by Yvonne Blake

With each new morning,
Each start of the day,
Do we thank the Lord
For come what may?

With each new month,
Change of season,
Do we look for blessings,
Not asking the reason?

With each new year,
Do we feel blessed?
Do we treasure our gifts
In His hands rest?

Lord, why should I worry
When You are my King?
You've planned all my days
And control everything.

I need Your peace;
I worry and fret.
But You are my Shepherd,
My table is set.

Lord, teach me to trust
And to fully rest,
For You are my Father,
And I am blessed.

Author, Yvonne Blake,
I am a retired school teacher hoping to break into the world of writing. I've written a novel and would also like to write missionary stories for children. 
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