by Verna Mull

When the trials of life seem heavy,
More weighty than we can bear;
It's time to stop for a moment,
Go to God in most earnest prayer!

Before we begin our pleading,
His praises, we must softly raise,
Recalling His unending faithfulness,
His matchless, and loving grace!

Times when everything seemed so hard,
When the darkness dimmed our days,
Those times His Spirit seemed to lift us;
And straightened out our ways!

As we recall our many blessings,
Praising God for His wondrous care;
It's amazing, that at that moment,
God's Spirit comes, and lingers there!

Suddenly, the trials are so much lighter,
As our burdens, He begins to lift!
Finding the secret of His presence,
Oh, what a wondrous, beautiful gift!

The Spirit seems to gently linger,
As we face that difficult day,
Our hearts can sing in gladness,
Because we took time to pray!

An elderly Christian who has learned to  depend  upon the Lord.  He is sufficient to meet our needs in any circumstance of life.  I only want to honor Him

Article Source: http://www.faithwriters.com


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