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Lucifer's Relentless Attack On the Word of God

by Roy Francois  
11/24/2016 / Bible Studies

Now that that Lucifer has brought his model kingdom the [USA] to world power and now have most of the world begging to become a citizen of his kingdom of the freedom to do as thou will, his real work is just beginning. He has formed the bases of his united one world government, but its incomplete without his one world religion which must be a part, the main part of his overall plan to bring the united world to bow at his feet as God. The problem now is that it's the true God, the Christian God who's Throne he's so lusting after, it is this God who intends to impersonate, but there are too many followers of Christ who know his goal and his plan of attack.

And how do they have so much information on him? It's because of that Bible, the same book that cause the woman riding the beast [the Church of Rome] to have to burn so many at the stakes once they had read this book for themselves. He knows he can't just kill all the Christians, that never worked in the pass and it won't work now, there's only one thing that he can do at this point, something must be done about that book that exposes him at every turn.

"Beware of the Scribes" [Luke 20:46]

"From that time forth began Jesus to shew "unto his disciples, how that he must go unto Jerusalem, and suffer many things of the elders and chief priest and scribes, and be killed, and be raised again the third day." [Matt 16:21] KJV

God already warned of who it is we need to keep an eye on in the attack on the Word of God! It's the so-called learned men or the great theologians, [the scribes of our day]. It was the attack on God's word from the very beginning where Lucifer had his most success in destroying the children of God. It's the Word, both written and fleshly [Jesus] where Lucifer's hatred truly lives; it was with this written word that the fleshly Word defeated Lucifer when Jesus was driven into the wilderness to be tested. This "Word" is powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword" the most powerful weapon of God that men are equipped with to stand against Lucifer; the Black Light Bearer!

In any fight, the most important weapon of the enemy to take out is his most powerful weapon. If as the bible states that the Word is this most potent weapon, then it just makes sense that this Word would have all the forces of Lucifer arrayed against it. What is the most effective means of attack; it's to call The Word into question. "Did God really say" or "If you are The Son of God" or, did God really say what they have put in the King James Bible? It was this attack on the Word that caused the fall of man and all creation. This mode of attack was very effective, why would the enemy stop using his most effective weapon?

Now this Word has always been under attack by the enemy, but God would always protect His Word in the earth, and will continue to guard it. You can't tell me that God cannot safeguard His Word in the world no matter how relentless the attack. That Word was preserved in England and delivered to the world by King James. The problem now is that there are too few true Christian solders that will stand and defend and protect this Word, though it will never be destroyed. There are many who claim some form of Christianity and Christ [The Cosmic Christ, Lucifer] but it is obviously not biblical Christianity

"Beware of the Scribes!"

For Lucifer to change the Word, it must come from high authority, from the people who the world sees as the very wise or the "LEARNED." Remember, the whole fall of creation was caused by this desire for wisdom, which is not wisdom at all, but wizardry. This wisdom, so called, is what they have traded God in for; this wizardry would naturally become their God because this is what they have replaced the God of Heaven with. "This fruit will make one Wise" yea' this fruit the world has come to worship has awed the whole world. Now what goes hand and hand with these wizards and supply and back those in their effort to rid themselves of this old outdated God of the Christians are so-called the great end-time theologians; the gods of wizardry.

Now the "wise" theologians are the ones who are changing the Word of God with their New Age Bibles. Before we get too far into this, let's see what one of the major players in this attempt destruction of the Word has to say about his involvement in this demonic attack on the Word of God. Dr.

Frank Logsdan writes:

"I must under God renounce every attachment to the New American Standard. I'm afraid I'm in trouble with the Lordwe laid the groundwork; I wrote the format; I helped interview some of the translators; I sat with the translators; I wrote the prefaceI'm in trouble; I can't refute these arguments; it is wrong, it's terribly wrong; its frighteningly wrong; and what am I going to do about it?... I can no longer ignore these criticisms I am hearing and I can't refute themWhen questions began to reach me at first I was quite offended. However, in attempting to answer, I began to sense that something was not right about the NASV. Upon investigation, I wrote my very dear friend, Mr. Lockman, explaining that I was forced to renounce all attachment to the NASV the product is grievous to my heart and helps to complicate matters in these already troublous times The deletions are absolutely frighteningthere are so manyAre we so nave that we do not suspect satanic deception in all of this? I don't want anything to do with it. The finest leaders that we have todayhaven't gone into it [the new version's use of a corrupted Greek text] just as I hadn't gone into it that's how easily one can be deceivedI'm going to talk to him [Dr. George Sweeting, the President of Moody Bible Institute] about these things

Dr. Frank Logsdon"

Here is the man who wrote the format for this work of deception, when he went back and checks it out he had to condemn the whole thing as demonic deception. Now this is just one of the many New Age Bibles that's eliminating the Throne of Jehovah and the name of Jesus from their bible version bibles. Here's a man, like Paul, who were a major player in the destruction of the Church of Christ [though not intentionally.]

This is not a man who just read the different translations [interpretations] he knows the inter-working of this deception. As an example of the [ATTEMPT] destruction of the word of God that is taking place with the New Age Bibles, the identity of the of the God of heaven is being replaced with what could be called a generic term, that doesn't identify what God they are referring too. In the NASB, the bible that Dr. Logsdon created the format for, and later condemned, this is clearly presented in Exodus 6:3:

"And I appeared to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, as God Almighty, but by my name, Lord, I did not make myself known to them." [NASV]

In the NASV Version of Lucifer's corrupt bible above they have intentionally left out the name that identify the Lord God almighty, [Lord is not a name, but a title] nowhere is there any mention of the name of the Father or the Son, as we will see this is no oversight, its intentional.

Now the KJV:

"And I appeared unto Abraham, unto Isaac, and unto Jacob, by the name of God Almighty, but by my name Jehovah was I not known to them."

Do you see the problem with the NASB translation [interpretation] bible? God is represented by a title, which could be applied to any god even their god, Lucifer. This does not identify what Lord they are speaking of. Lord, like president, identifies the position and not the person who holds that position. This could just as easily represent the no name god of the Greeks. They may try to make the claim that by referring to this god as the Almighty all know that they are referring to Jehovah, but all pagans think their gods are all mighty, so they can just put their god's name in place of Lord.

In the One World Religion of the Anti-Christ, each religion will have its own god, all gods will be accepted except the old outdated God of the Christians, and so they began the process of eliminating that name now. Just insert the name of the god of your choice in the place where we have eliminated the name of Jehovah. All lords have a name that identify who it is that holds that title of lord, all except the Lord of lords in the New Age Bibles. No matter how big you make the letters in the word, it still doesn't identify who this lord is; the Lord must have a name that distinguishes him from all other lords.

The KJV bible leaves no doubt as to what Lord they are referring to; their Lord is identified by a name that distinguishes Him from all other lords. This Lord we know because He is identified by a personal name, that name is above every name of every lord, and that name is Jehovah! In the One World Religion where there will be many gods, [at lease before the son of perdition takes his seat on the Throne of God] all places where the God of heaven is identified must be eliminated and left to the person to place the god of their choice, that's the only way all religions will unite, that way no one will have to give up their gods to join the one world religion. Just insert the god of your choice in the blank space. The same thing Constantine did by uniting Christianity with pagan religions; he created a religion where both Christians and Pagans would be satisfied, only this time true Christianity will be persecuted.
Insert the Name of the God and Christ of your Choice!

Not only is the Father's name being replaced with a generic term, but so is the Son's, what is said of the NASB Bible can be said just about all New Age Bibles, the game is the same, leave the title in place, the [Christ] but leave blank the identity the of person of that title, leave in place the Christ, Identify the office [Christ] but the person who occupies that position [Jesus] blot that name out and insert the name of the Christ of your choice. In the NIV and NASB New Age Bibles, the office or title is kept while the person of that office name is dropped so that in the one world church all may insert the name of their Christ in the place where Jesus' name has been deleted:

"Now all these things are from God, who reconciled us to Himself through Christ and gave us the ministry of reconciliation." [2 Corin 5:18 NASB]

In this New Age Bible, and just about all of them, first they leave a blank space for the reader to insert their own god and father, and the next step is to leave a blank space to insert the name of their Christ. Christ is not Jesus' surname, it's the office he holds, and again they refuse to identify the one who hold this office by name, just insert the Christ of your choice! This is the way it must be to accommodate all the gods and Christ's of a united 0ne world church where all gods are welcome except that old outdated God of those backwards Christians. The claim of these Luciferians is that the God of the Christians is a kill-joy, who want let them have any fun [sin] who is selfish, who lies to them to keep them in subjection to Himself, so He must go. These Luciferians have been deceived by the Black Light of Lucifer into believing there is life outside of Jesus the Christ, they believe there's freedom outside of Christ, but there is only slavery to Lucifer outside of Christ.

