A Baby Story
by Jan Ross

Baby Cam
December 24
10:14 pm

Hi Joe! Im Matt, the cameraman assigned to your story. Is this your first baby?

Yes, this is my wifes first. ThanksI should go check on her now.

Wait a minute, Joe; they need to get her situated. Didnt they tell you that in your prenatal classes?

We didnt take the class. Our situation is not normal. We hoped to have the baby at home but we were on our way to take care of some personal business when her water broke. We tried to find a hotel, but they were all sold out. I was getting concerned so I brought Mary here. Hey, look, I REALLY need to go now!

Joe pulled away and pushed through the door. The nurse was positioning a monitor on Marys exposed belly. (Oh dear, I cant see her like this! Do they have any idea whats going on here?)

Quickly closing the door, once again Joe was at Matts mercy. Joe, relax! Weve done this show hundreds of times. Weve never lost a baby yet but I must admit we about lost a few first-time fathers. Stay calm! Your wife is in good hands.

(How do I explain to this guy that this is a holy and sacred momentthat Mary is giving birth to the Gods Son? Oh Lord, are you sure you want ME to raise Your Son? I cant even figure out what Im supposed to be doing right now! What am I going to do when Hes older and needs advice?)

Baby Cam
December 24
11:02 pm

Hello, Im Dr. Luke. Just call me Doc and well be good to go! Ill be delivering your baby today. You guys are from out of town right? Ha! You picked a bad time to travel! Anyway, give me some background on her and the pregnancy before I go in to meet her. Well give the nurses enough time to get her prepped.

(How much do I tell him? Hes gonna think Im nuts! LordI need your help!)

As Matt zoomed in on the conversation Joe searched for the right words.

Well, Im sure youve never heard a story like ours, but Ill give it to you in straight. But, I promise you wont believe meI hardly believe me!

Adjusting the camera, Matt knew hed heard every story there was to hear. But there was something different about this couplehe wanted to make sure he got every word.

Mary and I were engaged when I had a dream. In the dream an angel told me that we needed to get married, that Mary was pregnant. When I woke up, I called her and told her about my dream. She confirmed itshe was pregnant but she insisted she hadnt been with anyonethat she was still a virgin and the baby was Gods Son. I was starting to think maybe I didnt know her as well as I thought. I was raised in the synagogue and read stories of angels appearing to people in dreams, so what did I have to lose? I love Mary and I really didnt want anyone else as my wife. So rather than walking out on her or sending her away, I decided to go ahead and marry her.

Doc was chuckling under his breath. Hed heard this story more times than he could count. (Good heavenswhy do all these kids try to make me believe they got pregnant without having sex?)

Matt was tempted to pack up his camera and go home. (I thought we had a winner here with this Baby Story, but it seems this couple is like all those others who claimed to not understand how they got pregnant! When will they learn?)

Joe continued though he knew they didnt believe a word he was saying.

Right after we got married, Mary went away for a few months to visit her Aunt Lizzie who was also pregnant with her first at age 65thats got to be a record, doesnt it?

Doc was about to interrupt but decided to play along with Joe just to humor him before they went into the delivery room.

As soon as Aunt Lizzie had her baby, Mary came backit was becoming obvious she was pregnant. Anyway

Matt interrupted Joe. You mean to tell me that you let your pretty little wife leave for a few months right after you married? No honeymoon? No way Id have done that!

You dont understand, do you? We are married but, ummm, we arent married, if you know what I mean! Joe was getting nervoushow could he make them understand this baby was the Son of God?

Ok, I think its time for me to meet Mary. Doc patted Joe on the shoulder and walked toward Marys room.

Its ok, Doc. I think youll probably understand more by the time the nights over!

Baby Cam
December 24
11:37 pm

Hi, Im Dr. Luke. Immediately he was taken in by Marys eyes. Shes beautifulher eyes are captivating! No wonder this guy married her! Just call me Doc. I met your husband and he gave me a little background. I gotta admit his story is a bit far-fetched, but thats between you and him. Im here to deliver your baby.

Mary shook his hand and managed a smile even though her contraction was peaking. Nice to meet you.

Doc put on his gown and gloves while talking to the nurse. Mary was ready to push.

Ok, lets have a baby! When I tell you, push down with all your might while I count to ten, take a deep breath and then do it again.

Matt zoomed in on Marys faceintense, focused, and totally controlled. (Unusual! No epidural yet she looks almost peaceful. Somethings going on herethis might be the story of the year after all!)

Joe stood by Mary, holding her hand as she took a deep breath and began to bear down.

