Little Flock
by vincent lyons

A little flock besieged by foes,
Hemmed in by dangers all around,
But all His sheep the Shepherd knows--
By Him each precious one was found.

We're drawn from folds both far and near,
But each one's heard the Master's voice;
The "FOLLOW ME" was loud and clear
To all who are the called of Christ.

Not one will ever lose their place;
The Father keeps them by His power;
All those who know His saving grace
He carries through life's darkest hour.

"Lift up your eyes and see on high
Beyond the present circumstance;
Behold the King whose coming's nigh:
He holds the future in His hands.

Oh little flock, don't be dismayed,
And don't lose sight of your reward;
On Jesus let your hopes be stayed--
Your King and everlasting Lord."

I am a Christian who belongs to a home church in Sydney, Australia. I am Irish by birth and desire to further the gospel of Christ by my life and my poetry.

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