This whole thing is a process that will take some time to pull off, but with each new generation and its desire to be free of any restraints, each deletion of the name of the God whom they see as being too strict, will come as a welcome change. Even though they may not mention the name of the Father, if I know the name of the Son [Jesus] then I also knows who His Father is, or if I know the name of the Father, then I would surely know His Son, but when you strike both the Father and the Son's name from the word, how am I to know what God and Christ you are referring to? This is no small thing; this is tempering with the word of God:

"And all things are of God, who hath reconciled us to himself by Jesus Christ, and hath given to us the ministry of reconciliation" [2 Corin 5:18 KJV]

In the King James Version above, there's no doubt as to who they are referring to, its Jesus, [the true Christ] so I know His Father's name is Jehovah. "Beware of the Scribes" you make think this is all to do about nothing, but if you do your own research, you'll find thousands of deletions have been made in the New Ages Bibles in verse that even change the doctrine of Christ, there just are too many to be ignored! After deleting the names that are above all names, they now attack the throne the of the third person of the Trinity, the Holy Spirit. Later we'll prove that the one God presents Himself as triune. Now let's look at what they've done with the Holy Spirit:

"But this spake he of the Spirit, which they that believe on him should receive: for the Holy Ghost was not yet given; because that Jesus was not yet glorified." [John 7:39 KJV]

In the King James Bible, it is clear what Spirit they are referring to, it's the Holy Spirit, God! Now let's look at this same verse of scripture in the New Age Bibles:

"By this he meant the Spirit, whom those who believed in him were later to receive. Up to that time the Spirit had not been given, since Jesus had not yet been glorified." [John 7:39 NIV] 1 Corin 2:13, Matt 12:31, Acts 6:3, acts 8:18.

Just as the New Age Bibles did with The Father and The Son, they did with the Holy Spirit, they simply say "the Spirit" what spirit? Now I check to see if this was just a mistake by the NASB or NIV New Age Bibles, but as I scan the list I found that just about all new bibles have left out the word Holy which identify the Spirit in question as the Spirit of the God of Heaven. Again, Holy must be left out of the description of this Spirit because that will not work in the one world church where this God and only this God is not welcome! When it comes to all this Holy Spirit stuff, just insert the name of the spirit of your choice as you did with the Father and Son.

Do you see the game? They claim that by dropping the identifying names, it makes it easier to understand the bible, but to one new to the word this can be very confusing, what God, what Christ and what Spirit are they referring to? Anyone you care to place in the blank space! Now you can begin to see how all religions will be united under one religious leader? Whoever their god is, it's the same god that this religious leader serves, because any god that's served beside the God of heaven is Lucifer no matter what name that god goes by. So, no matter what god, so-called Christ, or spirit name they insert into the blank, it's still Lucifer, Satan, the dragon, and the snake they are worshiping.
When the Lord walked the earth, it wasn't the Pagans Greeks who deceived His people to the point that they didn't recognize Him; it was the Jewish Scribes, His Church, the keepers of the law. This end-time deception is no different; it is the Apostate Church of Christianity and its scribes who will lead the world in its war against the return of Jesus, the true Christ. How did the Jewish high priest turn the masses against the Lord? The high priest turns the people against the Lord by tempering with the word of God, by twisting the word they had many believing that it was by the spirit of Satan that Jesus cast out Satan, calling evil good and good evil, blasphemy!

Jesus and the New Testament Scribes

Throughout Jesus' ministry it was the scribes who were determined to dethrone The King, it was these New Testament scribes who hound His every move. Their many accusations against the Lord are recorded in the gospels. These New Testament Scribes that accused the Lord of being indwell by Satan passed their traditions down to their offspring, the scribes of today. The scribes of Jesus day were relentless in their attack against The Word, they were determining to dethrone Jesus, the true Christ, and enthrone Lucifer their Cosmic Christ. One of their attacks on the Holy Spirit is recorded in Mark 3:22:

"And the scribes which came down from Jerusalem said, He hath Beelzebub, and by the prince of the devils casteth he out devils." KJV

No doubt, they were calling the Lord Satan, as the New Testament scribes did than so are their offspring's [New Age Scribes] are during today in their New Age Bibles, claiming that Jesus is Satan. In the New Age Scribes, most popular works [The NIV Bible] they come right out and tell you that Jesus was cut down to the ground, and did weaken the nations:

"How art thou fallen from heaven O Lucifer "son of the morning? How art thou cut down to the grown, which didst weaken the nations?" [Isaiah 14:12]. KJV

In the Word of God [King James Bible] above, the one who has fallen from heaven is identified by name, there's no doubt about who this being is, this being is the Devil, Lucifer, the Dragon, and Snake. Now watch what the New Ages Scribes do to this verse of scripture, like their fathers before them, they will call the Lord Satan. Here's the New Age scribe's [The NIV Bible] version of that same verse of scripture:

"How are thou fallen from heaven Morning Star, son of the dawn! You have been cut down to earth; you once laid low the nations!" [Isaiah 14:12]. NIV

Notice that again they have deleted the name which identifies the one who fell from heaven, in the New Age Scribes Bible; the NIV there's no mention of the name Lucifer. The thing that is so important here is that this is the only place in scripture where the fallen angel, leader of the revolt is identified by name. Strike the name of Lucifer in this one verse of scripture and as they did with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit and Lucifer no longer identified as the angel that threw one third of the angels to hell with him. Do you the game, all the major players in the NIV bible has been or are being deleted so that in the one world church any god or devil they which to worship can easily be installed in the blank space.

"Beware of the Scribes"

The one world religion, the scribes and Lucifer are now succeeding at what was attempted in Genesis at the Tower of Babel, a united world under one religious leader. Many say that God is wrong in separating mankind into groups, but the world is about to witness the wisdom of God in making that decision. In these United Nations of the World, when the powerful world leader of this evil federation say that Jesus fell from heaven and did weaken the nation, who would dare question him?

There will be no super power from across the ocean to stand against him for he owns both sides of the oceans and all its great weapons of death and destruction, and it is the New Age Scribes who will be most responsible for his rise to power. How can there be unity with someone who come into my Father's house and defile it, how can there be unity with someone who calls my Father evil and claim He's Satan? The only way there can be unity is that I submit to their abuse of my Father and His Holy name, because their attack is a relentless one, they are not stopping their attack on the Throne of God. So, for me to find unity with them I must surrender to their god and his cause and forsaken my Father, all for the sake of peace in the church and Lucifer's rise to total power in this world.


Jesus explained to the scribes that because of them claiming to be scholars of the Word, and delivers the word to the children of God, they are responsible for delivering the true Word of God. The Lord calls them hypocrites; they claim to lead the children of God to the Heavenly Father when they are leading them to the worship of Lucifer. To lead the children of God astray, the scribes must take out the most powerful offensive weapon that the Christian Solder have to fight with, the Word of God! As the world falls in love with the great minds of the End-time New Age Scribes, the Lord says these are blind guides:

"And Jesus went out, and departed from the temple: His disciples came to Him for to show Him the buildings of the temple. And Jesus said unto them, see ye not all these things? Verily I say unto you, there shall not be left one stone upon another that shall not be thrown down." [Matt 24:1-2] KJV

This temple the Jews were so proud of, this publishing house from which the bibles [the Word of God] would be distributed to the world were a house of devils, and the Lord said it would be destroyed and woe to anyone who tries to rebuild it. This publishing house [the temple] were publishing demonically inspired information to the gullible masses and leading them to attack and kill the Son of God and steal His inheritance, the same thing is happening now, but this time the outcome will be different. These New Testament Scribes including the New Age Scribes are the first to point-out all the wrongs of everyone [don't come in my church and preach that homosexuality is wrong no matter what Christ says] but when it comes to them, they turn a blind eye to the blasphemy they publish. The Lord says they strain at a gnat; they notice every little thing that others do, even things that have nothing to do with salvation, every little thing must be done per their tradition. When it comes to them committing the sin of changing the Word of God, this is but a small thing with them.

