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An Epistle of God's Glory to the World

by Jesus Puppy  
8/21/2007 / Christian Living

(This in no way takes from, nor adds to, the Holy scripture, it is only a simple letter to missionary friends around the world, in reply to questions asked of me.)


My dear friends, brothers and sister in the Lord our God; Father creator of both the heavens and the Earth, Savior and redeemer of our eternal souls, Spiritual guide in our walk through this life and the next, both teacher and protecter. I write to you not as a teacher, but a friend, and that only to remind you that you know the Word, as well, if not better than myself.

It is sad that in these end times, more than any, mankind seems so drawn to not following the ways the Lord would have us... An old friend, who has gone on to be with the Lord, once told me, "It be easier for man to hide the feeling of love our Lord placed in the heart, than to outright hate a man... " In that, ignoring the desire to love the man, and see past the sin they commit.

In my walk through this life, I too find it hard some times to reach out to those who do wrong, though I will not do wrong to them... or so I think. Is not ignoring them the same as turning my back on those in need.

The Lord gave of Himself to the fullest, even for those that were totally against him. Yes, that night in the garden the Lord prayed to a greater level, that there be another way... but He knew even then, there was no other way. He knew the pain and suffering that He would be going through, the vile taunts and accusations of His own people, the beating He would have to go through... He knew all this.. and knew also that He would be doing so for a world that would turn against Him...

Mankind has turned so many times, using the Lord's name even as a curse to others, condemning others for the very sins they themselves commit, and yet claim they are greater in God for doing it. He knew that man would hate each other, steal from each other, kill each other... even as they did so to Him, and even claim it was of God.

They would use His Word falsely, down-casting innocent's for things they themselves could not follow... even as the Pharisees were already doing, and these would even claim to be doing so in HIS will.

But Christ knew... He knew it would happen, even as His Father told Him. He prayed that night in the garden, so strongly His sweat was as drops of blood, so strongly He felt the anguish, the pain that man, His own people, His own creation, would cause, that He wished another way. Yet He knew also there was no other way, "not My will, but Thine be done..." Yes, the Lord suffered greater than any man could ever know, because it was more than just physical, but spiritual as well, because He KNEW....

In life we too have that greater choice to make, we know the Love the Lord had then, and that it has not changed, and this for ALL mankind, saved and sinner alike... The Jew and the gentile, the Pharisee and the scribe that refused to understand, those that claim His greatest love, and yet refuse to seek His will in truth. He loves them all, and yet we as mankind still refuse to ignore the little pain this world sends our way.. little I say and mean, for what is our pain at the words of others, compared to what He has gone through.

We do have the choice to seek that greater love, by loving all. Yes, we have a choice not to seek fellowship with those that walk contrary to the will of God... Even as Christ walked away many times from the Pharisees that sought to accuse Him. In His silence, He let all see their hate towards God, and His love by not coming against them.

The hardest thing to do in this life, is not refusing to show God's love to those who do us wrong, but in showing it to those who need it most. As the Pharisees came against the Lord, and yet He laid down his life even for them...

I find myself to stand corrected in this also, I too ignore those who come against me and my friends and loved ones. I see there hate and refuse to deal with them... And yet I know where there hate comes from, and that is a lack of God's true love within. I do great wrong to them... by not showing them that LOVE, that Christ would give of Himself for the sin of man... ALL mankind.

From the beginning ALL man was condemned for the sin that he carries. Yes, we as man, at the age of accountability, become accountable for the sin we are born with, as well as those we commit in our life. For that sin we are judged, and will be judged in the last day, as we stand before the throne of God. We, and those that come against us falsely, in this we stand as one, for all have sin, and all shall bbe judged by the same laws.

We are, and will be, held accountable for that sin, and on that day, judged for it, and yes, condemned to eternity in damnation for that sin. Of that we have no choice, it is God's law and all must abide by that law. " For all have sin and fall short of the glory of God." and by it we are all condemned, by GOD, "for the wages of sin is death."