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten! Now, take a deep breath and do it again! One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten! Great! Now, relax until your next contraction. Do you need anything for pain?

Mary shook her head. No, Ive got to do this. Here goes again

Bear down just like before as hard as you can. Doc looked at Joe. Come on, Joe, youre a part of thiscount for her

Mary began to bear down again, Joe counting, the nurse ready with whatever Doc neededMatt caught every detail.

Stop! Dont push again until I tell you. Doc carefully suctioned out the babys nose and mouth. Here, Joe, take a look at your babyone more push.

Although curious, Joe would never embarrass Mary, not even at this point. After all, they had never been intimate. Thanks, Ill stay right here!

Mary, now push one more time and you should have a baby.

Mary took one more deep breath, squeezing Joes hand as hard as she could.

Baby Cam
December 25
12:01 am

You have a boyhe looks perfect! You did great! Here, Joe, cut the cord! Doc clamped the cord and laid the baby on Mary.

Shaking yet full of amazement, Joe took the scissors. (I cant believe thishow could God have chosen me to raise His Son? I have so little to offer and yet Ive been entrusted with so much!)

The nurse took the baby, cleaned him up, and wrapped him tightly in a blanket, and handed him back to Mary. 7 pounds, 7.7 ouncesnice size baby. Hes perfect!

Mary smiled at Joethey knew what each other was thinking. (You dont understand just HOW perfect He really is!)

Baby Cam
December 25
12:12 am

Doc finished up and was about to leave the room when the door opened. A blinding light filled the room while Matt quickly grabbed a filter for his lens. (I knew something was up here!)

A holy presence fell like a blanket, with a voice that shook the floor. Glory to God in the Highest, and on earth peace, goodwill toward men!

Matt turned from the form standing before him and focused on Mary and the baby. (Wow! Who was that? Theyre glowing?)

Baby Cam
December 25
12:47 am

Theres a scuffle in the hallway. The security guards are shouting! This is a HOSPITAL! Get those animals out of here!

Matt ran to the hallway and captured the intruders on film as they walked past the guards toward Marys room. There they wheretwo men who looked like theyd been living in a field somewhere with their sheep. Once in the door, they bowed down by the bed while the sheep stood quietly. Within a few short moments, they turned and left without uttering a word. (What is going on here? Wonder who let those guys with their animals in here?)

Baby Cam
December 25
1:27 am

As Dr. Luke was checking Mary a final time before leaving, there was a knock at the door. The security guards were going room to room with an announcement: Theres something strange in the skythe government assures us its not a UFO. Were told its a star thats moved closer to the earth but were not in danger. It appeared at midnight. So, if you happen to see it dont be alarmed. Everythings under control.

Matt moved toward the window, opened the blinds and there it wasa star brighter than hed ever seen shining through the windowlike a spotlight. (This is unbelievable! How can a star be so close to earth? Its got to be a UFOthe government isnt telling us the truth!)

With the blinds open, Mary, Joe, and Baby were peacefully enjoying their first moments as a family. It was this peace that led to Docs parting comments.

Mary and Joe, Ive got to tell you this has been the strangest set of events Ive ever seen. Ive delivered hundreds of babies and never seen anything like this. From the moment Joe and I met in the corridor to this very moment well, lets just say this has been a night to remember!

Joe shook Docs hand. Thanks, Doc. Some day youll understand more about what happened here tonight. Thanks for everything.

Sure, Ive got quite a report to write. Normally I spend a few minutes dictating notes to go in the patients file. Birth records are usually relatively routine. This record, however, will be anything but routine.

Shaking his head, Doc turned to walk out. As an afterthought, he looked back. By the way, whats the babys name?

Mary looked up with those deep eyes that first captured his attention. His name is Jesus. Its the name the Angel gave me when I learned I was pregnant.

Well, its different! Thanks, folks. Maybe well meet again some day!

Baby Cam
December 25
2:00 am

Everyone settled in, it was time to get some rest. Matt was scheduled to be at the hospital when Mary was discharged. (How am I ever going to explain all this to my boss?)

Good night! Ill check with the hospital to find out about your discharge. Until then, youre on your own. Thanks, folks. This is going to make quite a show. I imagine your little guy will draw the attention of people everywhere he goes. Hes a special little boy...this certainly hasn't been a normal birth story either!

Walking toward the door, he stopped. What did you say his name was?

Mary whispered the name once more Jesus!

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Jan Ross, President and Co-Founder of Heart of God International Ministries, is a passionate and outspoken defender of the Word of Truth and the Great Commission. http://heartofgodinternational.com. For more devotional material by Jan, please take a moment to visit www.hgdevotions.com.

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