"But woe unto you scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites, for ye shut up the Kingdom of Heaven against men: for ye neither go in yourselves, neither suffer ye them that are entering to go in. [Matt 23:13] KJV

The Lord says these new age scribes shuts men out of the kingdom of heaven; they know they are not going to heaven, so their goal is to keep others from ascending. The Lord grouped the New Testament, New Age Scribes and Pharisees together as one unit, and said both are of their father, the devil. The religious and political rulers were united against the Lord back then and have reunited into what is now the new age scribes and the Popes Republican Party [USA] of the Anti-Christ. There must be a religious and political aspect to the final world deception, they must work together to make the lie work. So far, we see them work together in the same way the two parties did to stand against Jesus two thousand years ago, one, the New Testament Scribes claim that Jesus was possessed of a devil when Jesus cast out a demon from a man, the other, the New Age Scribes make the same claim in their New Age Bible [NIV] that Jesus was cut down to the ground and did weaken the nations, in their Book of Isaiah.

Both New Testament and New Age Scribes makes the same charge against the Lord, that He's a devil, and not just any devil, but the prince of devils. How can you believe a book that says Jesus is a devil? This is no different than what the folks at the "The UFO Bible Connection Website" are doing; they place the Throne of Christ among demonic activity, claiming that the Throne of God is where the birds fly, they work together to form the end-time One World Religion where The King of kings is declared evil, while the evil one is declared good; blasphemy against the Holy Spirit!

There are two men mostly responsible for this mutilation to the Word of God, they are new age scribes whom this world sees as very wise, the success these men have seen in this endeavor to deceive is amazing. The only reason they have had so much success is because this world is fulfilling prophecy, it's called the great falling away. This great falling away includes the world accepting the false teachings of the New Age Gospel of the New Ages Scribes, the doctrines of devils. Too many Christians accept without question whatever biblical scholars tell them about their correction to the Word of God, but the Lord said to search the scripture to see if things be true. So, no matter what men say, no matter by what name they call themselves, no matter how many letters they have behind their names, we will search scripture [with the help of the Holy Spirit] to find out if these are godly men or liars.

Westcott and Hort, two men who saw the Catholic Church as being superior to the Reformed Protestant Church, set out to create a bible that reflects their beliefs. These men were responsible for replacing the Universal Text of the Authorized Version with the Local Text of Egypt and the Roman Catholic Church. These men being Catholics at heart used Roman Catholic manuscripts, Vaticanus and Aleph; they claimed these to be better because they were older. But how can they use the manuscripts from the Great Whore of Revelation and it agrees with the Word of God? There's no way a Roman Bible will ever agree with the true Word of God.

The first deception of these men was that the Catholic Churches text were older; the Universal Text that they rejected was just as old or older, so they start out with the lie. The Local Text they used doesn't even agree among themselves, how could these men not know this? They start out with a Roman Catholic agenda and now have the Christians eating out of the Pope's hand, being spiritually poisoned to spiritual death.

The authors of "Essays and review" say Evangelicals are perverting the truth, and Hort concurs. Hort write in response:

"To Rev. Rowland Williams, October 21, 1858, "Further I agree with them [Authors of "Essays and Reviews"] in condemning many leading specific doctrines of the popular theology ... Evangelicals seem to me perverted rather than untrue. There are, I fear, still more serious differences between us on the subject of authority, and especially the authority of the Bible."

Sounds like the Pope to me! This scribe, an extension of the Pope of the Synagogue of Satan set out to do a great work for his father [Lucifer] and with the help of the Catholic Church he's drawing Rome's straying daughters [Protestants] back to their mother which the bible calls "Mystery Babylon the Mother of Whores" no doubt, they must try to destroy the King James Bible which exposes them as spreading the gospel of Lucifer and the doctrine of devils. Hort believed Evangelicals to be perverted, yet he held Charles Darwin in high esteem, the Pope has no respect for Evangelicals, but believes in evolution, birds of a feather flock together! It's no wonder they would use the Roman Catholic Vaticanus, just the name of this manuscript makes my flesh crawl. Given the background of Hort, I would expect nothing other than a work that denies the Word of God. You can't get pure water from a poison well, this poison of the Roman Church is prophecy being fulfilled, the whole world followed the beast!

Now let's consider the mind of Westcott and we'll see that any bible that he produces would naturally be an attack on the Throne of God and His Christ. Westcott writes:

"He never speaks of Himself directly as God, but the aim of His revelation was to lead men to see God in Him." (Westcott, The Gospel According to St. John, p. 297).

"(John) does not expressly affirm the identification of the Word with Jesus Christ." (Westcott, Ibid., p. 16).

"I reject the infallibility of Holy Scriptures overwhelmingly." (Westcott, the Life and Letters of Brook Foss Westcott, Vol. I, p.207).

"Our Bible as well as our Faith is a mere compromise." (Westcott, On the Canon of the New Testament, p. vii).

"Evangelicals seem to me perverted. . .There are, I fear, still more serious differences between us on the subject of authority, especially the authority of the Bible." (Hort, the Life and Letters of Fenton John Anthony Hort, Vol. I, p.400)

"No one now, I suppose, holds that the first three chapters of Genesis, for example, give a literal history. I could never understand how anyone reading them with open eyes could think they did." [Westcott, cited from Which Bible? P.191]

This is just a sampling of the writing of the New Age Scribes that produced the New Age Bibles used in most Evangelicals Churches today. What kind of bible would you expect from the mind of the scribe that exalts Darwin above the Lord Jesus Christ, the Word of God? The main purpose for the scribes to create their own bible is to do what all occultist do, that is to exalt man above God, or man in place of God. The dangerous occult teaching of these men is that man is by nature divine, Mr. Hort writes:

"It is of course true that we can only know God through human form, but then I think the whole bible echoes the language of Genesis 1:27 and so assures us that human forms are divine." [Hort to Westcott, August 14, 1860]

This man says man is God! Any bible that this man produces would naturally place man above his creator or at lease on equal footing with The Highest God. It is the work of this scribe that most Evangelical now uses in most Christian Churches today and claim its superior to the King James Bible. These men are anti-Christ and occultist; the whole teaching of the occult can be summed-up in one statement; man, is divine and immortal or man is God! How can a Christian preacher hold the works of these men in their hands and stand before their congregation and claim that this work of the anti-Christ is a better translation than the King James Bible?

Now let me make one thing clear, I do believe that the Lord can still reach those who are seekers after Him even through the confusion presented through these works. But as we move closer to God more and more things are revealed to us, not new revelations, but a better understanding of what's already been revealed, if God reveals to you that a war against His Word is taking place and show you that one side in the war is Antichrist as surely these two scribes are, how could you chose the side of the anti-Christ in this battle for the Word?

Rome and Egypt Unite to Create Their Own bible

Can anything good come out of Rome or Egypt? The Roman Church was created from the heart of an evil man, [Peter Magus] this man tried to buy the power of the Holy Spirit to profit monetarily from:

"Now when the apostles which were at Jerusalem heard that Samaria had received the word of God, they sent unto them Peter and John: Who, when they were come down, prayed for them, that they might receive the Holy Ghost: (For as yet he was fallen upon none of them: only they were baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus.) Then laid they their hands on them, and they received the Holy Ghost. And when Simon saw that through laying on of the apostles' hands the Holy Ghost was given, he offered them money, Saying, give me also this power, that on whomsoever I lay hands, he may receive the Holy Ghost. But Peter said unto him, thy money perishes with thee, because thou hast thought that the gift of God may be purchased with money Thou hast neither part nor lot in this matter: for thy heart is not right in the sight of God. Repent therefore of this thy wickedness, and pray God, if perhaps the thought of thine heart may be forgiven thee. For I perceive that thou art in the gall of bitterness, and in the bond of iniquity. Then answered Simon, and said, pray ye to the Lord for me, that none of these things which ye have spoken come upon me. And they, when they had testified and preached the word of the Lord, returned to Jerusalem, and preached the gospel in many villages of the Samaritans." [Act 8:14-25] KJV

This man was placed on the Throne of God; his emblem is an upside down cross embedded in his throne. The claim of the Pope is that it represents the death of the founder of this abominable church, Peter being crucified upside down, but who did any Peter died for, or better yet, who was any Peter raised from the grave for? So, we know this church was corrupt form its very beginning. The Word of God calls this church "Mystery Babylon, the Great Whore, so any bible they come up with must be a satanic bible.

Egypt, the Lord warned his people to have no more dealings with, Egypt, like Rome would stand in open defiance of the Lord and war against Him, again birds of a feather flock together. Egypt, like Rome represents the total deprivation in man, it represents the very worst in man, it represents the hatred in the heart of man toward his creator, so any bible they produce must be a direct attack on the Throne of God. When the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church decided, he would write his own bible to govern from the throne he stole from Christ, he went to the Mystery Schools of Egypt for its wisdom in the occult.