But, God being a merciful God, set in place the act of works and sacrifice that by doing those things we may obtain his grace.... "Speak unto the children of Israel, saying, If a soul shall sin through ignorance against any of the commandments of the LORD concerning things which ought not to be done...." (Levi. 4:2) Thus God set in order the offering for sin, and atonement for those sins man commits in his ignorance.

Yet HE knew even then that the offering was to be only good if man did not sin again, the blood of that sacrifice would cover that sin, even as the skins of goats covered the sin, or nakedness, of Adam and Eve, from whence the SIN of man came.

Man had the obligation to bring forth the sacrifice in atonement for their sins, or they would abide in that sin. Even today we still have that, if we do not take part in that offering, we hold to the sin we carry and shall be condemned for it. In that, God gave us a choice, repent of the sin we commit, or remain guilty, and be judged by that very law we know we have turned against. ( this is the sin that we know, that which we know is wrong and do anyway.) We ARE made then to be accountable for our sins.

But God knew that man could not turn from those sins without great will and strength, and for that we would have need of greater and greater sacrifices to cover the sin we continue to commit. For that sacrifice would but cover our sin, not remove it. A greater one was needed.

Christ came into the world to fulfill that law which is to man a greater covering for his sin, the law given of God for the atonement of sin, that if they are found to be in sin they are to bring forth a sacrifice to atone for it.. Yet even then, as seen in John 3:16 "For GOD so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believith on Him SHOULD not parish, but have ever last life."

God loved all of mankind so that he would give His only Son, the Lord Jesus, as that greater sacrifice, but to make it of any value, the offering is made from a free and willing heart. Therefore the Lord came that He might show the world how great His love for man was, " Greater love has no man than this, that he lay down his life for a friend." But Christ did one better, He laid down His life, as a sacrifice, even for His enemies, those that would revile and persecute Him, those that would even this day turn against Him.

Yet it is still for man to except that sacrifice, if he does not, then he is yet to be held accountable for the sin in his heart. If man does not take part in the free gift of the Lord's life and love, his sin remains with him to the last day, and he will be judged for that sin.

You may ask why can't man be made accountable for his own sins... He is, and will be judged for them, and condemned to eternity in hell's fire. In that there is no choice, it is law, and cannot be changed. For how can man atone for his own sin, by works...? "For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God, not of works, lest anyone should boast." (Ephs. 2:2-9) If the sacrifices of old could not save man.....?

Though it is God's will that none SHOULD perish, it is yet up to man to make that choice. The law is plain, and it's judgment just. But for those that take part in that sacrifice, repenting of their sin, and turning back to the Lord with a whole heart, striving daily to walk in accordance to HIS law, those are the ones the Lord Jesus gave Himself for. Those that know of their sin and their worthlessness, and yet seek the Father's will. For then there is salvation through the blood of Christ.

When we, as Christians, turn our backs to those who seek His will, all because of others that do us wrong, showing they have not the love of God within, we then also turn our backs to the will of the Father. As Christ came even for those that did Him great wrong, if we do less, it is then belittling the sacrifice He made, for them as well as us, in the Lord's love there is no distinction.

If you belittle the sacrifice that Christ made, it is no better than nailing Him to the cross yourself out of spite, spitting on Him even as the crowds did, beating Him as the Roman soldiers did, casting lies on Him as the Pharisees did. It would be no better than the Israelites who, as the pillar of fire and cloud was there in the camp, called for a golden calf to be made, and worship it instead. Would you worship a lie...?

Where then is your LOVE for Him... If you punish yourself, when God is willing to forgive you, just for asking, you belittle His Love, His grace, His sacrifice in your behalf, as well as theirs. If, as you say, you love Him, you would turn from that sin and except the sacrifice He made, by showing His love for all. Anything less is hatred, not just towards the ones who do us wrong, but towards the very God who created you.

