Swimming In The Crick
by PamFord Davis

A hot summer day in central New York State gave neighborhood children the perfect excuse for wading or swimming in the crick. It crossed through a section of our property and like the great Mississippi River, "It just keeps rolling along!" Rolling waters were clear in most areas and very inviting to a child wanting to cool off in the dog days of summer. We could wade in shallow areas or submerge in places a little deeper. The best part was splashing water on each other!

I almost forgot to mention that the crick was always ice cold, no matter how hot the temperatures out on the bank; inside, the water which flowed from a nearby fresh water spring was frigid. Our parents usually tried to discourage us from swimming in the crick. Sometimes they demanded we keep out! They could not understand why we would want to be in that cold water.

We had one adventure that almost made me think twice before future adventures. My sister, a girlfriend and I were wearing dresses as we waded in; a muskrat came out of his hole inside the creek bank and got close enough to leave marks on my girlfriends slip; we were invading his space!

When dating my husband from the south the crick became a topic of controversy. He said it was a "creek," not the "crick!" What did he know? I lived by the crick for eighteen years. Everyone in the neighborhood of Mycenae referred to it as the crick. (Check your dictionary!) Viewing minnows swimming along the edge, he called them "minners." His family owned and operated a fish bait business. So, he spoke with authority. My reaction: "What? You mean minnows!" We laughed and agreed to disagree!

I'm sure on a hot summer afternoon children still laugh and splash water at friends in the Mycenae crick. Mothers tell them to keep out of that cold water and a muskrat wonders if he should look for a new home!

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