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You Must Eat the Flesh of the Son of God and drink His Blood

by Roy Francois  
2/08/2016 / Christian Apologetics

Lucifer the Man Eater

"And I said, hear, I pray you, O heads of Jacob, and ye princes of the house of Israel; is it not for you to know judgment? Who hate the good, and love evil; who pluck off their skin off them; and they break their bones, and they chop them in pieces, as for the pot, and as flesh within the caldron." [Miach 3:1-3]

One of the great debates these days are on the goodness of man; there is no goodness in man unless he eats the Word of God. Man is rotten to the core, his heart is full of deceit, full of greed, full of hatred for his maker, full of racial pride, greedy for wealth, full of pride in his knowledge, full of sexual lust, but he thinks he's good? He is deceived! Man is not good because he's defective; he's not what he was as he came from the hand of his maker. This so-called good man sanctions the killing of helpless babies; this good man left to himself would destroy himself and all mankind. This good man is right now on the verge of self-destruction!

This good man, because he's got a more powerful military invades the land of others, beat them into submission, than tell them if they want to build a house on this land they must buy the property from him, the land he stole in the first place. Yea' man is good! I'm not just talking about Americans or Europeans because every race is guilty of this. This good man who is on the verge of self-destruction now wants to travel among the stars of the galaxy or even the universe and spread this cancer throughout the entire creation. The reality is that Christianity's got it right; man is rotten to the core, if you have done anything wrong in your life than you are no longer good, good knows no evil, there's no evil in good, or how else could it be called good? No man is good except the God-Man Jesus Christ! For any man to be good he would have to have never done anything wrong in his entire life and even then he wouldn't be good because he's the product of the sin, the sin that was in the parents that produced him. Even the new born baby is full of sin, no man is good.

You have a husband that burns with lust for other men, not only that, he's a serial killer, now he's got a wife who is full of hate for anyone the doesn't look like her, God help the baby that this couple produces. Prove this to yourself, put two babies in the play-pen together give the older one a new shining green toy car, now give the younger one a new shining red toy car, pretend you'll not watching and watch what happens.

Now the older child will play with his new green car for a while, then he begins to notice his little brother's got a fancier ride than he, so now the lust builds up in him for what his brother owns. So now he decides he must have this fancy ride of his brother's, and he will have by any means necessary. So he over powers his little brother, stick his finger in his eye, and go up-side his head a few times, beat him into submission and take that fancy new red car. What just happened? I'll tell what just happen, it's called play-pen carjacking! Now if the younger brother wants to play with one of the toy cars he must pay the older and more powerful brother, now he must give his big brother one of his Oreo cookies to play with the green car, but he had better not touch the fancy red one, because it has now become the proud possession of the more powerful big brother.

The lust that burned in that baby is the lust that he inherits from his parents to cause him to overpower his weaker brother and take what was rightfully his brother's, is the same lust that burns in men that cause them to invade their fellow man's land and take it. This sin is in the heart of man at birth! No man is good, only God is good! Man is rotten to the core! Now when I say that no man is good I don't mean that men cannot do good deeds, even men that does evil deeds also do good deeds.If you have a pitcher of pure water and you put a drop of poison in it, does that poison affect only a portion of the water in the pitcher. No, the whole picture of water is ruined; now that water is no longer pure, the same is with man, the very seed the man is produced from is impure, the womb of his incubation is impure, and how can these two impure things come together and produce something pure? To be good is to be pure; no mortal man can make this claim!

If man was good he would never die, the gods of wizardry [scientist] in their attempt to prove that God doesn't exist constantly proves the bible to be accurate. The gods of wizardry, after studying the DNA make-up of man comes to the conclusion that the body constantly renews itself, they cannot understand why it grows old and die. Man was created to live forever in his physical body, a body that was originally created good, with no physical defects, a body that would renew itself continually throughout all eternally. The Word of God which science is proving to be accurate says the man was originally created in God's image, created to be good, but somewhere down the line he was affected with something that damaged this body renewing mechanism, which resulted in his death, he was no longer good, he had become damaged goods!

These gods of wizardry in their attempt to replace the God of Heaven with themselves know that this mechanism that is the means of eternal life was placed in man at his creation; they believe they if they can tweak it here and modified it there that they can produce eternal life in man thereby becoming God. Man is not good; man is damaged goods! There is only one way that man becomes good again, and that's to return to his maker, the true God, the Lord Jesus Christ and not the gods of wizardry. The Lord, the creator of the mechanism in man that renews him continually gives the only antidote to the bad in man that replaced the good in him and caused his physical destruction.

