by PamFord Davis

The tragedy of facing foreclosure is experienced daily across our land. The American dream of home ownership dies a slow death, after months of missed mortgage payments. There is no single reason for falling behind. Some home owners have lost their jobs or retirement funds. Others face monthly payments beyond their ability to pay. The causes may differ; but the finality is realized by all involved with the arrival of an eviction notice. The individuals or families are forced to leave the property once called home. Now it has a new name, repossessed.

The first couple who faced eviction was Adam and Eve, because they rebelled against the owner of their home in paradise, God. "therefore the Lord God sent them out from the garden of Eden, to cultivate the ground from which he was taken. So, he drove the man out (Genesis 3:23-24a NAS)." There has never been a piece of property to compare with Adam's home in Eden!

Nehemiah tells of an eviction in the city of Jerusalem, "And I came to Jerusalem and learned about the evil that Eliashib had done for Tobiah, by preparing a room for him in the courts of the house of God. And it was very displeasing to me, so I threw all of Tobiahs' household goods out of the room (Nehemiah 13: 7-8 NAS)."
Eviction from a home brings change. We need to evict sin and selfishness from the throne room in our heart. The true owner, Christ will not share His dwelling! "And you shall love the Lord, your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind, and with all your strength (Mark 12:30 NAS)."

Our hopes are those being evicted from their homes will quickly find shelter. The sin we evict needs to leave no forwarding address!

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