Yes, there is a distinction between those who Claim God, and those who seek Him. Even as the Lord Himself pointed out in Matthew 25:31-46, separating the sheep from the goats. Those who Claim His glory are as the Pharisees that so often heap much of law and traditions on others, CLAIMING God's will, yet not once living that very life themselves. These, even as the Lord stated, man should... "Beware the leaven of the Scribes and Pharisees."

Of these, all that can be done is to stand aside, and let God deal with them. But it is not for man to claim who is or is not of God, therefore we must strive in all cases as though they seek him, until the spirit is shown. As the Word says, "but try the spirits whether they are of God." And if they are in need of counsel, do not turn them away, but show only the love of God in truth, that they might see and believe.

In seeking after love in this life, I have but this to say...

Lust is a thing of the physical form of man, that being of flesh, it is a sin of the flesh. With the physical form, the desire of the flesh becomes a want, where only in the act of passion is there any enjoyment. When that action is over, the enjoyment is gone, leaving one empty, always wanting more, almost to the point of addiction.

Yet love is a thing of the spirit. Where two find love, one for another, flesh has no true part. If love is there, miles can separate you, and yet there is love, there is compassion.

As God is of Spirit, and love is of God, no miles can separate, nor time distort, that love which two find, one for another. Cast off the flesh and be of one spirit, even as the Lord Jesus became flesh that He could show us strength over temptation, and cast off His flesh to show us the greater love God has for us, in the resurrection of life.

Without flesh the spirit is unbound, and there is no evil. Therefor it is the evil of the flesh that causes lust, hate, greed, and envy. These, in turn, cause the sin of man, adultery, murder, theft, and all lies against your neighbor.

Yet if one is of the spirit, one is of God, and how could one being of God, be anything but of like mind, showing love, peace, and mercy to all. Therefore, let us all cast off the flesh of this world, the physical man, and have true love, of the spirit of God, both for one and all others.

Do you seek after the mate the Lord would have you.. then seek that which is to the great blessing to God's glory. Look not to the world view, for looks, wealth, or a name, but for one in whom the blessing of God shows humbly in their walk. Do the they encourage, do they strengthen, do they seek first the glory of God, or only in seeming, often turning from that love the Lord would have for you in a help mate.

God loves you, but wants you to give all to Him, no questions asked, even as Abraham in giving of his son, forsaking all, yet knowing that God in His glory would yet fulfill that which was promised to come... he did so without question, without doubt.. believing... and what happened..." it was counted to him as righteousness." A willingness to give up all things... all worldly things... family.. love... even wealth...all for HIM. Seeking God's glory above all... even as the word says in Matthew 6:33... "Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness, and ALL these things SHALL be added unto you."

He knows the thing that you NEED and those things that YOU want. But you must first give up all that..... even as Ruth acted, as to save her mother in law.... her love for the well being of another above herself.. and the Lord used that, and even more so, to bless all the world...

I am not saying you should sell all your possessions, and live alone, as a hermit in a cave somewhere. But place no stock or caring into those things of this life, for all things came from God, and are only on loan to you in this life. Yes, take care of those things which God has given, but care more for the One who gave them.

Your love for the well being of the glory of God must be first and foremost... not a mate... not a child.... not the job that comes your way, or the daily wants and desires that pop into your head...(and you alone know what I mean here..) Not the ones you converse with, or any YOU may minister is not you who does that anyway, but God through you, to bless all who come your way.

Only when you give up the desire for all things, for HIS sake, can and will He bless you in the way He seeks... and that in HIS way... not how YOU want Him to, or the way YOU think HE meant to. Look at Ruth...

Ruth could have stayed next to Naomi, and both died with nothing to eat, but for her love of her, she went out to the fields.... and God blessed... He ...HE brought the redeemer... not Ruth or anything she did. Read the story of Ruth.. tell me where it says she loved Boaz. And Boaz.. he found her attractive, yes, but more so it was her love for Naomi that made him act as their redeemer.

