This Crazy Thing Called Love
by Shakera Reid-Stewart

I've known you before and you were good to me,
You've lived inside me like a burst of renewed energy.
You shone like a beacon of hope, peace, and happiness
The very idea of you takes away all loneliness.
You are the joy and inspiration that mankind should always know
You are the cure to hurt when morale is low.
How excellent are those positive feelings that you often bring about!
Those feelings that erase anger, pain, and doubt;
Those feelings that make someone feel totally brand new
The feelings that make it hard to control the crazy things we do.

I've known you before and it ended quite badly,
A disastrous fiasco that ran its course ever so slowly,
You brought me to a place that no one would want to be
You dropped me from my high place oh so suddenly.
Could something so wonderful turn a life upside down?
Could something so magnificent change smiles and caresses into frowns?
Strife and division was the product of your manifestation,
Leaving nothing but mistrust and sometimes great humiliation.
I've sworn you off a dozen times before,
With a vow that I would never open back up that door

But I know you now and you are better than ever,
Helping to fulfill all my dreams and every endeavor
As I've matured I'm now hip to your game,
As I've become wiser I don't look at you the same.
I realize that you are truly a treasured gift
And to truly understand you we'd have to analyze, dissect, and sift
You see although you come so naturally, you are really quite complex,
You're not just about nice feelings, great company, and sex.
Your true meaning eludes many, like an unreachable item hovering above,
But we'll never truly master this crazy thing called love.

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Shakera Reid was born in Kingston, Jamaica and raised in Miramar, Florida. Her passion in life is counseling and educating youth. Hobbies include reading, writing and watching movies. Her hope is to encourage others through her writing and to help them in their Christian walk.

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