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by ralph jackson  
1/06/2020 / Christian Living

As human beings, we have the gift of reason. Therefore we can develop an understanding about our existences from what we are taught in our early years and throughout our worldly experiences later in life. In todayâs world, our children are being brainwashed into believing there are at least one hundred genders, therefore you can choose which one you want to be. Of course those promoting such a preposterous theory cannot tell us what those new genders are and can only say it is about what the person thinks they are! Only a few short years ago those promoting these ideas would have been admitted to a mental asylum. Children are very susceptible to what adults tell them. We fill them with lies throughout their childhood, telling them there is a Santa and a Tooth Fairy. Harmless fantasies maybe but children believe in them for much of their young lives. How easy is it to say to a young boy that he can be a girl if he feels like being one and to dress up as one is okay; or visa-versa for a girl. No matter that they have the genitals of the sex they were born with, thatâs irrelevant to the story teller. This is abuse of a childâs mind and it is so blatant by those promoting such erroneous ideas. It was Carl Marx who said: âIf you tell a lie many times, it will become truth.â MEDIA BRAINWASHING Those in control of the media know that moving images on our TV and Cinema screens is a great way to brainwash the masses. When we sit down to a movie the thinking part of our brain switches off and we become immersed in what we are seeing. Subtle messages are being placed into our brains without our knowledge, until they get us to think as they want us to think. One only has to look at the advertisements on TV today to see they are promoting the acceptance of homosexuality as if this alternative lifestyle practiced by a few, is normal. We know that the Gay and Lesbian organisation (GLAAD) state on their web page their goal is to promote homosexuality in the media, to ensure that it becomes normal and acceptable to everyone. Those who disagree seeing men kissing men and women kissing women on advertisements or other TV or Cinema movies, are considered out of touch and homophobic. It is now wrong to say the word âbuggeryâ, which the Oxford English Dictionary translates as: âSodomy, anal sex, anal intercourse committed with a man or a woman. Two hypernyms are: Perversion and sexual perversion, yet we are forbidden to mention these words because it is not in keeping with the governmentâs promotion and legal acceptance of this alternative lifestyle. EVOLUTION Since the belief in the âTheory of Evolutionâ, and note that it is called a âTheoryâ because there is no absolute proof of Darwinâs hypothesis, collective human morality is now considered dead. It is for the individual to consider what is moral or immoral according to his or her own sense of decency. No matter what they practice with their own bodies, it is their right to do so and to promote what they believe and do to others. If itâs okay for them, then they are doing no wrong. No matter what the consequences of their decision to lead a life of immorality (according to normal rules), they say they have that right. However, those who practice homosexuality are the most vocal in society and wish to force their practices onto others through brainwashing the younger generation, who as we know are the most susceptible to their message. CHURCH ACCEPTANCE OF HOMOSEXUALS Many churches have now accepted practicing homosexuals into their ranks, leading out from the pulpit. They say that it would be wrong to exclude them because God would not want them to be expelled from His church. Their argument is that God is Love and therefore His Love will cover all their sins. Apart from the many Biblical references regarding the abomination of same sex actions, the Bible also states that sins that are committed wilfully cannot be forgiven (Hebrews 10:26-27). Many have commented on this passage to say that it is impossible for a person who has been saved to again be lost. However, The Bible does not teach âOnce Saved, Always Savedâ. If this were the case, every Christian would be able to sin with impunity, as long as he makes a confession each time he purposely commits the sin. This is not biblical but a Roman Catholic teaching. The Bible must always be used to answer. Ezekiel 18:24, states: âBut if a righteous person turns from their righteousness and commits sin and does the same detestable things the wicked person does, will they live? None of the righteous things that a person has done will be remembered. Because of the unfaithfulness they are guilty of and because of the sins they have committed they will die.â Of course many theologians will argue that âto dieâ does not mean eternal death but this argument is clearly flawed. Why would God punish a sinner with a human death, when life on earth is transient, and then allow them into heaven for eternity after the resurrection? It makes no sense! Whilst we are alive in this world, we remain on probation and are being judged by our lifestyles for good or bad. Of course many donât believe there will be a judgement day. God has so much love for us that he would never willingly destroy any of His children. Satan, that great deceiver is at the helm of all the lies that are being promoted in the world. He knows his time is short and he wants to prolong his time here. By keeping millions from knowing the true God and His Law he is winning their hearts and minds to his cause. THE TEN COMMANDMENTS God didnât give the Ten Commandments because he is a killjoy and wants to keep us under bondage. He foresaw the consequences of humans knowing good and evil, therefore, He set out a set of moral guidelines to help us understand the difference between good and evil. Throughout history men and woman have ignored those guidelines and as a consequence they have forfeited their eternal immortality, which they could have had but for the fact that their lifestyles were far away from what the creator intended for them. THE WAGES OF SIN IS DEATH The Bible informs us that: âThe Wages of sin is Deathâ (Romans 6:23), but what is sin? Again