Alexandria Egypt was the heart of the occult, the play pen of Satan; many heresies were published to the world from there, one of the many corrupt things to come out of Egypt is the Pope's Bible. This bible of the Pope is called The Vulgate and is the source of the confusing surrounding the Word of God today, but what else would one expect from a bible produced by the Synagogue of Satan? Hey' that's what Jesus calls it! When the Pope set out to create his own bible [what's a god without his very own bible] he used another disciple of Lucifer from the very same Synagogue of Satan by the name of Jerome.

Who Is Jerome? If you go to Wikipedia for the answer you will get something like this:

"Saint Jerome (c. 347 30 September 420; was a Roman Christian priest, confessor, theologian and historian, and who became a Doctor of the Church."

The truth is that Jerome was no Christian; he was a Roman Catholic Priest, in a priesthood that was done-away with by the Christian God, and that he was a Doctor of the Church, but what church, not the Christian Church of Christ, but the Church of Lucifer or The Synagogue of Satan or the Church of Satan. So, whatever bible Jerome produced, it would have to be a product of the Synagogue of Satan. It was this Synagogue of Satan that had the Son of God beaten beyond recognition, nailed Him to a tree, pierced Him in His side. This same Synagogue moved its headquarters to Rome and set the children of the Christian God ablaze and used them as night lights to illuminate their nighttime orgies and parties.

For a man of God to take the works of this man and claim it's a better translation, is a deceived man, but the true Word of God says this very thing would happen. They would deceive the very elect, if that were possible! They are clever, but again, the Lord said that the workers of darkness are more diligent than the sons of Light. Now let's look at the way the Pope and his man Jerome when about their work of deception.
Egypt vs. Heaven

Egypt had taken on Heaven before as the proud ruler as the question; "who is Jehovah that I should obey His demands?" All God ask was for him to let His people go! These Jewish slaves were the wealth of Egypt just as the African slave was the wealth of Southern USA. The reason I brought up African slave is because its effect can still be seen and the evil problems it's caused, from ignorance to poverty to much of the violence we see in the streets of America today, and I'm African American. The Lord said this institution of slavery is wrong, but the mighty ruler of Egypt says no one will strip him of his wealth, not even Jehovah. Pharaoh who was worshiped as a god was the most powerful ruler of that time and thought he was God, there is no God greater than Pharaoh, or so he thought. God sent a servant [Moses] to the great ruler to warn him that if he didn't obey his kingdom would be destroyed. Well he didn't obey, and declared war on heaven, how dare the God of these pony Hebrews take on the Great Pharaoh of Egypt. This was open rebellion, defiance of heaven, no fear of the Lord and it caused Egypt's ruin.

The spirit that ruled over Egypt would rebuild his army [spiritually] and launch a counter attack, this attack would take a lot of planning, and this attack would take thousands of years of preparations. Egypt [Lucifer] knew that this would be the final battle; it's all or nothing, Egypt knew from the many previous battles, from the Garden to Babylon to Pharaoh's army being destroyed, that there is one weapon of its enemy that must be destroyed to even have any possible chance of winning this war, it's that "WORD!"

Egypt, [Lucifer] being the military master mind that he is arrays his arsenal against this most powerful weapon of his enemy, [The Word] but how does he pull this off? For any army to try to take out the mighty US military, it must take out its most powerful weapons, it must destroy its Air Force, its Navy, and its nuclear arsenal. Spiritual warfare is no different, the nuclear arsenal of this heavenly army is "the Word" and must be taken out or Egypt would be a very incompetent Commanding General.
The War of Words

The plan is to convince the world that evil is good and good is evil, that's the master plan! The plan is to convince the world that Jesus is Lucifer and Lucifer is Jesus the Messiah. According to scripture, this plan will work to a certain extent and if we would just take a little notice we can see this taking place before our very eyes. This plan will work so well that the world will not recognize Jesus at his return and believe Him to be Satan and war against Him to their own destruction. This is not so incredible, because it has already happened at Jesus' first coming. Who was it that screamed for the Lord to be crucified? Who was it who said His blood on ours and our children's heads? Who was it who charged Him with blasphemy? Who was it that convinced the people that Jesus was Beelzebub, [lord of the flies] the prince of demons?

It was the Lord's own people, those who studied His Word who watched for his coming, it was the scribes; it was the keepers of the Law, the wise theologians of the times. "Yea' this fruit will make one wise" the big lie! Remembering just how well this plan worked the first time, Egypt [Lucifer] now renew his original attack but this time instead of convincing just the Jews, it will include the whole world calling for the blood of the Son of God. This will not be very hard to do, since the people by now are totally convinced that the UFO occupants are their creators and saviors so any other beings coming from outside the solar will be seen as invaders. At the return of Christ, the world will be at war, they will stop fighting each other and turn their weapons against Christ. Why? Because the New Age Scribes have again convinced them that Jesus is Satan.
Egypt [Lucifer] now employs the services of his top general the Pope to stage an attack on heaven's most powerful weapon; that Word! Now Lucifer's desire to be worshiped, to sit on Throne of God as God, that spirit would be passed on to all who come under the power of Lucifer from the Pope to all who fall under the spell of the bibles of the Pope. Just look at all the websites that are convincing people that they are divine, there is only one who is divine and that's the Father and the two that processed from His very being, that's the Son and the Holy Spirit, and one God manifested in three beings, no other is divine, or eternal. Through the Pope's Bible many Christians have fallen under the spell of Lucifer, they are making the same statement of Lucifer in their hearts:

"I will ascend into heaven I will exalt my throne above the stars of God, I will sit in the sides of the north" WILL BE LIKE THE MOST HIGH" BECAUSE I AM DIVINE!

Can you not see that the spirit of Lucifer has invaded the souls of those who believe themselves to be divine, who believe themselves to be God? How can they convince the entire world that they are God with that King James Bible standing in the way? So, begins the satanic attack on heaven's most powerful weapon in the heavenly arsenal, the Written Word of God! Jesus defeated the enemy with the words, "IT IS WRITTEN" This attack on heaven's most powerful weapon didn't start with the NIV or any of the many New Age Bibles that are being produced by Rome today, it stated with the Roman Vulgate Bible that was taken out of the arsenal of Egypt, the Pope's brothers in arms against heaven:

"Therefore hear ye the word of the LORD, all Judah that dwell in the land of Egypt; Behold, I have sworn by my great name, saith the LORD, that my name shall no more be named in the mouth of any man of Judah in all the land of Egypt, saying, The Lord GOD liveth." [Jeremiah 44:26] KLV

It doesn't sound to me like the Lord would put His seal of approval on any so-call bible coming out of Egypt, or did God change His mind? Now all scribes claim to be of Judah, no matter what part of the earth they lived in. The Lord said His name, His Word would no more come from the mouth [or pen] of any man in all the land of Egypt, and yet we have so-called born again Christians preaching and teaching from a bible that is produced and published from this land that God condemned and claiming it to be a better translation, God help the church.
The Two Bibles

We know that Lucifer who desire to be God copy the things of God to pervert them, so why wouldn't the master evil schemer not copy the most powerful weapon of his enemy try to turn it against Him? He would be a very sorry Commander in Chief if he didn't! There are two bibles that contradict each other, one from the land that's condemned throughout scripture [Egypt] the other out of Antioch, both claiming to be the inspired of God:

"Yet a small number that escape the sword shall return out of the land of Egypt into the land of Judah, and all the remnant of Judah, that are gone into the land of Egypt to sojourn there, shall know whose words shall stand, mine, or theirs." [Jeremiah 44:28] KJV

There has always been a word [another gospel] coming out of Egypt that contradict the Word of God, but God says only one Word will stand and it's not the one coming out of Egypt. Egypt is called a house of bandage, [Exodus 20:2] the Lord warned Israel to never again return to Egypt [Deut 1716] what parts of never do the New Age Scribes not understand, never means never! God tells his people to never return that way, but it's all right to use an Egyptian Bible? I don't think so! God killed the entire first born of Egypt for trying to keep His people and His Word from going forth. Can anything good come out of Egypt? Well most preacher in the church today says yes when the Lord says no!

The text that originated in Alexandria Egypt is the Catholic Church's corrupt Sinaiticus and Vaticanus let's look at how this work of the Pope was accomplished.