The creator, Jesus Christ, says the damaged man must be renewed, he must become a new creature, and he must be born again! God doesn't do patch-up jobs, this man that was created good and turned bad, his physical body must be destroyed, it is already dead while his spirit lives in it. That's why the Lord told the Jews who were so proud of their spectacular temple, that it was full of dead men bones. They were the walking dead, zombies, it's no wonder the world has fallen in love with images of the walking dead, the world love zombie movies; it's only natural because the world loves its own. If man were good, he would live forever!

The Lord gives the anti-dote to the walking dead, but the world has rejected it, man must eat of The Tree of Life which is in the Paradise of God to be good again. It was a symbolic eating of a Three in the Garden of Eden [Lucifer] that caused his good to become bad, it's the symbolic eating of the Three of life for man to be healed, he must eat the flesh [symbolically] of the Son of God and drink His blood, in other words, man must be saturated with this food of God, his whole being must be consume by the Word of God, the Son of God Jesus Christ for life the renewing mechanism to be reactivated. If man were good, he would live forever. This is why Lucifer has declared all-out war against this word of God.

You Must Eat the Flesh of the Son of God and Drink His Blood

In order to understand what it means to eat the flesh and drink the blood of Christ the Word of God, we first need to understand what it is we are eating and drinking. Everything that was made was made by this Word that we are to eat. We are what we eat and drink, this is what we are made of, this is what our physical being is, so if we eat this Word that created all there is, and then we become what that word is. Jesus said that Word is life itself! So if we eat this life it becomes our very being, and we live eternally, because what we eat is eternal, then man becomes good, not any inherited goodness, but imputed goodness form that which he has eaten, The Word of God! This Word that was made flesh and dwelt among us!

Just as we can eat life and live forever, we can also eat and drink death and die instantly just as Adam died the moment he drank the concoction of Lucifer from the fruit of his evil fruit tree, Gnosticism, [trying to gain godhood through knowledge apart from God] and is creating blood suckers and flesh eaters. Lucifer's disciples are drinking the blood of the children of God and are becoming Zombies! There is no good in man unless he eats the flesh and drinks the blood of the Son of God, Jesus the Christ, The Word of God! Just as the Word once eaten gives power, so does eating the flesh of Satan gives power. The power that is given from eating the Word of God is the power to become sons and daughters of God. Now the power given to those drinking the blood of Lucifer is the power to accumulate wealth and political power in this world, and no future in the world to come.

When Lucifer lunched an attack on the Word of God made flesh in the wildness, he would attack at what he thought was the Word's weakest point, the Lord was hungry. Lucifer said, if you are the Son [Word] of God, turn these stones into bread. What was Jesus response? "Man does not live by bread alone, but by every Word that proceeds out of the mouth of God!" Man lives by what? By eating! By eating what? By eating the Word of God! What and who is the Word of God? It's Jesus, the Christ! You must eat the flesh and drink the blood of the Son of God! Notice the attack started with eating and living by eating. There's no good in man apart from eating the flesh and drinking the blood of The Son of God, the Word of God, Jesus the Christ!

Now Satan [Lucifer] would cause confusion to this doctrine and cause many to turn from Christ, Jesus had to ask His disciples; will you also turn from me? But a wise disciple replies, "Lord, where do we turn if we turn from you, it's you who have the Words of life!" Without the Word men are Zombies! Jesus use of drinking of His blood is symbolic, Lucifer's disciples would use this literally and demanded the actual drinking of blood to gain the power they so lust after. One drinks the blood of God while the other drinks the blood of man. Some of the most powerful men on earth sit around and sips blood of sacrificed animals or humans from the skull of a Native American and claim the power of Lucifer to rule his kingdom! Man is corrupt and destined for eternal death unless he eats the flesh and drink the blood of the Son of God!

We are made-up of what we eat, if we constantly eat junk-food like donuts, fried chicken, cookies, cake, and half cooked meats with raw animal blood still in it, never any vegetables, the body is now made up of these things and the body begins to break down which results in the death of the person. The same is true with the spiritual body, if we constantly feed it junk-food and never feed it the healthy food that Jesus said is life, just as the physical bodies dies from a poor diet, so does the spiritual body. For man to have imputed goodness he must dine on the spiritual food of heaven, the Word of God! The natural man has no goodness, he's defective and corrupt!