Her being a Moabite was bad enough in the eye of the Israelites, but she was a Moabitess.... A Moabite priestess... in other words a temple harlot for the Moabite gods... In this they have a common thing, Ruth gave up all for her mother in law...even to the point she could have been killed... Boaz was willing to place his very life on the line for the love she had for Naomi.

You say you seek God's will for a mate....? Then wait on HIM... (look up that word, there is more than one meaning) To wait upon someone.. to serve them, as well as to wait for someone to act on a given thing. Let God do the work HE has set in place... you just wait on the Lord... HIS time... HIS will... He will bless...

And those that may come your way.. though they seem good and of Godly spirit... "test the spirits, if they be of God..." In what way would being with "that one" be a blessing to God's glory. There is one for you and HE is bringing that one to you... but you need to grow first in the true love that will be needed to share in that one HE is bringing. You say you are lonely.. That is to me that you don't believe God is with you...

It is when we turn from that greater love that God has placed in the heart, to do ill towards another, that we find ourselves in greatest peril of Gods wrath and judgment. But praise be to the glory of God that we are not alone in our struggles of this world. For Christ Himself over came the world, that through Him we might gain of His strength, through the power of the Holy Spirit, and endure even to the last day.

In works upon this earth, what greater work can we do, than to show the love of God in all that we do. Even as Christ was sent to do the works of His Father, we too are sent to show those very works in our every day life. Do we toil for nothing, are we not paid for the labors we do, therefore show the peace of the Lord to those for whom we toil.

In Christ we are free, yet we place ourselves in slavery, most often to the work we do in this world, is it not just and right that we work. It is our lot in life, some would say, but yes, it is just that it be so. As man brought himself low, he needs build himself up... but not alone, nor with resentment for the one who pays our wage.

In all our walk through life, the Lord is always by our side, even as He said by way of Moses in Deut. 31:6... "Be strong and of a good courage, fear not, nor be afraid of them: for the Lord thy God, He it is that doth go with thee; He will not fail thee, nor forsake thee."

Yes, we will struggle in life, and have hardships and trials, but in our many times of weakness, God's power to overcome is shown even greater. It is only when we allow the Lord to work in our lives that His greatest blessings can be seen.

When we, as children of God, seek to do the work, we shall fail, and struggle every step. But when we let God lead our every step, it is on a straighter path to HIS glory... If we, in turn, seek to do only the will of our Lord, be it in His work or to the one we toil daily, our blessings will not go unnoticed. It is when we seek our own glory above God's, that our toil is great. We need first seek Him, even as His word says... "Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you." (Mat.6:32)

Have you resentment, for what..? Do we not allow those that bring hardships to come against us, that it might steal the joy the Lord has given, a greater wage than that in which we toil daily. Yet if we, in seeking more the wages of God, show that peace even to those that heap hardships, even as Christ who gave of Himself even for the ones who came against Him, will not our wage in the Lord be greater...? Even as Christ made Himself subject to His worldly parents...and.. "Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man." (Luke 2:52)

As He made Himself subject to His parents, and the law they were to uphold, we to should abide by those laws that are set. Even as He has stated. "Render therefore to Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and to God the things that are God's.'' There will always be laws, rules, and directions that are to be followed, whether in our daily walk with the Lord, or our daily work in the world. But that we may gain the greater blessing, we should do all things as for the Lord Himself.

It is not the trials that cause us to stumble, nor the temptations that cause us to fall.. But what we do with them... Yes, we will always have trials, but if we can learn to give those over to the Lord while still in those trials, what blessing we shall have. If we can learn from those mistakes and move on, forgiving even as we too were forgiven, we to shall overcome the world, and all it's hardships...It is when we give in, and turn back, that we are overcome by the world...Yet what does His Word say... "In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.."

We as Christians need to always keep our eyes on the truth of who the Lord really is... Jesus Christ, Son of the Most High God.. But also the creator of all things, that makes Him GOD, and due all respect, honor, glory, and praise.

