True Greatness
by Arlene Baker

"He [John] will be great in the eyes of the Lord." Luke 1:15.

Such high praise and from God himself! I wonder if God turned to his chief-of-staff the day I was born and remarked: "she will be great in my eyes!" I sense his anticipation as I enter the earthly scene. He already knows how my life will play out, but now we will experience it together.

Am I great before God? Looking at my life through mere human eyes I would have to say "no." But God's thoughts are not my thoughts. (Praise God!) We can be certain that God measures greatness far differently, because "my thoughts are not your thoughts, declares the LORD." (Isaiah 55.8)

How does one achieve God-sized greatness? Dorcas plied her needle. The woman at the well offered a cup of water. Miriam had her tambourine. Esther obeyed her guardian.

Won't we be surprised when we finally meet God face-to-face and learn what He considered great in our lives?

The author wishes to enjoy every year God gives her on this earth.

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