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Why Does The Israeli Tail Wag The American Dog?

by Dr. Henderson Ward  
6/14/2012 / Politics

Let me put my cards on the table and state upfront my life-long position on Israel. I love Israel, always have and always will. Not because I deem current Israel loveable or even likeable or see her in any way as a role model for small sovereign countries or as a fount of the spiritual waters of which the world should be imbibing with unfailing enthusiasm and relish. No. I love Israel as a permanent symbol of Gods grace; of his choosing the Patriarch Abraham and through him miraculously carving a relentless path through the fog of hopelessness to generate a means of escape for the human race through the person of Jesus Christ.

Israel should be loved and celebrated as the material conduit used by the Almighty in a way that they, the Israelites themselves, did not even comprehend so that he might bring to fruition his kingdom that shall never be destroyed; namely sanctified and called-out people we call the Church.

With his Church, God has an assembly of redeemed sinners who live in accordance with his teachings and submit unquestionably to his authority and directions under the lordship of Jesus Christ. The Church, imperfect as it is now with its fallible human composition, will be perfected, immortalized and brought into an eternal new relationship with God when Jesus has conquered all and delivered the kingdom complete to God Almighty.

The love for Israel should be one of thanks and appreciation for the part it played in this chronicle of human redemption and nothing current Israel does can alter those facts of redemptive history by a single iota.

I may be wrong, and I would lose no sleep if I am, but there is something horribly amiss, confusing and contradictory and gut-wrenchingly baffling going on between Israel and the United States of America. America is a superpower and the richest, most powerful country in the world and Israel is a small, relatively unimportant country, except for its geopolitical axis, and yet Israel treats America as if the roles are reversed. Apologies for being forthright, but this is abnormal behaviour and I smell a rat. In the real world, like in the animal kingdom, you will never find, lets say a hyena treating a healthy adult lion with dismissive contempt so why is the equivalent happening with Israel and America?

Here are some striking facts. The Prime Minister of Israel goes to America and gets the red-carpet treatment from President Obama and the Democratic Party and then he goes on effectively to pour scorn on Obama and the Democrats in his relish to embrace and endorse the Republicans. And the Obama administration takes it all in stride and shrugs it off as no big deal. Your guest insults you publicly and privately and you just grin and bear it stoically. Forgive me again for being impolite, but I cant help but smell a rat. Contrast that behaviour with that of Prime Minister David Cameron of the U.K. The U.K. is a middling country of far greater importance than Israel and yet in respect to his host Cameron refused to meet with the Republicans and had no kind of association while in the USA that would cause the Obama administration the slightest anxiety. The Prime Minister of Britain knew that if he got on the wrong side of the US administration there could be serious consequences and he was enormously, sensibly careful whereas the Prime Minister of Israel cared naught if he offended the occupants of the White House. You have to acknowledge that something extremely baffling is happening here.

I looked back to recent history to get a handle on my bafflement only to find my befuddlement solidly confirmed. President Clinton never went to fight in Vietnam, Americas most disastrous war, or in any of Americas wars since yet he is recorded as saying that if Israel was at war he personally would join them in the trenches (or words to that effect). Every post-war American President who spoke with regards to Israel always prefaces his remark with a guarantee of Israels security as if Israel is California or Texas. You never hear them do the same with regards to Canada or Mexico, the two countries most critical to Americas security.

President Carter was so cowed by Israel that he did not select his close friend and eminently qualified Andrew Young for his Secretary of State because he knew of Israel's vociferous disapproval of Youngs appointment. There are cases on record where the Prime Minister of Israel haughtily lectured the US Presidents and snubbed them at every term. In the recent past the US President asked for and got an assurance on abeyance of settlement building in the disputed territories and as soon as the Obama Administration announced that tiny diplomatic achievement, then the Israeli Prime Minister reversed his policy and announced to the world that settlement building will in fact continue. Are you beginning to smell something here?

There are cases on record that the Palestinians agreed with and advocated for the policy America put forward on the Middle East, which was then attacked by Israel, and America sided with Israel to oppose its own policy. I could give you several specific examples discovered in my research but there is no need to do so for these things are known to all interested in Middle East politics. It is one thing for Israel to kick with disdain sand in the eyes of hapless Palestinians, but to do so to the Americans is beyond comprehension.

The problem that needs to be addressed cannot be delayed and the question that is crying out for an answer is this. Why is America cowed by Israel? After intense evaluation and looking at all the facts my research has revealed, I am forced to conclude, that there are just three viable reasons why Israel is intimidating the White House.

The first reason is because the Jews control the USAs financial sector. While researching this aspect of my article I was saddened and deeply shocked at the volumes of anti-Semitic verbiage out there and I am appalled that in the 21st Century people can have such virulent hate and rancid mendacity against fellow human beings. I never knew that Jews were so unjustly hated in America until I carried out this research. That aside, my research has found that a very high percentage of Jews, vastly higher than any other racial group, are involved in the management and executive control of the USAs financial sector. This is neither a good thing nor a bad thing and should be regarded as simply a statistical reality.

