How Do I Commit My Cares To God?
by Annagail Lynes

How do I turn my worries and cares over to God?

For years, God would speak the same message to me: "Cast your cares upon Me."

My lack of trust in God surfaced as the real underlying issue. I didn't know if He would come through for me, if He would care enough to perform on my behalf in every situation.

I don't know where your lack of trust in God comes from, but mine came from a lack of trust in my Dad, the earthly man whose DNA flows in my body. The one who raised me with my Mom for most of my childhood.

He is a functioning bi-polar. We put this label on anyone who has mood swings, but my Dad has the highs and lows that come from being a clinical manic depressive. Living with those types of mood swings can make any person lose trust in human beings.

I transferred the relationship I had with my Dad over to God, my Heavenly Father.

I didn't trust God to do me good. I saw those movies and television shows where God struck people down who made mistakes.

However I re-shifted my thinking about God. I learned that God loves me. He wants to do me good. He has good plans in store for me. He wants to bless and prosper me. He wants to heal, save and deliver me.

He loved me so much that He sent His Son, Jesus, to die for me. Jesus paid the price for my sins--past, present and future. He did that for you too. He loves you as much as He loves His Son, Jesus. Think about that for a moment.

He that spared not his own Son, but delivered him up for us all, how shall he not with him also freely give us all things? - Romans 8:32

God loves me, and He loves you too. He didn't design you to carry stress. He didn't design you to carry burdens. He wants to make an exchange. Your burdens for His promises. That is a wonderful deal. He takes your worries, fears, anxieties, sickness and disease. In exchange, you receive peace, joy, health and wholeness and yes, even prosperity. It is a more-than-enough deal by a more-than-enough God.

If you feel overwhelmed by the thought of giving your cares to God, if you feel that you never could fully relinquish them to God, I know exactly how you feel. I have felt that by keeping my worries, I was doing my part. If I stopped worrying, I was sure something bad would happen. I made myself out to be the center of the universe. I made myself out to have control of every thing around me, and I don't.

I had to learn, and am still learning, to hand my cares over to the One who is in control--God. Only He can handle what worries me. Only He can deal with all the problems and situations of an individual's life.

It isn't easy to relinquish the things that you have been carrying close to your heart all these years over to God. It isn't easy to let someone else handle your problems, even if it is the God of the Universe.

Casting your cares on God requires absolute trust in Him to take care of what concerns you. As humans, we like to be in control. We enjoy being, in our minds, the center of the Universe. Being out of control scares us.

It has been a struggle to learn to cast my cares. I took a basket and filled it with all my cares, which I committed to God. I've also written them down in a computer file or in a journal. I also tried tacking them up on a big make-shift paper cross on a bulletin board.

One of the more effective ways that I have tried, though, is to commit them to God. Then when the devil torments me to say, "I've already given that to God. According to [insert Scripture], I am [insert whatever you need the outcome to be].

For example: "I've already given that to God. According to I Peter 2:24, by Jesus' stripes, I am healed. Therefore I am healed."

I have found that when you give your care over to God, then start standing on a word from the Bible, that you can practically cast your cares.

God's Word is the final authority in our lives. It tells us everything that we can have through Jesus Christ's death and resurrection.

As children of God, we can stand on the Word of God concerning anything in our lives. God's Word is the Ultimate Truth. Everything else is facts, and facts can be, and will be changed, to the Word of God.

For instance: let's say that you are sick. You go to the doctor, and he gives you a dismal report. You can either believe that doctor or the Word of Almighty God that says you are already healed because Jesus took stripes on His back for your healing.

All facts must eventually line up with the Ultimate Truth--the Bible, if we stand on the Word.

Every time satan comes at you and says, "God won't heal you," you can counter him with the Word of God. You can say, "No, satan, I choose to believe the Word of God that says by Jesus' stripes, I am healed."

You must do that every time satan comes to you with that lie. The more you do it, the better you will become at it.

When we rely on the Word of God, we are resting in God and His promises.

He never called us to carry all the cares and worries of this life. He told us to give them to Him. Until we do, we will be burdened down, dejected, disappointed and dispirited. We are taking control of too much. Cast your cares of the Lord.

Find a Scripture to stand on and hit the devil with it whenever he comes against you. That Scripture is your title deed, your claim ticket to your inheritance, through Christ Jesus.

Annagail Lynes is a pharmacy technician, certified life coach and ordained minister.  She is helping people move forward after trauma by helping them discover their purpose. Follow her blog at

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