If man is so good, why is his world so bad? Man has dined on corruption since the fall of Adam and we have the written record of the evil of this so-called good man to prove it. The Lord said the heart of man is evil above all things, who can understand it? The history of this so-called good man has proven the words of the Lord to be true, as always! Now the Luciferians think they can make the Lord out of a liar, the Lord said the evil in man would lead him to destroy himself and all mankind if He didn't step in to stop it. Who in their right mind can deny this prophecy of the Lord? The United Nations [the end-time Towel of Babel] the league of so-called good men whom the world sees as their saviors, these re-builders of Babel will be the destruction of the world as we know it, because people have put their hopes in the goodness of man to do what only God can do.

The very ones who are drinking the blood of Satan are the ones who this world sees as their saviors, how can anything good come from drinking the blood of sacrificed animals or humans from a dead man's skull? This blood drinking didn't just start with those powerful men at Yale University, this is an evil tradition passed down through the ages. That's one reason the Lord had to address this problem of drinking blood, even the scribes were drinking the blood of Lucifer to gain the power of Satan, and these were so-called good men. Man is rotten to the core!

Now when these good men who are supposed to save mankind from self-destruction go before Lucifer their god, they had better not go empty handed. That chalice, that skull that dead man's bones had better be full of the blood of the innocent. There's power is in the blood! Whose blood are you drinking? You are drinking blood whether you know it or not, you are drinking the blood of the Son of God, or you're drinking the blood of Lucifer. Many people today are down on the illuminati, down on the Hip-Hoppers and Rock Stars, and down on the occult, and rightfully so, but they are sipping from the same chalice. This blood drinking has been going on since the fall of man, Jesus never uttered words without meaning, since you are going to drink blood it better be the right blood, because taking in the wrong blood can kill both physically and spiritually.

Satan [Lucifer] is and always has been a man eater, eating the flesh and drinking the blood of man goes all the back to the Nephilim's. These half-bred offspring of Lucifer would dine on the flesh of men and drink their blood. These devils didn't just grab man off the street and eat him raw like a wild animal would do, these were advanced super intelligent beings; they would take the choices cuts as we do with cows and pigs, season the them to their taste with the proper spices and cooked to their liking. What's a good meal with the best meat that devils could dine on without the proper drink to wash it all down? They would mix the blood of man probably with other substances like strong alcohol and get drunk. "The Word of God says the woman was drunk on the blood of the saints." This dining on the flesh of man and drinking of his blood is the highest state of initiation into the occult, the really deep things of Satan. The occult is not just reading a lot of books on Satanism and doing a few rituals, the end result is to devour the man who is in the image of God.

This process of dining on the flesh and blood of man is not only to satisfy their physical hunger, but have a much more spiritual meaning to it. The power of the Blood of the Son of God is what saves mankind; it would be the power of the blood of man that Lucifer would use to destroy some of mankind. An inferior army would need to take the superior forces of its enemy and try to use it against them. This thirst for the blood of the children of God that Lucifer had in his heart would be passed on the all those who would take the final big step, and that's human blood sacrifice for their Lord Lucifer, which ends in the physical dead of some of the children of God, but spiritual and eternal death for the one who has taken this eternal blood oath with hell.

Once you fall under the spell of Lucifer you desire what Satan desires, you thirst for the blood of the saints of God so that you may get high from it, and it's a powerful maddening drug. Like the woman riding the beast, you are now drunk from drinking the blood of the Saints of God. Once the chosen people of God fell into the occult and were overcome by Lucifer, this thirst for the blood of the saints was passed on to them. Many of these chosen people of God [not all of them] had become satanic; by the time Jesus arrived this practice of drinking blood had become widespread among His people. Even before His coming to this world the Lord had warned Israel to not take in blood, the blood must be properly drained from the animals they would eat.

This is the blood sucking spirit that had taken control of the hearts of the scribes and those who were deceived by them, that's why they thirsted after the blood of the Son of God. But they could not dine on this flesh and blood, it would totally destroy them! Apart from God, man is rotten to the core! The world is full of blood suckers today; this goes all the way back to the satanic religion of Babylon, where the Jews learned of this satanic art. Blood was thought to be the seat of the soul, God's chosen people would sacrifice their children to Lucifer, the god Moloch [the god of the Hollywood Stars] drain their blood and drink it; this is what goes on in satanic religious services. By the time the Jews left Babylon they were saturated with the occult and blood sacrifice to Lucifer.

