I Await
by Amy Michelle Wiley

I await, my beloved, to see your face
to hear you call my name
my heart is silent
listening to hear
a whisper of your love
yearning to echo it back

When the sun rises above the hill
I wonder
if perhaps you watch it, too
you could be right next door
or maybe on the world around
watching the close of day

I see a child laugh
cuddling close to her mom
I imagine our children
yours and mine
the joy well someday share

I look around
to see your brilliant smile
to feel your gentle arms
but I find only longing
trusting that Gods perfect time
will bring you near

My heart is waiting
I keep it hidden, safe
wanting only you
hearing the promise of forever
in the whisper of my dreams

I will wait, my love
for you

copyright 2008 Amy Michelle Wiley 

Amy is a freelance writer and editor and a professional sign language interpreter. She is the director of Peculiar People--an international collaborative fiction organization. Her website is www.sparrowsflight.net

Article Source: http://www.faithwriters.com


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