by Elizabeth Hexberg

When I am unlovely, You Love me.
When I feel alone, You are here.
When I start to crumble, You raise me to stand.
Wiping away every tear.

When fear overwhelms, You are courage.
When weary , You carry me through,
When there is no way, Lord, You find one.
Promised, Perfected, and True.

When I hide from the world, You won't let me
Gently You draw me back in.
Restoring my Faith, and Your calling,
Regardless of self and my sin.

When life leaves me dirty, You Cleanse me.
When empty, You fill me anew.
When I wander, You find me,
Forgive and remind me,
All that I am is for You.

I love The Lord,with all my heart, and am nothing,and have nothing, without Him.

Article Source: http://www.faithwriters.com


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