The Jews were mixing the blood of their sacrificed children into their masses [unleavened bread] to secure spiritual powers.

"And I said, hear, I pray you, O heads of Jacob, and ye princes of the house of Israel; is it not for you to know judgment? Who hate the good, and love evil; who pluck off their skin off them; and they break their bones, and they chop them in pieces, as for the pot, and as flesh within the caldron." [Miach 3:1-3]

God warned His people over and over of the dangers to both their physical and spiritual life of drinking blood and eating the flesh of their fellow man. Taking in blood is a drug and those who are caught up in it are drug addicts, and as they go deeper and deeper into the deep things of Satan, they will like any other drug addict; get their drug by any means necessary. In the occult, just as in any other satanic gang, you start small and work your way up to saturating your body with the full spirit of the drug, with each new power given by Satan something is required of the disciple. What Satan has done is to take the blood sacrifice of the Son of God and perverted it, just as God used the blood of animals as a covering for sin until the true sacrifice would come and spill His soul saving blood for mankind, Lucifer's disciple's would start out sacrificing small animals and move up to the ultimate sacrifice to Lucifer, drinking human blood. There's nothing Lucifer thirst for more than human blood! This satanic drug addiction is just like dope, the servant of Lucifer will get a little high here and there; as with all drug addiction, as time goes on it takes more or a more powerful drug just to get the same high as in the beginning. The ultimate high in the occult world is to drink the blood of the Saints of God!

Eating the flesh and drinking the blood of the Saints of God is on the rise today, this was a common occult practice two thousand years ago when Jesus made the statement "ye must eat my flesh and drink my blood" that statement is still valid today. You must eat the Word of God, you must digest it, it must saturate your whole being, and it must become your daily diet. They were eating sin and death, the human body is dead because of sin, they were eating corruption, one way of getting blood to drink was by defiling the circumcision. God required the remover of the skin from around the forehead of the penis of all the born males of Israel, there are health benefits to during this. In the U-tube video below the priest is sexually violating the baby:

The Jewish Priest in the video above is using his mouth to extract the blood from the wound on the baby's penis; the Jewish Priest is violating a commandment of God of taking in blood. This blood sucking has nothing to do with the health of the baby, but all to do with the priest's commitment to the cause of Lucifer and the spiritual power he gains from Lucifer. As I said, this blood sucking is a drug, when one takes in the wine of Lucifer, the real portent stuff [the blood of humans] it's like a heroin addict getting a fix, things really happens when they take this blood drug. In the video above the Priest transmitted the herpes disease to the baby.

The difference between the heroin and the blood addict is the heroin goes to the brain of the user, they tell us that it is the brain that controls the entire body. It's not the brain that controls the body, but the non-physical spirit that's in the image of God that controls the brain that controls the body. Whereas the heroin went straight to the physical brain of the addict, the blood drug by-passes the brain and goes straight to the spirit and soul corrupting the whole being of the man the instant they make contact.

Blood is the most dangerous drug there is!

Addiction is addiction no matter what name it goes by, now the heroin addict when he needs his fix he will go out to find the money to buy his or her fix, this could include robbery and someone may be killed in the process. The blood addict, those who are hook on human blood and eating of human flesh goes out with the intent to kill; killing for the drug is part of the satanic religious ritual, it is the fear in the victim which makes the drug [blood] more portent. The blood addict went through the same progression of addiction that the heroin addict did. First they start out getting the children to read books like Harry Potter which is all about devils, witches and warlocks, and all things contrary to the Word of God.

As the child gets older it feels it needs a more direct contact with what they have been reading about, they need to experience firsthand the power of what they been experiencing with just the imagination. The next step in the downward spiral is to make personal contact with these demons that they have been led to believe are good angels of God. To make contact with these fallen angels they must now go deeper into the world of the occult, now they begin to look-up websites that instruct them in how to go about this. After teaching the poor deceived seeker to open up so-called spiritual power centers, opening the door to demon communication, they push them forward into the big-times of the deep things of Satan, and that's blood sacrifice, they will start small and progress to the ultimate high of drinking that ultimate drug, human blood.