There are two types of manuscripts from which the two bibles were derived, one is called the Majority Text, the other the Minority Text. The Pope would create his bible using the Minority Text, so we had better take a close look at this text since this is the one the "Synagogue of Satan" chose to create its bible from. How could any man of God take the bible created by this church and claim it's a better translation? In this age of instant information, there's no excuse for people following this beast, all the demonic workings of this "Synagogue of Satan" are there for the world to see. A German evolutionist theologian by the name of Constantine Von Tischendorf claim to have discovered the Codex Sinaiticus [which the Pope's Bible was created from] at St. Catherine's monastery at Mount Sinai. Tischendorf claim to have been on a mission to find manuscripts for the King Saxony, Frederick Augustus. Tischendorf claim to have found these documents in a waste paper basket.

The Sinaiticus

It seems that the scribes back then realize that there were just too many alterations in this work of deception and decided to file it where it belongs; in the trashcan.

"The Sinaiticus was the work of three different scribes, but it didn't stop there, it was written and rewritten over many times by other scribes H.J.M. Milne and T.C. Skeat of the British Museum did an extensive investigation into this work of deception and published their findings in "Scribes and Corrections of Codex Sinaiticus, London, 1938." The manuscript contained 14,800 corrections. [David Brown, the Great Unicials, 2000]

Dr. F.H.A. Scrivener, in 1864 published "A Full Collation of the Codex Sinaiticus" here is his assessment of this work of evil:

"The Codex is covered with alterations of an obviously correctional character-brought in by at least ten different revisers, some of them systematically spread over every page, others occasional, or limited to separate portions of the manuscript, many of these being contemporaneous with the first writer, but for the greater part belonging to the sixth or seventh century."

One of the most dangerous and blatant alterations to the Word of God is what the Catholic Church did to John 1:18 "the only begotten Son" we know that Jesus was always with his Father and whatever his Father is He is, He had no beginning. Now the Catholic Church changed this verse of scripture to "the only begotten God" this give the impression that Mary gave birth to God Himself. Mary did not give birth to God, but to the physical body that the Son would need to function in a physical world. Jesus did not become God after His physical mother gave birth to His physical body; He was God even before He took on flesh. How could she give birth to God when it was this Jesus who created Mary? Long before the beloved true Mary was even born, the Lord Jesus Christ uttered these words:

"Sacrifice and offering thou desired not, but a body thou hast prepare for me." [Heb. 10:5] KJV

How I ask you, how could their Mary be the mother of God when this Mary hadn't even come into existence when the Lord uttered these words? Jesus existed before any Mary were ever born!

This is the deception; it is to place their Mary, [the woman riding the back of the scarlet colored Jewish beast] above all that's holy, by replacing the word Son with the word God it places their Mary above Jesus, that's why in their many statues we see Mary always holding an infant Jesus, meaning she is always in control of the Son of God.

The Codex Vaticanus, also known as Codex B was found in the Vatican library in Rome in 1481, it is held to be most authoritative of the Minority Text; it is this text [Codex b] that is used to produce the many New Age Bibles that's flooding the market today. This, the Pope's Vatican Text is responsible for over 36,000 changes to all New Ages Bibles of the New Ages Scribes. The Church of the Pope is very proud of this manuscript, it is written on vellum, the skin of an antelope, an expensive parchment. The pride of Constantine!

John W Burgon writes:

"The impurity of the text exhibited by these codices is not a question of opinion but factIn the Gospels alone, codex B [Vatican] leaves out words or whole clauses no less than 1,491 times. It bears traces of careless transcriptions on every page"

Is this a better translation of the word God, or the lies of Lucifer? The Westminster Dictionary of the Bible states:

"It should be noted that there is no prominent Biblical [Manuscripts] in which there occur such gross cases of misspelling, faulty grammar, and omission, as in [Codex] B."

Like its sister text out of Egypt, [Codex Sinaiticus] Codex Vaticanus mutilates John 1:18, and declaring some Mary to be the mother of God. According to W. Eugene Scott, [Codex Vaticanus, 1996] this work of the Catholic Church was corrected by revisers in the 8th, 10th, and 15th centuries.

The problems with these manuscripts of Egypt and Rome are well documented so I don't think I need to redo it all here, anyone who is seeking the truth can easily access this information.

Luciferian Relentless Attack on Fulfilled Bible Prophecy

If it's one thing that really separates Christianity from all other religions of the world is its bible prophecy, no other religion or religious book tells the end from the beginning. No other religion tells of the things of this earth happening even before they happen. No other religion foretells the rise of kingdoms and when and how they will fall. No other religion tells how the world will end and have the evidence to back up its claim. So, we would expect for the enemy to do all he can to destroy this word of God. Lucifer, know he must do all he can to destroy the word of God, the most powerful weapon the Christian solder have to war against Lucifer's Kingdom with. So, Lucifer must do all in his power to confuse the world when it comes to fulfilled bible prophecy.

In this chapter, we'll look at another scribe of Lucifer and his desperate attempt to deceive, this scribe name is Johnathan Kirsch, this scribe is an acclaimed New York Times bestselling author. Here's a man praised by the world as a great and insightful writer, one who bring light to a darken world, but as we shall see he uses deception and tricks in the very opening of his book to deceive in "A History of the End of the world" Mr. Kirsch tries to plant a seed in the opening of the book but it back-fires and exposes him as a trickster and one who cannot be counted on for truth when he starts out with major obvious deception.

Let's look at what a few other end-time scribes have to say concerning this book that dose such a terrible job of trying to deny fulfilled bible prophecy:

"Jonathan Kirsch has written an important book that is essential reading in our torn, conflicted world: it is articulate, learned and balanced."
KAREN ARMSTRONG, New York Times bestselling author of "A History of God"

"A learned, lively, politically astute, and agreeably literary tour of the life and, above all, the extravagantly improbable afterlife of the greatest apocalypse of them all."

Jack Miles:
Pulitzer Prize-winning author of God: A Biography

"This book does what history is supposed to do: it both deepens our understanding and broadens our perspective. A truly fine book." John M. Barry,

New York Times bestselling author of "The Great Influenza"

Remember their wording, "words like learned and balanced!" "It broadens our perspective!" "It does what history is supposed to do!"

Keep in mind that these are the so-called learned, they use that word "Learned" often when describing each other's work of deception. These are the best the New York Time has to offer to the world. In their own estimation of each other, they are the best of the best! These are the learned men and women of our times, so if they endorse something and put their stamp of approval on it, surely, they took the time to carefully read and understand what they were putting their seal of approval on, their reputation is at stake. So, as Mr. Kirsch goes, so goes the other scribes who concur, whatever Mr. Kirsch say, so say them all!

So now let's look at just how far they will go to try to do the impossible; to discredit fulfilled bible prophecy.

Let's jump right into it:

In the very opening of the book on page two, the first sentence of the first paragraph, he comes out spreading deception and untruths, and they are all in agreement with this deception. Let's see what it is these bestselling authors of the New York Times, the very people the world look up to for their enlightenment has to say about fulfilled prophecy. Here's the first sentence of paragraph one of page two:

"Satan will break out of his bonds, and Jesus will be compelled to fight another battle" [Emphasis Mine]

It starts out as fiction and claim to bring you truth, how can truth come out of obvious lies? Mr. Kirsch claims, and the great minds of New York Times Best Sellers concurs that the bible prophesy states that Satan will outsmart God and escape the confinements that God placed on him. This implies that God is not all knowing because if he were than he would have known that Lucifer was planning a jail break and prevented it from happening. He's implying that Jesus had no say in the matter; and he was outsmarted by Lucifer and in his words:

"Jesus is compelled to fight another battle!"

Show me this prophecy in any bible version; even the Pope's NIV bible wouldn't go this far to make this outrageous claim. What bible did the great minds of our modern-day scribes get this from? This is how desperate they are to do the impossible, to believe they can endorse obvious deceit and no one will notice. The bible clearly states that Satan will be let out of his confinement for a season by the one who incarcerated him, the Lord Jesus Christ. Nowhere in scripture is there anything anywhere where Satan escapes the Lord's confinement of him, this is fiction, but the great minds of the New York Times claims that this is a bible prophecy. Here's what bible prophecy really have to say about Satan's temporary release from prison:

"When the thousand years are ended, Satan will be let out of prison" [Rev 20:7] the Living Bible.

There's no jail-break here, he was let out to test those who claimed to have turned from Lucifer to Christ, and their loyalty must be tested. How are we going to get to the truth when the great end-times scribes start out dealing in deceptions and untruths? This they must do because they are trying to do the impossible. Mr. Kirsch states in his book "A History of the end of the world" that all prophecy has failed, but as we shall see its Mr. Hirsch and the end-time scribes who endorse this work of deception who has failed. They have all failed to be honest in their approach to bring light to this fallen world. What they are bringing to this fallen world is the very thing that caused this world to fall in the first place, the Black Light of Lucifer, these are the black light bearers of Lucifer, what do you expect form the servants of the father of lies?

