own, but shortly after, we realize that we are starved for company and wish we had a companion.

Be careful for what you wish for because along comes the marital bliss. That's a whole other book. With this you do have to take the good with the bad. Good marriages are worth the problems. Let's face it, these days most marriages are just a divorce statistic waiting to be recorded. In these cases, we are dying to be single again. No kids, no husband, no responsibilities. We long for the carefree days of youth. We always come full circle.

The poor want to be rich. The rich want to acquire more wealth. We're too fat, too skinny, too old, or too young. When will we ever be satisfied with who we really are and what we have? It's so interesting that the main focus of the 21st century is changing our image. If you think about it, nobody is perfect. So, the real question is, which image would really satisfy you?

Lesson Learned: Self-improvement is always something to strive for since perfection isn't an option. Be comfortable with who you are and forget about superficial changes. Weigh the pros and cons of the changes because you may not like the consequences of the change you make.

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Shakera Reid was born in Kingston, Jamaica and raised in Miramar, Florida. Her passion in life is counseling and educating youth. Hobbies include reading, writing and watching movies. Her hope is to encourage others through her writing and to help them in their Christian walk.

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