First they teach them the beginning stages of blood ritual which is drinking the blood of animals, because this blood is must easier to come by. Now as any addict knows, the little bit of drugs that got them high the first try is not going to continue to do the job, it's going to take more and more of the drug to get the same high, and at some point they will need a more portent drug. Animal blood will get them only so high in the demonic realm; it's in the drinking of human blood where the true satanic power for evil is. This is the world of flesh eating blood drinking the Lord was born into. How could the Lord not address this demonic activity? You must dine on the Word of God! What is that Word? That Word was made flesh; we must eat the Word that was made flesh! We must drink, all who are thirsty for righteousness, must drink this blood freely.

Dine on the Word of God not on the Flesh and Blood of Man!

"Acts 21:25-As touching the Gentiles which believe, we have written and concluded that they observe no such thing, save only that they keep themselves from things offered to idols, and from blood, and from strangled, and from fornication."

"Every moving thing that lives shall be food for you. And as I gave you the green plants, I give you everything. But you shall not eat flesh with its life, that is, its blood." [Genesis 9:3-4]

There's nothing new under the sun, the same vampires that tormented mankind two thousand years ago, that same spirit that thirst for the blood of man is the same spirit that drives people to even kill for a sip of human blood today. This is the spirit that drives most serial killers; one of the rewards given to the disciple of Lucifer for his shedding the blood of the innocent is sexual powers. Many serial killers claim they were sexually driven to kill because of the sight of blood flowing excited them sexually. Men who couldn't get an erection normally could when they see a body they had slain. Many serial killers go back and have sexual intercourse with a rotting carcass long after the person has been dead. I saw in one documentary how one man said he would have to push the maggots to the side to be able to have sex with the rotting carcass. Yea' the truly deep things of Lucifer!

Heroin can't begin to compete with the evils of the drug they call blood! Now that's just one of the effects of addiction of the drug called blood. Another gift from Lucifer for the disciple who take the big step of total submission to Lucifer is they begin to see visions and hear voices, these voices they believe to be the voice of God, but it's actually the voice of the god of their choosing, that being who keep transforming himself into a being of light, Satan appearing as Lucifer. Eating the flesh and drinking the blood of man is the evilest drug known to man. You must dine on the Word of God, the Son made flesh is what we are to eat all the days of our lives. We are what we eat; we will either eat death or life. This is the flesh eating blood drinking world the Lord was born into, a world of man devouring man to consume him for evil spiritual powers.

Tsutomu Miyazaki was known as The Little Girl killer; this blood drug addict murdered four little girls and also mutilated their bodies. This disciple of Lucifer would even have sex with the little girl's corpses after which he would drink their blood; he even ate the hands of one of the girls. Miyazaki was sentence to death for his crimes against mankind and was executed June 17, 2008.
Philip Oyancha was one serial killer who admitted he came under the influence of evil spirits that made him thirst for blood; he murdered 17 and possibly 19 women and children and drank their blood as a part of a cult ritual. According to Oyancha's confession, he was initiated into a blood cult by a female teacher.

Andrei Chikatilo known as the "Rostov Ripper and Shelter Belt killer" killed his first victim on December 22nd 1978; it was nine-year-old Lena Zakotnova who would be the first of fifty-three to satisfy the thirst of this disciple of Lucifer for the drug called blood. He would eat the flesh and drink the blood of his victims. He stated "I'm a miss-take of nature, a mad beast." He was executed 1994.

He was no miss-take of nature, he just took the really big step to Lucifer and that's to spill the blood of the innocent and dine on it, and to sip from the "Golden Cup of the woman riding the scarlet colored beast!" Playing around with the occult first cause's physical death and in the end causes the spirit to die, the second death form which there's no resurrection.

James P. Riva claim to be a 700-year-old vampire who needed to eat blood, Riva shot his wheel-chair ridden grandmother and then stabbed her in the heart several times and dined on the blood pouring from her heart.

There are many more sad stories of men who sold their souls to Lucifer during these blood rituals and became blood drug addicted vampires and cannibals. If Jesus was physically here today I believe He would make the same unpopular statement:

"you must eat the flesh and drink the blood of the Son of God!"

Why would Jesus come to this earth and address the many sins of man and not mention this most terrible crime committed against the children of God?

