Here I am.
by Elizabeth Hexberg

Here I am again, my King,
and there You are outpoured.
Lost within Your Holiness,
so worshipped and adored.

Shimmering so quietly,
Glowing, none the less.
Spirit filled, and gently held.
In You, I am Blessed.

Daily I discover,
how much I need Your Love.
Daily falling so far short,
unworthy of Your blood.

Even so, You Love me,
and even so I yearn.
To live, as You would have me live.
With so much yet to learn.

One thing I am sure of,
so led to come to You.
Holding on, becoming strong,
the Source of all I do.

I was born to love You Lord,
and live to see Your face.
The air I breathe, to You I cleave.
Complete in Your Embrace.

So here I am, an open book,
for all the world to know.
With all my imperfections,
my God still loves me so.

Holding out my trembling heart,
In Faith, that others see.
The Gentle hands of Jesus,
are holding on to me.

I love The Lord,with all my heart, and am nothing,and have nothing, without Him.

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