Man would not think to steal, if he knew he was watched, and yet we take from God daily, and think nothing of it. Yes, we steal from God... The blessings given of the Lord to His people would seem a gift, yet we take those things for granted, as though God should bless when we do nothing for it.

In many cases we go about life not thinking of the greater things God gives, but only those things which we want at a given time. In our daily walk we have many times asked things of the Lord, and been made to wait for the outcome. No word to guide us, no answers, just waiting...

For 4000 or so years God waited for man to come around, and then had to take control of things Himself. He came down in the form of His Son, our Lord and savior, Jesus Christ. Who died upon the cross for a sacrifice... for man. It has now been 2000 or so years, and He is still waiting for man to come around...

We tend to loose track of the bigger picture some times, we want what we want now, and want God to do it.... NOW. What if He decided to make us wait as long as He has... It would only be right... in His time...

If we as Christians truly seek the Lord's will, why do we still complain because it is not done the way we want, when we want. Is it not God's choice as to when and where He shall bestow His blessings..? Even as He say.. "I will bless whom I shall bless." And when those blessings are forthcoming, should we not give in return, by our praise to HIS glory.

Too often we see the wrong of another, or what we think of as wrong, and go telling it to any that would hear. Trying to cause division for those we speak of. Be it out of anger for that one we speak of, or pride in knowing a secret, and having to share it. Scripture calls them mockers and gossips. Yet... "Blessed is he whose transgression is forgiven, whose sin is covered."

If we seek the righteousness of God, should we not therefore seek to do even as He did. He came into the world that His blood would be as the covering of our sin, our shame, our wrongness in His eyes. Do we seek to cover the shame of another, forgiving even as Christ forgave us, or do we seek to uncover what He has covered. Do we seek to air the shame of another for our own pleasure in bringing that one down in shame.

We should take note in this... Ham thought to "expose" his father's shame. and was cursed. While the brothers, humbly seeking to cover that shame, and not even look upon it, forgiving their father his moment of shame, received his blessing for it.

Do we seek to have the love of others, or seek to betray even the love the Lord showed towards us. In such, we turn our backs on Him... In seeking to expose the wrong of another, or as scripture has it, "seeing the speak in our brother's eye," do we forget the beam in our own...

Too often does man seek to make a name for himself, boasting of his knowledge before others, while condemning other's for not seeking a greater blessing. Such are as the Pharisee that stood before the alter, thankful for the way he was. Do they not see they are as the goats, setting themselves for the slaughter. Where shall be their boasting in the last day, and who shall be there to listen.

Do we do our works for the glory of men.. then there is our reward. But if for God, then let the Lord judge. We are but men, who is sinful from birth, where is it that we have greatness to boast of... Is it not in the Lord...?

The Lord told Abram to leave his fathers house and go to the land He would show him. And this he did, but what did he gain from this... a name in heaven...? Where then would his boasting be.

Even the blessing the Lord gave of all the land, would go to Abram's descendants. Abram himself would not gain much, but a life of struggle, which all men have. And this he did anyway, for the love of his God. It was not for blessing him that Abram chose to follow his God, but that his children would be blessed in a greater way. That was more to him than a name, or great blessings of wealth. I am sure that Abram knew then that his only blessing was that he stood in the presence of God. Chosen to be the father of nations, and to be a blessing to all the world yet to come. In this he had great reason to boast.

We too strive in many ways to make life better for our children, but at what cost to us. All the blessings and gifts that we give our children, and they will never make the world better for them. Maybe life a little easier, but... we see in Matthew 16:26.. "For what is a man profited, if he gain the whole world, and lose his soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?" Where shall be his boasting...

The best we could ever do for a child is to raise him, or her, in a Godly home, teaching them love through the word of God. Showing them, in a way, the blessings the Lord has for them are far greater than any worldly gift we can give. Yes, give to your children all they want, but let them know it is nothing... without the love of God in you.

We often look around at how things are, sometimes seeing the goodness, others the sorrow. But we never seem to look at the greater picture. Point in question.. Peter and Lot, the nephew of Abraham.