When the powerful men that govern the USA and the world drink blood from the bones of a dead Native American warrior, they get the same thing the man gets who kills the innocent and drinks their blood fresh from their veins, and that is more power to do the will of Lucifer. Killing of children as sacrifices' to Lucifer goes back to ancient Israel, the Israelite s were notorious for sacrificing children to the god Moloch, the god of the Hollywood Stars. When the Israelite s sacrificed their children they didn't just throw them in the fire and that were it, there were blood drinking rituals, the blood was first offered to the god Moloch and then the blood would be mixed with some other drink and parting and orgies followed.

What we today call serial killing is just old-fashion satanic blood sacrifice, the effect its having on the serial killer today, showing no respect for human life, is the same effect it had on Israel to make them throw their children into the flame as a gift offering to their god Moloch. The same sexual power that is given to the serial killer today is the same sexual power that were received by the Israelite s, that's why there were always orgies associated this religious rite. How could Jesus come to this earth and not address this evil practice? One of the major effects of sipping the wine of Lucifer [the blood of the Saints of God] is sexual lust. Viagra is nothing compared to the drug called blood, this drug so heightens the sexual desire that it causes many Satanist to kill a woman, throw her in the bushes leave her body there to decompose for weeks and come back later and have sex with the rotting carcass.

As I listen to one serial killer explain his involvement with the body after he had raped and killed a woman I could not get that picture out of head for a while. This son of Lucifer says he would return to the carcass when the desire for sex hit him, he would have to brush the maggots to the side and shoo the flies away before he could get busy with the corpse. How could a man stoop so low? The answer is simple; they have drunken deep of the "Golden Cup in the hand of the woman riding the beast." The Lord says the contents of this cup have made the world mad! The lust building contents of this cup of Lucifer are so powerful that once the blood sacrifice was given to Lucifer at the Satanic Temple, those participating in the ritual would need to have sex straightaway so there would be Temple Prostitutes available.

These are the practices the Jews were learning from the nations around them, it is for these reasons that God kept sending Israel into slavery. These are just some of the effects of sipping the blood of the Saints. You must dine on the Word of God and not on the flesh and blood of man. Eat the Word of God and live! Eat the flesh and drink the blood of a dying mortal body and you drink in death.

"While they were eating, Jesus took bread and when He had given thanks, He broke it and gave it to His disciples, saying, take it; this is my body." Then He took a cup, and when He had given thanks, He gave it to them, and they all drank from it. This is the blood of my covenant, which is poured out for many, He said to them" [Mark 14:22-24]

This verse of scripture has been so missed used and twisted that it stagers the imagination, in this verse of scripture Jesus is undoubtedly speaking metaphorically of the bread being His body. We know that the disciples were not actually eating the physical body of Christ because the more they eat the more Jesus' physical body would disappear. We also that the wine they were drinking was not the actually the blood of Jesus because with all of the disciples drinking Jesus would have no blood left in His body. The haters of Christianity claim the Christian God is responsible for Vampires and Zombies because He encourages cannibalism.

The Catholic Church [which is not Christian] is most responsible for this distortion of the facts, she is the beast riding the back and controlling the Great Beast of Revelation. This woman [the Catholic Church] hold The Golden Cup in her hand as she rides the scarlet colored beast, she's drunk from the contains of the cup which she holds in her hand. This woman has caused the world to drink from this cup, this church is responsible for many getting caught-up in Temple Prostitution in our modern times, what would you call the priest in a temple where they claim to be celibate when these priest are constantly being caught having sex with little boys? Prostitutes!

These priests are constantly sipping the blood of the saints, this powerful sexual blood drug and they wonder why they are so week when it comes to these little children who have been put in their care. You cannot sip from this Golden Cup of this woman who rides the beast without burning with sexual lust, if the contents of this cup can make a man have sex with a rotting corpse, these priests of a priesthood that God did away with thousands of years ago are weaklings in the hands of a master deceiver. These deceivers claim to eat the actual body of Christ; they claim that in that tiny little wafer is the entire body of Christ.

These zombies Priest [the walking dead] are the mother of all evil in our modern world, the contents of this cup they now controls is the same concoction that caused the Temple at Jerusalem to be destroyed; it's the blood of the saints. The Temple at Jerusalem, after a sip of this cup of Satan the temple priest killed all the prophets of God, the contents of this cup is maddening. Sipping the blood of the Saints of God will destroy you! They got drunk and went mad from drinking the blood of the saints!

