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What Makes The Message Work

by Steven Woods  
2/28/2018 / Prophecy


It took a while for me to realize that Jesus has been systematically giving me details through the years like giving me pieces to a puzzle.   Soon after receiving THE MESSAGE in August 1996, Jesus began to explain to me how to make THE MESSAGE become a reality in our everyday lives.  Some of the details were given to me in 1996.  Back then, I tried in vain to get a few family members and friends to believe me.  After failing to convince anyone that THE MESSAGE was a real, true gift from God back then, I kept the information to myself for the next nineteen years.


Like all human beings, I have “flaws and imperfections” that, for most of my life, held me back from becoming the person that God ultimately knew I was destined to become.  I am an alcoholic and an addict, and I have obsessive, compulsive disorder that seems to worsen as I grow older.  So, when no one believed me back in 1996, it was a few years later, around late 2004, that I totally gave up on the idea that God had revealed something only to me, and to no one else.  I finally dropped out of AA and began drinking vodka again to the point where I was consuming four 1.75 liter-bottles every week.


This destructive activity continued for several years, culminating in a failed suicide attempt on the night of June 8, 2015.  It was the third time in my life that Satan was responsible for seeking my demise, trying in vain to change destiny because “the prince of this world now stands condemned”. Satan has always known that I would be sent some day and that the truth would be revealed to me.  At this point in time, the question remains:  Will anyone else ever believe me?  Everyone should hope and pray that I’m right because it will only be such a miracle as this that has THE POWER to finally turn the pendulum from darkness to light, to finally end the prince of darkness’s reign after all these years.


I spent four nights and three days in protective custody at an Omaha hospital.  When I returned home, I was struck by the feeling that I had been saved from death and that it was time, once again, to attempt to convince everyone that Jesus not only delivered “THE MESSAGE” to me, but that He had resumed speaking to me, as His thoughts, once again, were becoming my thoughts, as well.


Since mid-2015 until now, I have tried once again to convince other people that “THE MESSAGE” is for them as well, and not just for my benefit alone.  I prayed to Jesus for guidance and more details, because no one I know locally has thus far been able to “pass through the door of light and understanding”, entering the hidden dimension where our thoughts become crystal-clear, in which we suddenly realize that our previous thoughts were extremely limited in scope and that we had been very selfish and narrow-minded until we had reached this crossroads in our lives.  The scales from our eyes that have blinded us from God’s wisdom and truth have now been lifted and we are finally able to break free from the chains that have bound us.


I asked Jesus why no one else has been able to join me thus far in this hidden dimension?  Was there still a “final piece to the puzzle” that had not yet been revealed to me?   His answer to me was that it takes every fiber of our being to surrender ourselves to Him completely enough to convince Him that we are truly ready to start receiving His hidden, revealed “truth”.  Oswald Chambers, in his daily devotional book, “My Utmost for His Highest”, stresses how important it is to surrender oneself to God every single day, hour, minute and second of our lives.  God knows our thoughts before we know them, so He knows without question when we have completely surrendered ourselves to Him.  He stressed that, (as what occurred with me on the night of August 15, 1996), He expects to see your “river of tears”, as our tears closely reflect what is in our hearts.  I soaked my bed sheets with my tears that night for almost an hour, as I let go of that final little piece of myself that I was never able to let go of before in my life.


And finally, based on the inability of anyone else to join me thus far, and based on my own experiences, you’re probably just wasting your time in proceeding to move forward with this if you haven’t received some sign from Jesus that He accepts your full surrender to Him.  In my case, the first clear sign to me was when He bathed the darkened room I was in with bright white light that was emanating from the ceiling.  The second time was when I called out to Him to save me from Satan’s assault, and then proceeded to feel a warm and loving hand on my left shoulder, having the instant effect of calming me completely, when only a second before, my heart was racing out of my chest from fear.  The instructional “tools” only work if total surrender has been given and accepted.


The same voice that gave me THE MESSAGE is the same voice that led me to John 16:7 during an ice storm in January 2017.  By doing so, Jesus finally revealed to me that I am his Advocate and that God sent me 2,000 years later, as His humble messenger, to deliver His second greatest gift that He has ever given humankind.  The greatest gift, obviously, was sacrificing His Only Son, allowing Jesus to atone for all of our sins by slowly dying a horrible, excruciating death so that we could all now have everlasting, eternal life.  The second greatest gift that He now presents, is the gift of the entirety of our minds, which has been hidden from our sight until now.  This gift will slowly transform this world, one soul at a time.  Bullets and bombs can’t save this world.  Only being able to access the full use of our minds will allow us to save this planet, by saving us from our own destruction.


