Notes Of Praise And Thanks
by Fenny West

With an attitude of gratitude
I come to Your Throne of Grace
To join the angelic multitude
To behold Your lovely face

I thank You and praise You
For Your grace and providence
I bow and worship You
I come with confidence
To you the Faithful and True.
You shielded and kept me
Through the year gone by,
Made yourself strong on my behalf,
Strengthened me when I was weak,
Sent your angels to surround me,
And bear me up in their hands.

Through fire and through waters
You were there, very present
When I was in distress you sent the Comforter.
When I was ignorant you sent the Teacher
to illuminate my mind
When I groped in the dark you sent the Guide
to light my path
By your power the storms I was able
to ride with the wings you gave
like an eagle you renewed my youth.

What a faithful God I serve!
Thank You Lord for Your plans and purposes
Each one of them shall come to pass.
Your kingdom shall surely come
and Your will shall doubtless be done.

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