At the parting of Lot and Abram, Lot looked around at the fullness of the land... If he had looked closer, perhaps he would have seen how bad the people were. And Peter, if he had taken the time to notice.. when he began to sink in the midst of the turmoil of the waves, he was walking on water.

We may live in the world, but we don't have to become part of it. We will always look around, but how greatly... Do we see the true beauty of the forest, or are there too many trees in the way...

When the Lord created the world, He had a view in mind of the finished product... and He knew the outcome from the beginning...

Think of a loving parent..When a parent gets a home ready, knowing a child is on the way, they want everything to be just right. The right colors for the nursery walls, maybe a child-like painting, carpet, a few stuffed animals, maybe even a real pet for the child. The lighting just right, and don't forget a night light. They may even set up an account to start saving for his future. And then there is God...

He didn't just set up a nursery, He made him a world. He didn't just hook up a light, He set the sun in motion, and what a night light he made for His child in the moon and stars. He didn't just throw a few colorful prints on a wall, He made for him a multitude of colorful plants, flowers, trees. The blue of the sky, a variance of green for a carpet, even dotting that with small flowers. He didn't just get His child a pet, He made him a whole zoo, and what a fish tank He gave to him. God didn't just provide for his future life, He set aside eternity in paradise.

The saying then in Samuel hold true even today, "...for man looketh on the outward appearance, but the LORD looketh on the heart." We always seem to fail in this, that we look only at the things around us, and not to the heart of the matter. Even in the way we view others, do we judge rightly in the way others are or only in what we see of them. As Christians, we need to view the heart of all, and beware of those things that seem good to the eye, yet inward are as dark as the tombs of the dead.

I have heard the complaint of many, as to why things happen in this life.. Is God punishing us for something we have done...? It is not God, but we ourselves, God's judgment is already placed, what need has He to punish farther. His salvation is in place, if we have excepted, "there is now no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus.." And if another does not...

Quit punishing yourself for the actions of others, is it our own pride in which we walk at that time, claiming their down fall on ourselves, as if we are to blame. Are you so great as to take their sin..? In pride they turn away, thinking they could do better by themselves. Why bring yourself down for there sake, let the dead bury their own, you have greater in the Lord for following Him, than they for seeking their own.

We keep ourselves down, thinking we are worthless, and all along it is the of the devil, we are allowing him to keep us down, to steal our joy and peace of the Lord, and why? From our own pride... Yes, pride. To keep ourselves in the forefront, always blessed, always blessing. And if we are not....

Shake off the dust of such as this, and move on, should I blame God that others come against me..? Should I blame myself..? Should I condemn myself for another turning away..? Am I not a child of God, and as such should show this one my greater love for the Lord by remaining in His joy. When we condemn ourselves, we are coming against the Lord's anointed.. Are we not in Christ, saved, sanctified, redeemed of past sin and shame...?

Condemning oneself falsely, is no more than condemning that which belongs to God, and in such condemning God, for He saved and sanctified each, both the sinner and the saved, that through His love all might seek His glory.

Why did Christ come into the world of man, a place of His creation, to die for the sake of man..? There are more who don't believe, was it for nothing..? Christ came to die for our sin, but why... so we could continue to sin..? That is the same as slapping the Lord in the face yourself. We would not think to do so, but in many ways we do so every day. If man could deal with the daily life we live, and be so perfect, why did He have to come...? Because man cannot deal with it.

How many beatings did Christ take..? Was it just the one He took that day..? "Look now toward heaven, and tell the stars, if thou be able to number them..." How many children did Christ die for... How many people throughout time did His blood cover... this is the number of times He was beaten.

They did not just beat Him that day, He took the sufferings for all man that day. We mean a great deal to Him, and it saddens the Lord to see us treat ourselves in this way. The things that are happening now are not our fault, as a curse for past wrong, though we claim it as such.