Soon after the January 2017 ice storm, I started “freaking out” about the fact that it really was me, that I really was Jesus’s Advocate!  All of the earlier clues via the supernatural things that He had said and done to me throughout my life were finally all falling into place.  I was totally overwhelmed at the thought that I was this person that was predicted to arrive on Earth at some point according to our Lord Jesus.  But, oh my gosh, I was thinking of the enormity of this role and destiny for me 2,000 years later, as my adrenaline began pumping wildly!  The very next day in the newspaper, there was a story about a famous Sequoia tree in a California forest that was 2,000 years old had suddenly toppled to the ground during a storm.  The second I finished reading that article, Jesus said to me - “See, in the grand scheme of time eternal, 2,000 years is not that long a period of time.”  And then He said - “They put me to death.”  So, we paid a heavy price for doing that to Him, 2,000 years of murder, mayhem and misery because we had decided we didn’t need Him, that we could figure all of this out on our own, but history proves we were sadly wrong about that foolish assumption.


Specific Instructions and Further Observations:

There are two separate mental exercises that you must work on in the first few days.  One exercise helps to train your conscious mind to be a better listener and the other exercise trains your subconscious mind to send a prayer to your conscious mind whenever you think a negative thought about someone else (or a negative thought about a group of people, a company, or a country, etc.).  It is time to use your God-given abilities to their fullest potential, taking your faith up to a whole new level, which in turn leads to a wisdom and understanding never before attainable.


You start by focusing on not allowing your mind to race forward when someone asks you a question or if you are presented with a problem.  I refer to it as “turning off the stopwatch in your mind”.  The key is each one-second time continuum.  The last 10%, God left for your own thoughts and ideas, what is referred to as your own “freewill”.    The first 90% contains THE POWER OF THE HOLY SPIRIT.  Jesus has told me that this hidden God Part of our mind is vast like the universe, and that even I have barely tapped into my potential at this point in time, partially because I’ve had no one to compare notes with, as I listen in my head to my self-adopted theme song - “Lonely Boy” by Andrew Gold.


It takes a while to master.  But once you do, it becomes as easy as breathing.  You have to train your mind to stop racing forward with your own thoughts and answers.  At first blush, it would seem that this practice of waiting to hear Jesus’s thoughts before responding would slow you down too much, but in time, it becomes a pretty instantaneous response.  Jesus told me that this introduces a “paradigm shift” in the faith model to one of active listening.  There should be no excuse to sin anymore.  He also led me recently in my study Bible to 1 Corinthians 2:6 – 2:16. Starting at 2:7 it states – No, we declare God’s wisdom, a mystery that has been hidden and that God destined for our glory before time began.  So, this is how you access the God part of your mind.  He gave us 2,000 years to figure out that we alone cannot bring peace to this planet.  So, He sent me to teach you all how to finally listen to Him, so we can finally find peace, a lasting peace that will also bring prosperity and a love never before imaginable.


This process allows one to pass through the door of light into the crystal-clear dimension.  You realize at this point that your previous thinking was very limited compared to what is happening to you now.  Accessing this hidden wisdom will have a powerful effect on your mind.  You will feel far greater compassion for all living creatures than you’ve ever felt before.  You will begin to think new thoughts and ideas that were previously beyond your grasp and understanding.  Your faith has now led you to wisdom and understanding that far surpasses what you were capable of prior to gaining access to Jesus’s thoughts that have now become your thoughts every second of your day.  Even if you don’t always clearly hear Him, at least it puts you in the mindset to be pondering what He would say or do in the given situation at that moment, thus you still react in the right way, (as long as you have a good knowledge and understanding of Jesus’s teachings in the Bible).


I’ve learned through trial and error that sometimes my “wishful thinking” causes me to misinterpret what I think I’m hearing.  I’ve discovered that it is obvious once I do hear Jesus’s thoughts, as I hear exact detail and whole sentences when it clearly comes through to me.  When I’m not totally sure if I’ve heard Him correctly or not, then I’ve discovered that I haven’t heard him the way it’s obvious when I do, so then you wait until it does finally clearly come through with the detail that you were hoping for in the first place.


Everyone of faith who pray every day have their own favorite prayers or prayers for various occasions, but you should also include the following as part of your morning prayers to help your day get off to a good start -  

“I pray for the power of The Holy Spirit.

 Slow to speak and quick to listen.

 Total surrender.

 Turn off the stopwatch, allowing The Holy Spirit to control my every thought, word and deed.

 I am forever your humble servant.

 In Jesus’s name I pray.



As I indicated previously, Jesus has been giving me pieces to this puzzle a little at a time over the course of many years.  Just within the past year (as I write this in early 2018), Jesus revealed one of the final pieces to me that one would think would be a “game changer” for the eternal struggle between good and evil.   It should become very obvious to you all after you’ve finished reading this “part two” of these instructions that God saved His Greatest Secret Weapon for the end of this centuries-old struggle with Satan.



