True Apostles
by Arlene Baker

"When day broke [Jesus] called his disciples to him, and from among them he chose twelve and named them Apostles." Luke 6:13 NEB

Apostle: A person to whom responsibility has been assigned or delegated. The apostle carries the authority of the one who did the sending and is commissioned to carry out a transaction or task. Verb: to send or commission. (Dictionary of Bible and Religion, Gentz, 60)

Disciples are followers. The disciples got in on the excitement; they experienced the miracles, with all the thrills and wonder. But the apostles were hand-picked, chosen for a specific purpose. (Many are called, but few are chosen. Matthew 20:16)

Apostles are sent-- to the family, the neighborhood, the workplace. The Apostle is commissioned to carry the good news of Jesus, and armed with his authority, to set the captives free.

Am I a true apostle of Jesus or merely a disciple?

The author wishes to enjoy every year God gives her on this earth.

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