by Verna Mull

Real pearls are a thing of beauty,
Oysters make them to perfection;
Bearing pain of foreign objects,
They have no way to eject them.

It seems, they suffer without cause,
Yet, produce a beauty most rare;
When the fishermen find the pearls,
They have great joy to find them there!

But, the poor, little, lone oyster
Has suffered, oh so very greatly;
Just so some wealthy lady,
Can go around, looking stately.

My thoughts run to another pearl,
More beautiful than all the rest:
A pearl that suffered much for me;
And overcame the greatest test!

Because of Jesus, the greatest pearl;
The price of all my sin was paid.
He suffered much, without complaint,
Man's pathway to Heaven was laid!

The pearly gates of God's heaven;
One day, Jesus will open wide;
Because of His great suffering,
I'll be allowed to walk inside!

Consider the pain, He suffered:
Beaten and dying on the cross.
Accept Him, oh how He loves you,
Denying Him, your greatest loss!

The reward for those rejecting,
Will not be, by the pearly gate.
When death dew falls upon their brow,
It'll be too late to change their fate!

An elderly Christian who has learned to  depend  upon the Lord.  He is sufficient to meet our needs in any circumstance of life.  I only want to honor Him

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