Give Them Back
by Karlene Jacobsen

"You have my feet," said Mommy. This would begin another laughter-filled argument between mother and daughter.

"They're mine!" The five-year old, Chrissie countered, giggling as she turned to run away.

Mommy insisted, "I want my feet back-I need them!" She picked up her daughter, wrapped her arms around the tiny girl's waist, and held tight. "Now I've got you right where I want you! If you won't give me my feet, then I'll just have to take them," she laughed as she reached down with one hand and grabbed hold of one tiny foot.

Sensitive to touch, Chrissie squealed through laughter, "Mommy, let go, that tickles me!"

"But I want my feet!" Mommy smiled, running fingers under Chrissie's toes, making her captive squiggle and giggle, unable to catch a breath.

When at last she could speak Chrissie burst in choppy little phrases between giggles, "They're minetoo smallminenot yours!"

She wiggled and squirmed until at last she broke free. She dashed across the room into the kitchen and under the dining table, protected by the chairs surrounding her. Exalting in her obvious victory, Chrissie looked toward her mom, and then squealed delightfully, "I found your feet Mommy!" She pointed toward the floor where Mommy's legs ended and her feet rested. "They're at the bottom of your legs! See?"

Mommy looked down to where Chrissie pointed, sighing in mock resignation, "Why, so they are!" She smiled, with a glimmer in her eye that promised, "We'll do this again, wait and see."


All grown up now, playing with her own five year old, Chrissie chased and laughed, "I want my feet!"

Later, out of breath and ready for a nap, Chrissie collapsed on the sofa with her little one snuggled in close. She wiggled her toes, thinking of the game, and then noticed, "Hey Mom, I've got your feet!"

Life, to me, is a dress rehearsal. I love how words spin together, with limitless possibilities.

I've been married for 18 years with four children along for the ride.  It's a joy to weave them into the story of my life, as we camp, picnic, read, ride bikes, play games, and learn together.

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