Mr. Kirsch claims and the black light bearers of Lucifer concurs that all bible prophecy has failed, but we will easily prove beyond any shadow of a doubt that end-time prophecy is being fulfilled before our very eyes. The claim that most of the black light bearers of Lucifer make is that prophecies were written after the fact, so the first thing we must do is to eliminate this weapon from their arsenal of deception. I will bring out fulfilled bible prophecy that could have no way of being written after the fact. Now they are going to deny that this is fulfilled prophecy but it will be obvious to any person who is really seeking the truth, who really cares about truth and the destiny of their soul, either life or death of the soul that this is fulfilled prophecy.

We'll start with a verse of scripture that I've used before to prove the black light bearers to have failed in their quest to destroy the word of God and fulfilled prophecy. The prophecy was uttered over two thousand years ago, but found the first part of its fulfillment in the last century. Now in understanding when the end will come we must go to the Book of Daniel, there is one thing that must happen before end-time prophecy can be understood;

"There will be an increase in knowledge!" [Daniel 12:4]

This increase in knowledge is the worst thing that could happen to this world, it is this increase in knowledge that produces the means to destroy all life on earth. Without this increase in this illegally obtained knowledge it would be impossible for this prophecy to be fulfilled, that's why the Lord told Daniel to seal this book because people would not understand it at that time, before this increase in knowledge! As we move forward, it will become clear why this prophecy had to wait over two thousand years before anyone could really understand it. The prophecy I'm referring to is found in the very book of the bible that the black light bearers of Lucifer set out to destroy all faith in, Revelation.

God speaks of a war in the earth, a war in Israel, this is to be the final war of this world, and is called World War III or Armageddon. This war, according to scripture is meant to destroy all life of earth. The Lord made some way-out claims concerning this war at a time when his words didn't make sense to his listeners, and couldn't make sense because this increase in knowledge that Daniel spoke of hadn't yet occurred. This increase in knowledge is a must, all boils down to this increase in knowledge. Let's see what the prophet Daniel had to say concerning this end-time prophecy of the coming end of the world. Remember, everything is centered on this increase in knowledge. Here what the prophet of God had to say about the end of the world:

"But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even unto the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased." [Daniel 12:4]

Daniel says there shall be an increase in knowledge! Now the great scribes of today do all they can to convince you that this means an increase in the knowledge of spiritual things. It is obvious that Daniel is speaking of knowledge in general, now if a high school student would have to read a similar document and write out a report on it and applied the same principles of the end-time scribes when it comes to explaining the meaning of this increase in knowledge he or she would get a failing grade because it would make no sense. So, they must cause confusion to this prophecy because they know that this sudden increase in knowledge that the world has experienced over the pass one hundred or so years proves Daniel's prophecy to be true.

In the Book of Revelation Jesus tell his servant John that in this Great War that takes place after this increase in knowledge, two of his servants will be killed by the Beast of Revelation [Lucifer] and shall be raised from death and the world will witness this event. At this point in history [after this increase in knowledge] the world can better understand the meaning of the prophecy. So, unlike in the Book of Daniel where God told the prophet to seal the book to a later generation, the Lord instructs this prophet John to publish what he sees to the world.

They have now advanced in the knowledge of the 20th and 21st centuries, they have increased in their illegally obtain knowledge. Now they are without excuse, the prophecy is manifest before their very eyes, they are without excuse! From the time this prophecy was revealed to the world the Christian world and bible prophecy in general had taken a beating, they were ridiculed and laugh at. For over two thousand years the true Christian world had to endure the taunts of those who say the God of the bible is a liar. The Luciferians were so proud of their proof that the bible is a lie; they had indisputable, undeniable evidence that proves their case.

They state their case:

These backward ignorant Christians through their so-called prophets claim their God told them that there is a coming conflict in Jerusalem and that all people of the earth will witness this event no matter their location. Is this madness or what? How in the world could someone in India see what's takes place in Jerusalem if they are not there to witness the event? What new wine have these Christians been drinking to make them lose all sense of reasoning? When will they realize that bible prophecy has failed? They claim their God will do the impossible! It's just impossible!

But first there must first be an increase in knowledge! At the time this prophecy was uttered by the Lord it was impossible for this prophecy to be fulfilled. There was no way anyone in India could witness any event taking place in Jerusalem, it was just impossible and the whole world knew this.

Now there's no doubt that these words were penned before our modern times, before the great increase in knowledge of the 20th century. The Luciferians can't make the claim this is written after the fact. The fact is that this increase in this illegally obtain knowledge is what ushers in the beginning of the end, not the end itself. It would be this increase in this illegally obtain knowledge that men are so proud of, this knowledge that make men feel as gods is what God would use to expose them as the real liars.

As man continue to laugh and scorn the faithful and brag about his progress in the sciences [their god] in creating a world of comfort for himself; he creates the very instruments to [from his own great mind and that of the, fallen angels] make himself a liar and prove God's prophecy to be true. Since this great increase in this illegally obtained knowledge all laughter has stopped! Gone are the nay sayers, those who laugh at those who listen to the voice of God and not man's. Now those who once laugh at the Christian now tremble at the power of the beast they've created, a beast that they know can wipe them all off the face of the earth with a push of a button. They were forewarned! Who's laughing now? No one!

God's word will prove true though all men be lairs!

Some of the men the world sees as great are responsible for ushering in this age of great illegally obtained knowledge. Men like the first US President George Washington who was without a doubt building One Nation under Lucifer, as a Mason he could do nothing other than that. So, we see at the birth of the nation who's most responsible for the spread of this increase illegally obtained knowledge. America has a Luciferian agenda, not a Christian one as most of Christian believes. This nation would be the main player in using that illegally obtained knowledge to create the very means to prove bible prophecy to be true and themselves liars. This nation that plays a major role in bible prophecy is what Luciferians has been waiting for, the New Atlantis, America!

This New Atlantis would produce the means for man to destroy himself; this nation plays a major role in proving bible prophecy to be true. This New Atlantis, just as the old would be the major player in men taking flight and travel to other worlds after the increase in this illegally obtained knowledge! This New Atlantis, just as the old would influence all nations of the earth, it will be this nation in the end that will unite the world into one religious system and present it to Lucifer their lord, because it was a Luciferian project from the beginning!

Before this New Atlantis [America] it was impossible for the world to witness any single event in any location other than that of their own which makes this bible prophecy impossible of fulfillment. In this New Atlantis, there were men hailed as great minds, men like Sir Isaac Newton, Benjamin Franklin, men of genius! In the laboratories of this New Atlantis they were experimenting with a new form of energy called the electron. This tiny little invisible particle would one day threaten the world with extinction, but in the meantime, the great minds were captivated by it. Once the great minds got just a little understanding of its power and uses, at that point the world changed, from that moment the increase in knowledge that would one day threaten all life on earth had arrived, the beginning of the end!

This increase in knowledge is a must to begin to understand fulfilled bible prophecy.

As the great minds begin to experiment with this electron and notice so many possibilities, they were beside themselves with pride in their understanding of this illegally obtained knowledge. One of the major results of their understanding of this little particle was wire-less communication. The means of transporting photo images across great distances through space at tremendous speed, now the impossible is made possible! Now no one have to leave their living room to witness the terrible even that is to take place in Jerusalem, now the person in India doesn't have to leave India to witness an event in Jerusalem, just bring the even to India or any and everywhere in the world, in an instant! All because God said the impossible will be made possible. Now the world can witness events in Jerusalem from anywhere in the world. Because of their great work in harnessing this illegally obtained knowledge their world now stands on the eve of self-destruction just as the Lord forewarned.


Lucifer's creation of the light show that goes by the name of television, and now satellite T.V. this very weapon the Luciferians now uses to trap the masses is now turned on them to expose them as liars and bible prophecy to be true. Unlike the great end-time scribes who set out to do the impossible and fail, the Lord set out to do the impossible and of course succeeds. Now the whole world can witness events in Israel any time on any given day from anywhere on earth! How can anyone deny this to be fulfilled prophecy, the impossible became possible and those who called God a liar, with the inventions of their own great minds produced the very means to prove themselves to be liars. IMPOSSIBLE BIBLE PROPHECY FULFILLED!

