God's Mission Program
by Verna Mull

Am I to be involved in missions?
Well, I am too young, you see.
I really thought I'd be involved;
But now, I have a family!
There are babies to feed and change,
A house to clean, and beds to make,
A garden to tend, errands to run;
And even cookies and cakes to bake."
A little voice within me cries;
"When will you have time for Me?
You are the only hands I have
To grasp others from a Christ-less eternity!
When you were young, you had many friends;
And times when you talked heart to heart;
A perfect time to tell them of me;
But you allowed these opportunities to depart!
Yes, now you have a family, and duties, I well know;
But you've a mission field right in your home,
You need to lead them to me, or---
Just where will these children of yours roam?
Yes, you have things to do, errands to run;
But when on those errands you go;
I long to be by your side and help you,
That even your grocer should know.
Don't let these opportunities pass you by,
For there will still be things take your timel
At any age you find yourself-
Even when you're in your prime!"
So come, my child, and walk close to me,
Hold tightly to My outstretched hand;
And I will show you what to do and say,
For My mission plan has been planned!

An elderly Christian who has learned to  depend  upon the Lord.  He is sufficient to meet our needs in any circumstance of life.  I only want to honor Him

Article Source: http://www.faithwriters.com


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