In the summer of 2017, for a three-day period, Jesus continued to tell me to repeat a specific short prayer in my head over and over thousands of times, morning, noon and night.  I was already very familiar with the prayer, so I simply did as I was told, by repeating “Praise God. Speak Lord.” over and over without questioning why I was doing it.  Finally, on the fourth day, after awakening, I quickly realized that Jesus was no longer telling me to repeat the prayer.  I wasn’t hearing Him at all that morning.  Then it happened – I suddenly had a negative thought about someone else because of something that she had recently done to me, something that was going to cause problems and certain hardship for me.  After completing that unpleasant thought, I immediately heard the prayer “Praise God. Speak Lord.”  My next thought after hearing the prayer was that Jesus would forgive her and simply “let it go”.  That is what you always immediately think upon hearing the prayer every time.


My first obvious thought, upon hearing the prayer without being told to repeat it, (as happened before during the previous three-day period), was that it must have been my subconscious mind that had summoned the prayer to my conscious thinking.  (God made sure I took twenty-seven hours of psychology and sociology in college for a reason.)  Jesus then quickly confirmed to me that that is exactly what had just happened.  He referred to it as a stop-gap measure, to help prevent me from being vulnerable to Satan’s influence when I’m tired and fatigued, which happens often toward the end of a long day or evening.  Hearing the prayer automatically refocuses your mind back to one second of time.  In His Manifesto, He tells me to use the analogy that it’s like upgrading your faith from a manual to an automatic transmission, thus automating the most important part of your faith, the part that lifts you up and away from the previous foolish pride that always held you back regarding your relationships with others (before you were able to find a way to control it once and for all).


Skeptics would immediately point out - “How can you be sure that this prayer is coming from your subconscious mind?  Isn’t it possible that the only thing you are doing is consciously remembering the prayer when you know you are, in fact, thinking a negative thought?”  God is almighty and powerful, so He already thought of that, as the world’s wisdom can never compete with God’s Wisdom.  After a short time, I discovered that if I got a little depressed about something which caused me to think a negative thought about myself, I did not hear the prayer. 


So, God has built into this powerful tool and weapon against evil, the ability of your trained subconscious to make a distinction as to whether or not you are thinking negatively about yourself or thinking negative about someone or something else.  His explanation to me is that this distinction serves two purposes.  It proves that the prayer does, indeed, come from the subconscious, and it forces you to deal only with Him when you get down on just yourself.  He doesn’t make it easy for you to quickly recover from your negative thinking about yourself.  In fact, from my own experience, this is a time when He totally goes quiet on me for a couple of days.  I’m struggling with something within myself, but I can’t hear Him when I need Him the most. 


He has explained to me that this is a time when I must dig down even deeper into my soul, searching on my own, and in such a way, come back much stronger than ever before.  It’s meant to be a “Growth in Spirit” exercise that will draw you ever closer to Him, especially once He then rewards you by showering you with new gifts of thought, knowing that you are now ready to receive such gifts that you wouldn’t have previously understood, had you not just gone through this temporary period of darkness and quiet reflection.  The light now burns even brighter, and you have an even greater understanding of the Power of the Holy Spirit. 


I’ve already explained why I think no one locally has thus far been able to train their subconscious mind to send the prayer to their conscious mind when they think negatively about someone or something else.  Either the people I’ve tried to convince locally have never believed me enough to make the all out effort it takes to be successful, giving their Utmost for His Highest, or the few who might have believed me apparently didn’t totally surrender themselves completely.  Only total surrender makes this possible in the first place, so until that occurs, and you subsequently have been given a sign that your complete surrender has been accepted, success is not possible. 


But Jesus has told me to point out to all of you that, just because God sent me, I was still born to two human beings on this planet and I’m every bit as human as all of you.  Therefore, if I have become successful in training my subconscious mind to always send the prayer, then any other human who wants it bad enough can also be successful.  I have proven that it is possible to attain this higher level of faith.  This has been very frustrating to me, but I realize this is uncharted territory.  Even though it only took three days to train my mind, I don’t really know how long it will take all of you, whether it be a week or two weeks, I’m uncertain of the time that it may take to be successful.  I know that I must have repeated the prayer thousands of times over that three-day period last summer.


As mentioned in Jesus’s Manifesto, using repetition of the prayer consciously to train your subconscious is similar to an athlete repeating the same movement over and over, and by doing so, creating muscle memory that leads to greater perfection of the movement.  So, what is the difference between muscle memory and your subconscious being trained to send a prayer to your conscious mind?  Jesus has told me that the exact same principles apply, as muscle memory is attained subconsciously through repetition, proving that the subconscious has previously been underutilized by us, and can be used for an even greater purpose in our daily lives.  You thought that some of you were pretty smart already, but you’ve only scratched the surface of your true potential.  It becomes very humbling to suddenly realize how stupid you used to be, so let the truth hurt, because it needs to hurt.  Let it sting for a while as you plan now for the rest of your life, armed with the POWER OF THE HOLY SPIRIT.

I am Steven Woods. I believe that Jesus revealed to me that I am His Advocate. He has been speaking to me all my life, but I didn't realize it was Him until He lead me to John 16:7 - 16:15 during an ice storm in January 2017. I want to lead a Christian Revolution. I have much more already written.

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