I've presented obvious fulfilled prophecy and I didn't come out lying and deceiving, any school kid can see this is predicting an impossible future event before it takes place! I don't need to plant seeds of confusion when proving the word of God to be true because there is no defense against the true. Theirs is a desperate attempt to confuse the issue, and not a very good one at that, but the bestselling authors of New York Times calls it a great work and claim it does what history is supposed to do! Is history supposed to lie and deceive? Now people will see this obvious deception and continue to follower this con game to the gates of hell. They are without excuse; they can see the deception being used! God says they have all gone mad!

The great end-times scribes, these bestselling authors of the New York Times concurs that no bible prophecy has ever been fulfilled so we need to take look at another impossible bible prophecy that has a been fulfilled that could not have been written after the fact. The end-time scribes, these bestselling authors who call God a liar, men and women of wisdom and great understanding that dazzle the world, must now result to trickery and deception in trying to do the impossible. Keep in mind that everything revolves around this increase in this illegally obtained knowledge, this knowledge that Lucifer said would make one wise. This knowledge that would transform one into a god, this forbidden fruit God say has driven the world mad. Is this not madness, this obvious game of deception that they think no one will notice? This is madness!

Now let's look at the next end-time [the time after the great increase in knowledge] prophecy that the New Age Scribes claim went unfulfilled:

"And except those days be shortened, there should be no flesh saved: but for the elect's sake those days shall be shorten." [Matt24:22]

In this verse of scriptures, the Lord comes up with another prophecy that is impossible of fulfillment, how can a war where the combatants are using rocks and spires as their most powerful weapons to destroy all life on earth? How could so much life be destroyed on the vase oceans [two thousand years ago] of the world with men fighting with such crude weapons? It's just all impossible! Where dose these superstitious Christians get this stuff from? Men fighting with rocks and spires will cause the waters of the oceans to be poisoned killing one third of life in the sea, and all this using rocks and spires as their most powerful weapon of mass destruction. There's no way man can do this type of destruction to the earth in a war, it's just impossible! What is this new wine these backward ignorant Christian have been sipping to make them lose all sense of reasoning? It's just impossible!

All this talk of the impossibility of this prophecy being fulfilled was all before the increase in this illegally obtained knowledge, after the prophesied increase in knowledge no one is claiming this prophecy to be impossible of fulfillment because it's already fulfilled bible prophecy. Now the world is on the brink of the war to destroy all mankind just as the Lord prophesied over two thousand years ago. The Lord said that man would one day have the technology to wipe himself off the face of the earth. Is this not predicting the impossible before it's made possible, by the God of the impossible. Who's been proven to be the liar, the bible or the great end-times scribes? The very fruit that Lucifer promise would make man wise is the very wisdom [wizardry] that leads to his destruction. Lucifer is the father of the lie! So, nothing after page two in Mr. Kirsch's best-selling book "A History of the End of the World" can be trusted because it's been proven to be a lie from the start. In a court case in a court of true justice this case would have been lost before it even got started and would be labeled, failed attempt! But the great end-times scribes hail it as a great work, this work of deception!
This knowledge was given to man by fallen angels [the UFO occupants] man is not ready to control this type of knowledge; man, is too corrupt to be trusted with so much power. God warned that this fruit in "the Golden Cup of Babylon" in the hand of the woman riding the scarlet colored beast would destroy those who dare to sip from it. The whole world has been sipping from this golden cup and is now headed for self-destruction, another impossible prophecy being fulfilled. Who can deny that this world of Lucifer is headed for a nuclear showdown? God said if he didn't return when he did this nuclear showdown would destroy all life on earth, this prophecy was uttered before the increase in knowledge when it was impossible for this prophecy to be fulfilled, but the God of the bible is the God of the impossible! God's word is true though all New Age Scribes be liars. Another FULFILLED BIBLE PROPHECY!

The Prophet Daniel said there would be an increase in knowledge which marks the beginning of the end-times. Bible end-time prophecy could not even be understood before this most important sudden increase in knowledge! It is this increase in this illegally obtained knowledge that has mankind on the verge of self-destruction! This knowledge that Lucifer claimed would make one like the gods! It is this knowledge of the tree of the knowledge of evil, this knowledge Lucifer promised would make the man wise, this wisdom would make one into a god! Yea' right, this fruit will make you wise or "Learned!"

That's what Lucifer promised, and the man fell for it, and for his part in this the man was given knowledge from Lucifer of things he had no need of at that time in history. Man was taught the art of war and how to build weapons of war by Lucifer; the sophistication of these weapons would become greater and greater as we progress through time. The Lord foretold of a time near the end when man would have the capability to destroy all life on earth in a war. But this prophecy was impossible of fulfillment before the sudden increase in

In his book "A History of the End of the World" Mr. Kirsch made a big deal of how this bible prophecy had totally failed, that no powerful kingdom had come. Again, we'll see that it is Mr. Kirsch who has failed, the most powerful kingdom to ever exist did come to this earth just as the Lord said it would at the time he said it would. From the time the King of Heaven took on flesh and dwelt among men, from that time the Kingdom of Heaven has been with men, where the king is his kingdom is, but the world hadn't really seen the true power of this kingdom yet. They knew that Jesus claimed to be the Son of God that comes down from heaven, they had seen his many miracles, he heeled the sick, he fed the multitudes with two fish and five lofts of bread, but still the world hadn't seen the power of this kingdom, Jesus promised they would witness this soon, in their lifetime.

But first the sacrifice had to be made; it would be in this sacrifice that the Kingdom of Heaven would be inaugurated with great power. Jesus told his listeners that if he cast out demons by the power of heaven, then the Kingdom of Heaven has come down to men! Jesus acknowledged that the Kingdom of Heaven is here among men already by his very presence, but the world still hadn't witnessed the true power of this kingdom yet, that would have to wait until a later day, not much later, but later:

Jesus said that many here today would witness the inauguration of this kingdom with power!

But first there's much work to be done, the wolves in sheep clothing must be exposed, all who will commit blasphemy, those who will blasphemy the Most High must first have their day. With the entire universe looking on as a witness they will stage a coup to oust the true King and enthrone their lord, Lucifer! Once the religious rulers and scribes realize they could not persuade the Son of God to betray his Father they knew they would have to take the throne by force. The Son of God had worked miracles among the people, he had healed their sick, and to them he was sent from God, so he was too popular to just take out easily.

They would have to scheme and connive; they would bring all kinds of false charges against the King to turn the masses against him. The King was spotless, sinless, pure, loving, forgiving; all charges brought against him were false! The King had come to this world to claim that which was his, that which the rebels had captured through lies. Through the fear of death, the enemy had in his clutches the souls of the children of God. All that the beast could not persuade to his way of thinking he would burn in the flames, or threaten them with flames or stone them to death. The power of death is man's greatest fear, he who holds the power over death controls the people. The one who held this power over death at the time was non-other than Lucifer himself; he is the King of Hell and Death! For the King to free his people from this dictator the King must enter the enemy's camp, go directly into his kingdom, his headquarters, hell itself and defeat the king of that unholy kingdom! The religious rulers and scribes of King Solomon's Temple didn't realize just what they were unleashing on their kingdom when they finally killed the King.

The only way for the King to enter the kingdom of death was to take on flesh and die like other men, enter the kingdom of death, and do battle! But in the meantime, the King would have to do battle with the physical devils first. The physical devils, the religious rulers and scribes of King Solomon's Temple were at work bringing charges against the King, they charge the King with blasphemy! They charged the King with claiming to be God! For any mortal to make this claim is blasphemy and is punishable by death. The enemy had laid his trap to murder the King and ascend the throne, the coup would be complete once the King is condemned and sentenced to death.

There was no doubt of the outcome of the trail because they were the witness against him, the jury that would hear the case and the judge who would sentence him in the end. And they marveled that he stood before them, before the powers that be and refuse to respond to their questioning of him. Respond for what? What good is it going to do? That's wasted energy when you already know what the outcome is going to be. The bible says "he opened not his mouth" here was a man they couldn't break not even on the threat of death.

Now the King could have avoided this death sentence, all he had to do was betray his Father and join ranks with the rulers of King Solomon's Temple and they would have placed him on the Throne of his father David, King Solomon's Temple. But the King loved his Father and brothers and sisters too much betray them. He would rather go the way of the cross, he knew that in this coup he would be treated harshly, spit upon, beaten beyond recognition, nailed to a tree.

To have him nailed to a tree they would need the Romans to do their dirty work for them, this will take more lying. Jesus always spoke of his Father's Kingdom, a kingdom where he's King, and in that kingdom dwells nothing but righteousness. The religious temple rulers would use this kingdom preaching against the King; they would convince the Romans that the kingdom that Jesus is king of is a threat to Rome. There is only one Caesar; there can be no two kings, so the religious rulers finally convinced the Roman that the King must be destroyed. The Romans turned the King over to be beaten; they beat him just short of the point of death. Lucifer had the son of God just where he wanted him, to torture him, to spit upon him, to show just how much he truly hated him.