The cup in the hand of the woman riding the scarlet colored beast is full to the brim with the blood of the saints, with more in reserve and much more being added to it every day, enough drugs to supply the world twice-over. We are talking about some major blood-drug drinkers here! Dope addicts! Are you drinking from this same cup? Well many preachers of Christian Churches are drinking from this cup. How, by using the Catholic Bible [The Vulgate] to feed the flock, a work that was thrown into the trash because it was too corrupt to be disseminated to the world as the Word of God. Man is rotten to the core apart from God! You must dine on the Word of God, Jesus Christ, and not on the flesh and blood diseased ridden man. We live and are nourished by every Word that proceeded out of the mouth of God, eat those Words and you will have life. Feast on the flesh and blood of man and you die. We are what we eat!

Vampires and zombies are real and are the disciples of the man eating Lucifer, the Master of the Black-Light show!

"The Golden Cup in the Hand of the Woman riding the scarlet Colored Beast"

Remember, this wine in the cup in the hand of the woman riding the scarlet color beast is full of wine that the Lord said had made the world "MAD" must have come from some fruit tree. The Lord goes on to say that this wine cup in the hand of the woman [the Catholic Church] is

Babylon itself:

"Babylon hath been a GOLDEN CUP in the Lord's hand that made all the earth drunken: the nations have drunken of her wine; therefore, the nations are mad" (Jeremiah 51:7).

In Jeremiah the Lord identifies a "Golden Cup" that made all the earth drunken as Babylon, and then in the book of Revelation that same "Golden Cup" is now in the hands of a woman. That golden cup is Babylon and Babylon is that Cup in the hand of the whore riding scarlet colored beast. The contents of the Golden Cup seem to be the major cause of the problems of the world, a world that has turned its back on God. The contents of this cup is not only attractive [Golden] it is very intoxicating, this intoxicating wine has made the whole world drunk, God says the contents of this cups have driven the world mad. This is one powerful and dangerous drug in this "Golden Cup" so we need to take a closer look into this cup of wine:

Once Lucifer have convinced most of the world that he is God and the world is fully conditioned, [and the world is just about at that point] and ready to receive him as their lord he will make his entrance from the sky, [UFOs] the world will receive their Cosmic Christ, The Anti-Christ, The Beast, The Dragon, Lucifer aka Satan as their messiah, as their lord! All this because the workers of Satan have done such a great job of defiling the name of the Highest God! I believe the system the Cosmic Christ [Lucifer aka Satan] will used is tied into the false Gnostic religion of Da'vinci Code, this false religion seems to have all the pieces in place to deceive a world that is begging to be deceived.

Now this Gnostic religion is just a modified version of the Kabbalistic religion of "the being that keep transforming himself into an angel of light." What we must keep in mind is that no matter what name they go by, any religion that denies the Jesus of the bible is of Lucifer aka Satan. There were only two trees in the garden that offer either life or death [Jesus or Lucifer] there were never a third, all religions of the earth fall under one of these two powers.

Blood is just one of the addictive drugs in the wine in the golden cup that is Babylon. Blood is the most powerful drug in the wine cup but there are other drugs in this satanic cocktail, the one that most of the world is addicted to is light. light is a beautiful thing; it makes visible to the eye beauty of creation. Without the light of the sun there would be no beauty to behold. Without the light of the sun there would be no beautiful rose to admire.

So it's u nderstandable that people would be attracted to light, but we must remember, that the light that makes the beauty of creation visible to the eye could also cause forest fires that could destroy many homes and lives. So light is a great thing but, it can also cause destruction. Light properly used can and does truly benefit mankind but, light misused can also be our destruction. So light is a powerful force for both good and evil. So now it's time for us to take a look at Lucifer's misuse of light and how he turns light into deep darkness.

"If the light in thee be darkness, how deep is that darkness." [Jesus the Christ]

I grew up in a very religious family, a religion of Spiritism and because of that up-bringing I was caught-up in the occult. I have many occult experiences that only led me deeper and deeper into the deep things of Satan. One of my addictions to the occult was the UFO phenomenal and spirit contact which is forbidden in the word of God. Playing around with deceiving spirits, that includes UFO's will lead to the soul's destruction, that is why I'm publishing this article as a warning to those who have not gotten involved in the truly deep things of Satan to stay clear! I was headed for Hell!
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