Jews are a hard-working, bright, diligent and technologically progressive people and I congratulate them for doing well in their chosen field of endeavour. Even if it is true, and there are many that would argue it is not, Jewish control of the USAs financial sector is not in itself sufficient reason for Israels Prime Minister to habitually coerce the White House. The institution of the Presidency of the USA is too well-established, too powerful and too prestigious not to be able to surmount and triumph over threats emanating from that direction. This reason is not, I am quite certain, the reason for the White Houses humiliation, although it may very well have some considerable influence.

The second reason is because Jews and Jewish lobbies have a stranglehold on USA politics. This is a strong perception and it has some foundation. He who pays the piper calls the tune and most politicians have no chance of being elected without raising huge amounts of money. For many politicians in the USA the financial sector is their greatest contributor and this situation will not change any time soon. Even if campaign funds came from the public purse, the rich and powerful would still have a disproportionate sway on politicians because of sheer greed and malfeasance aka corruption. Any president has to be sensitive to big money on the one hand and Jewish lobbies undermining his policies on Israel through the USA Congress and members of his own party on the other hand. Nevertheless the bully pulpit the president commands and the resources he controls can neutralize all this and so this reason along with the first reason in my opinion, are not the cause of the White House being systematically bullied.

There is just one more reason left and I am fearful this might be it. Prominent Americans and virtually all celebrities hate one thing above all else, i.e. shame, and they would do almost anything to avoid it. President Clinton did all he could, even risking impeachment, to conceal a grubby, shameful affair with a White House intern; it almost cost him his presidency. President Kennedy hid important information from the public for many years and the system deluded the American people that President Kennedy faced down the Soviets over the Cuban missile crisis and forced them to turn tail and run. The shameful truth was that there was a quid pro quo and the USA had to remove bases from Turkey and such like as part of the deal. We also know what happened to President Nixon, although his concealment was not just his shameful behaviour but included criminality.

Famous Americans find it especially hard, and would go to murderous length, to avoid having to cope with the stigma of shame. Some would argue, and I so do, that the American superstar golfer Tiger Woods has been hapless and discomfited these last few years because he is deemed in the eyes of the world to be a shameful figure. Whereas before when he looked into the eyes of an adoring public and saw the respect and admiration he now sees contempt and derision. Americans find it hard to live with the badge of shame, prominently stamped like the mark of Cain, on their forehead.

So what would make America so fearful of revelation, so deeply ashamed, so horrendously worried of disclosure that they would go to any length to protect their secret? Just this sole reason; the President of American knows that the stockpile of nuclear weapons in Israel is, in whole or part, American. No other facts can fit or remotely explain the situation. Once you factor this reason into the equation then everything, in a flash of clarity, makes sense and the bewilderment is gone forever. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, runs like a duck, swims like a duck and when you kill it and cook it there is no mistaking it smells like a duck and taste like duck then please do the honest thing, stop torturing yourself and call it duck.

Now doesnt it make sense that the USA habitually and forcefully defends Israel and would perform somersaults at Israels command?

Now doesnt it make sense that the USA readily and has persistently backed Israel in her non-disclosure of her nuclear weapons?

Now doesnt it make sense that the USA always backs Israel in her preventing UN inspectors or any outside body from inquiring into Israels weapons of mass destruction?

Now doesnt it make sense that the USA mightily backs Israel in her preventing the International Atomic Energy Agency ( IAEA) from doing any work in Israel?

Now doesnt it make sense that the USA cares nothing about what Israel has in her stockpile (and craftily threatens that she might unleash them if provoked) but is relentlessly pressuring Iran for what it does not have but thinks Iran may be capable of wanting to have some time in the future.

Given all these serious contradictions and mind-boggling anomalies in Americas foreign policy stance towards Israel it is clear to see why the giant dog is being wagged by its ridiculously tiny tail. This is sad in many ways because the ability of American leadership to resolve the Middle East situation is fatally compromised. Look at the evidence as seen and note the futility when diplomatic and problem-solving genius George Mitchell, United States Special Envoy for Middle East Peace, could make absolutely no headway in his presidential-appointed task and on May 13, 2011, tendered his resignation from the post.

Keep this article for reference and when eventually all is revealed, and no secret can be kept forever, you can then be reminded that you cant fool all the people all the time. A mighty, fearless elephant that cannot be toppled by a pride of marauding lions can fortuitously be felled by septicemia while cosseting the insignificant, bristling porcupine.

The Israeli USA relationship may be a lot more potent than meets the naked eye.

This is not to say that Israel does not deserve to have nuclear weapons either to defend herself or the region; for that is an entirely different argument and one that will not benefit from my opinion.

Enough said.

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Dr. Henderson Ward received his Doctor of Divinity in theology, with distinction, from Masters International School of Divinity, USA, where he is currently a post-doctoral fellow. Dr. Ward's career involved pastoring, evangelism, and teaching. Copyright 2017

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