After beating him they made him carry his execution stake to the place of execution, a hill called the skull! On that hill the sacrifice would be made to buy back those who had been sold into slavery because of the fear of death. On that hill that day the most precious and priceless thing was spilled, the Holy Blood of the Son of God. Jesus who claimed to be the all-powerful King was dying on a cross. As he hung there dying on the cross, the King asked his Father to forgive those who was doing this to him. As the King hung there dying the earth was darkened, there was a violent earthquake and a Roman solder at the foot of the cross had to admit, he said:

"Truly, this man is the Son of God!"

Lucifer's on a super high, he's just staged a successful coup to oust the King and has now ascended the Throne of David, King Solomon's Temple, God's throne on earth! But a little later Lucifer hears a lot of commotion coming out of his headquarters, hell! The noise is from his demons screaming cowering; begging some mighty being to not destroy them, who is this being who would dare to enter Lucifer's Kingdom, his strong hold and put his great warriors on the run? Then Lucifer realizes the mistake he's made. By killing the Son of God, he gave Jesus a pass into his kingdom, it is through death one enters the kingdom of Hell, now the Son of God has entered hell; this can't be a good thing for Lucifer's Kingdom. Still the people that Jesus promises would see the Kingdom of Heaven inaugurated with great power has only seen what appears to be the defeat of their King.

But hell, itself knows that a power has come down to them, a great power that has put even their great leader Lucifer on the run. Hell, is all shook-up; the Son of God has entered hell and is preaching to dis-embodied souls, who were disobedient in times past. Confirming the bible's teaching of consciousness in death, in hell! After preaching to the disobedient spirits and informing them of the Kingdom of Heaven the Son of God now take care of the business he's in hell for, that is to take the keys of death from the one who had the power of death, and the only way to do that was to invade this kingdom of death. Now that Jesus has taken the power of death, and the sting of death out of the hands of Lucifer, who has lost his major power he held over mankind. Still the people of the world has seen nothing of this great kingdom power that Jesus spoke of, the disciples are afraid of the apostate Jews because they know they wants to do to them what was done to their leader so they hide out, all seems lost!

On earth, it seems that all is lost, but there was one thing they seem to have forgotten, the King promise they he would be killed, but after three days he would return from the dead. Many probably thought this meant he would be raised as a spirit being into the spirit world. But Jesus meant just what he said; he the physical man would walk out of the grave and defeat death, man's number one enemy. Remember, it was the power of the fear death that held people in chains and slaves to Lucifer. So, for the King to walk out of the grave after three days just as he said having just defeated death to never die again, I would have to say that kingdom was inaugurated with power, the greatest power the world has ever seen! Even today there are many stories people who were pronounced dead by doctors and later revived.

There's is one popular story on the inter-net a man was pronounced dead and he claimed to have went to hell and spent 48 hours there before he suddenly returns to life, he spent one night short of the time Jesus spent in hell. This man defeated dead temporarily, but he would later die, but Jesus defeated death once for all to never die again. Not only would he never die again, but those who accept the sacrifice would never die. The true Christian have no fear of dying, sure there may be fear of the physical pain of a violent death, but actual moment of death holds no fear for the true follower of Jesus because the sting of death is gone.

What kingdom ever displayed such power, even the power to defeat death, man's number one enemy? Only the Kingdom of Heaven that was inaugurated in the earth when the Son of God walked out of the grave proving that his Kingdom has the power to do the impossible, to raise the dead! Many who heard the Lord promise that they would witness the Kingdom to come in great power, witness it just as Jesus promised, he never breaks his promise. No greater power could have been displayed by any other government, not even Lucifer's! How can Mr. Kirsch and the New York Times bestselling writers who agree with him that this bible prophecy have gone unfulfilled? It's simple; they have drunk deep from the Golden Cup that the Lord says is Babylon that have driven the world mad! O' the blindness of those who sip from the Golden Cup of Babylon!

The Kingdom of Heaven is now with men and with great power, prophecy fulfilled, no greater power could have been displayed by any government than the power over man's number enemy, death. Now the two governments are in this world side by side, there are no other governments but these two. Now the world must decide; man, must make his own choice of which one he will be a citizen of. In a one government, there are rules and laws that must be obeyed for the welfare of all its citizens. Now the King of this kingdom knows that his citizens are human and weak. They sometime break the laws that were put in place for their protection.

The law states that any law breaker must die, that's the law! Now the lawbreaker only needs to break the law one time and death is required of that lawbreaker. The King who is full of mercy knows his children were born in sin through no fault of their own and made a way for his poor and weak citizens who are full of sin to have everlasting life. The law must be paid if the citizens of this kingdom are to have life everlasting because they all are dead in the sin they were born into. So, the King decides he would die in their place, he would not break his own law and let the sinner go Scot-free, he would die in their place. Jesus had to die, there was no other way, this wasn't to please a blood-thirsty God, but to obey the law. How could God expect his creatures to obey the law if he breaks the law even though he's Lord of All?

Now that the sacrifice has been made, the King has returned to his Heavenly Throne, the world must now await his returned, but this time he'll not come as a sacrificial lamb, but a conquering lion. Lucifer knows he has but a short time left to gather the world together into one a religious government with the entire world's mighty nuclear arsenal in the hands of one puny man and convince him, man, to attack the Lord at his return. Now it's time for Lucifer to really bring all his people together, to build his Tower of Babel, the United Nations which includes the one world church! So, Mr. Kirsch is wrong again, the Lord did inaugurate His Kingdom in a display of the greatest power that could ever be displayed; the power over man's number one enemy, the power over death! The kingdom that can conquer death must be the greatest and most powerful kingdom the world has ever known!

The Increase in Knowledge in The End-Times

"But thou, O Daniel, Shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and know ledge shall be increased." [Daniel 12:4]

The first thing we notice in this verse of scripture is that God tells Daniel to seal the book until a certain time far into the future, the time of the end. Why would God reveal this information to Daniel and then tell him to store it away; just opposite of what he told the prophet John in the book of Revelation? In the book of Revelation God tells John to publish to the world the very same information he tells Daniel to store away to a later time.

The next thing God reveals to Daniel is what that time far into the future would look like, "many shall run to and fro." Now in Daniel's day people were traveling in the earth; people were traveling on foot and the backs of camels loaded down with all their possessions. Imagine how burdensome and slow that must have been. Just think of how long it took to travel from Israel to Egypt, this was surely no pleasure cruse. There were no air-conditioned camels to make the trip more pleasurable. How far or fast can a camel travel in one day loaded down? The best estimations are that a camel can travel about 25 to 30 miles a day. There is definitely no running to and fro here.

This was a miserable way to travel and not many people looked forward to making long trips in this manner. It was only when it was strictly necessary to move from one place to another that people would take on the burdensome task. Can you imagine a person having to walk a hundred mile in 100-degree heat to get to their next destination and on arrival saying, o what a wonderful trip that was; I kind of doubt it. There was no running to and fro in the earth at the time that Daniel pinned verse 12:4. It would have to be far into the future.

Next God informs Daniel that knowledge at this time would be increased. Knowledge of what? Well, for one thing, knowledge of a better way of travel, a more pleasurable way to travel that 100 miles you just had to take on foot in 100-degree heat, not to mention the storms encountered along the way that is keeping you from running to and fro in the earth. There was no traveling 1000 mile across the country and back home [2000 miles] the same day. There was no running to and fro in the earth.

Most people in Daniel's time would live maybe 90 years and travel only a few miles from the place they were born. So, any right-thinking person who is in a search for the truth would easily see that Daniel was pointing to the very times we are now living in. Don't fall for Lucifer's con game of his end-time scribes who deny what their eyes clearly see. Not only were there no knowledge of a better way to travel [to run to and fro in the earth] but there was no knowledge of many of the things that man has come to worship today like the cell phone, which has become a thing of worship, just one of the many black light shows of Lucifer.


I grew up in a very religious family, a religion of Spiritism and because of that up-bringing I was caught-up in the occult. I have many occult experiences that only led me deeper and deeper into the deep things of Satan. One of my addictions to the occult was the UFO phenomenal and spirit contact which is forbidden in the word of God. Playing around with deceiving spirits, that includes UFO's will lead to the soul's destruction, that is why I'm publishing this article as a warning to those who have not gotten involved in the truly deep things of Satan to stay clear! I was headed for Hell!
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