Why was Job plagued... Why did Saul hate David, when David did all he could for him.... (nor would he so much as come against him, for he was the Lord's anointed) What wrong against God did John the Baptist do that he was imprisoned and beheaded... What wrong did they do to GOD, that he was cursed of the devil... Answer me that.... Dig deep in the word and seek it out... why, why, why...?

Why do things happen to Christians... "Because of the things we have done wrong in life...?" That is like saying God is not a forgiving God, or that Christ died for nothing, because our sins were not forgiven.

I will tell you why... because that is life.... Things happen in life that we have no control over, things that MUST happen that we can grow even stronger in faith believing in the Lord's strength to over come... It's life ... and to end that long trial now would be to say God does not have the strength to pull you through.

I say not that all wrongs in life are not of our own doing, many very well are. But when One turns against you, your child turns away from God, you gain no mate in life, what is that... but a greater reason to draw closer to the Lord.

The righteousness of man is as filthy rags, this we know, or we should. Abram's faith in the Lord's word to him was accounted to him as righteousness, because he believed in HIM, who is righteous above all.

Do we as well have that faith? In our walk we tend to think we have righteousness because we are Christians, but do we follow the Lord's word, in all it aspects? In a since... do we truly believe...?

Do we pray, believing... Then why do we question as to when or where. Is it not for us as Christians to take the word of God as truth, never wavering...? True there are times that we may pray, wanting the grandest of things, and even then the Lord answers... it may be the answer was no.

We must ask ourselves, is the thing we seek a blessing to us or just a desire for worldly gain. Does it gain a blessing for another in a way that they will seek closer to be with the Lord. And most of all we should ask, in what way might this bless the Lord's glory.

Abram was old, and well blessed of the Lord, he had nothing to gain in his belief, except to know that the Lord is God. Belief in HIM is our only true righteousness. Faith, our belief in God's glory and power to bring that which HIS word claims, and that, our salvation by His grace. This should be our only boast, and the focus to which our inner eye is turned.

Do we seek the Lord's glory in all things? Then we would not steal, nor kill, nor falsely accuse, nor seek after physical pleasures in this life. We would not seek out the wealth of this life, nor a name for ourselves here for fame's sake, but the greater wealth and name in the glory of our Lord. If we seek the glory this world holds, and all it's pleasures, how then are we different from those who choose not to follow after the Lord..? Where then is our boasting, but in the filthiness of our own unrighteousness.

My friends and loved ones in the Lord, I came to you in love, wishing to bring light upon this grievance. Are we not one in God's love and salvation, should we not then walk and work as one, together in God's love, to a greater goal? Should we not cast off our differences and seek only that which truly edifies the whole body? And that the mercy and grace of our Lord Jesus?

Again I would say.. "Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness..." Walk not in the ignorance of the world's sin, and look to the riches and fame of this life, not the power over another by way of your own wisdom. Yet even as the Lord has commanded us, " Even as I have loved you, love one another." Be not afraid to humble yourselves before others, that you be seen of the Father to be the greater servant.

In this day, I seek prayer for the coming of the harvest, that all souls would be seen as pure and good. That the foundations of our hearts be made strong in the Lord's will and grace, and we may all be servants to HIS will, fellow workers in HIS righteous acts. Let us not stand against one another, but with one another, to strengthen and encourage, to uphold, praise, and edify that which is of God. For are not all things of His creation, prepared before hand for use in praising His glory.

In all things let us praise our Lord God as loving children, showing honor in all things we do, that others may see and believe in the saving power and grace of our Lord and King. That He and He alone would be magnified.

May His grace and mercy go with you always, that we may all be over comers in the battles and trials that are with each this day. In the precious name of our Savior and King, the Lord Jesus Christ, I say... Amen and Amen...

(Any and all scriptural references come from the King James version bible.)


Edward Pennewell took on the name JesusPuppy while in the mission fields, and carries the name as a writer in showing the Lord's glory in all he writes. He now lives on the northwest coast of the United States of America.

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