according to the Bible, sin is: âThe Transgression of the Lawâ (1 John 3). But which law? This is the law given by God to Moses (not only once â" but twice), written by His own finger on tablets of stone, (the stone signifying permanence). This moral code shows us what God expects of His human family and why there is need for âLaw and Orderâ. Without law there is chaos and disorder. We have human laws, which if they are broken have consequences. We took most of our human laws from the law of God, but for many governments today, the Ten Commandments are out dated. This thinking is dangerous and has future consequences. History attests that every nation which has rejected Godâs law has eventually fallen or are consigned to the history pages. As we move away from Godâs laws, which have never been abrogated, He will soon make the decision once again to remove all those who reject Him. DIVINE JUSTICE God does not condone sin even though He loves the sinner. Divine justice comes with His love for His children. He cannot overrule or change His course against sinners because of His love for them. He keeps on pleading with those who have wandered from Him and He will continue pleading with them until they close their ears completely and follow their own course through life away from Him. It is not God who kills the sinner; it is themselves, because they refuse to hear His voice. A sinner may live a long and prosperous life but he or she will eventually die and go to their earthly grave. After a short or long sleep they will be resurrected to stand before God on judgment day and account for their rejection of His pleading with them and even though they will acknowledge their sin it is too late for repentance ADAMâS CURSE Because of the disobedience of Adam and Eve, all humanity was cursed by sin. Even though it was Eve who first sinned, Adam, for the love of his wife, followed her in her disobedience. No only did he eat the forbidden fruit, when questioned by God, he cast the blame on his wife and she cast the blame on the serpent. Had Adam acknowledged his disobedience without excuse, the world and the human race would never have become subject to death. As Adam and Eveâs decedents, we inherited their fallen nature. ORIGINAL SIN According to the Roman Catholic religion, humans have âoriginal sinâ. This of course cannot be true otherwise every human being would be responsible for not only their sins, but for every sin committed by their fathers and mothers back to Adam. Adam and Eve received their punishment for the sin they committed by receiving the death penalty. As Adam and Eve had received conditional immortality, had they not sinned they would have lived forever and so would any offspring granted them, however this was not to be the case. All humanity and the world was cursed by sin. We did not inherit Adam and Eveâs guilt, only their fallen nature. After their expulsion from the Garden of Eden, God stepped in to ensure the human race would not go into extinction. He initiated a plan of salvation, which would involve His only Son â" Jesus and He became known to us on earth. He would come down from heaven and be born as a human baby with a human mother. He would show God in human flesh and eventually abolish the death that Adam had brought into the world. This is why accepting Jesus as a personal saviour is the only way we can gain immortality. We do not possess an immortal soul. Only God has immortality (1 Timothy 6:16). We receive immortality as a gift from God when we give our lives to Jesus and keep from sinning in this life. When we die in this life, we sleep in the grave and await the resurrection. Canât you see how Satan wants you to believe otherwise? The more he can dull your minds about God and His Son, the greater chance he has of taking away your chance of living forever. He wants you in that fire that is reserved for him and his angels. Jesus has prepared beautiful rooms for us in Godâs house and everyone has his name written in the book of life to inherit his room but sadly many of those rooms will have name changes because that person rejected God in his or her life. Someone else more worthy will take their place. Those religions who reject Jesus Christ as their saviour are leading millions into the fire of Satan so as Christians we need to promote a message of Hope and Love to everyone. HUMAN LAW VERSES GODâS LAW Human law may today say it is acceptable to deny the words of the Bible but there will be consequences for those who do. Godâs law does not change and what He has condemned in His Word is still the same today. It isnât too late to give up a lifestyle that is wrong. Jesus died for each person to give them a chance of being with Him on a world that will be made new. (2 Peter 3:13). Everyone who accepts him will receive a new body which will never die. Every saved person will be richer than the richest person now upon this planet and we will have an eternity to see the wonders of Godâs universe. Why would anyone want to reject that? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A WOMAN WAS BROUGHT BEFORE JESUS WHO HAD BEEN CAUGHT IN ADULTRY HAVING BROKEN THE SIXTH COMMANDMENT. THE PUNISHMENT, ACCORDING TO THE JEWS, WAS STONING TO DEATH. THIS WAS PART OF THE MOSAIC LAW AND WAS, ACCORDING TO THE JEWS, THE WILL OF GOD! BUT WHAT DID THE GIVER OF THE TEN COMMANDMENTS SAY: âWOMAN, WHERE ARE THOSE ACCUSERS OF YOURS? HAS NO ONE CONDEMNED YOU?â âSHE SAID, âNO ONE LORD.â AND JESUS SAID TO HER, âNEITHER DO I CONDEMN YOU; GO AND SIN NO MORE.â WAS JESUS DENYING HIS OWN LAW? NO? ONE HUMAN LIFE WAS MORE PRESIOUS TO HIM AND HE HAS THE POWER TO FORGIVE. DOES THIS VERSE THEREFORE CONFIRM THAT SINNERS WILL BE FORGIVEN AND ENTER HEAVEN? YES, BUT THERE IS A CAVEAT TO THAT FORGIVESS GIVEN IN JESUS LAST WORDS: âGO AND SIN NO MORE.â THIS APPLIES TO ALL SIN. IF IT SAYâS IN THE BIBLE IT IS A SIN AND IT IS IGNORNED, THERE IS NO MORE FORGIVENESS FOR THAT SIN. THE SIN REMAINS WITH THE SINNER. IF THEREFORE SIN IS TO BE BURNED UP SO IT CAN NO LONGER ENTER HEAVEN, THOSE WHO PRACTICE THE SIN WILL BE BURNED WITH THE SIN. THE CHOICE LIES WITH EACH ONE OF US. EITHER WE HOLD ON TO THE SINFUL PRACTICES CONDEMNED IN THE BIBLE, OR WE JOIN THAT SIN INTO ETERNAL EXTINCTION. Ralph Jackson November 2019

Ralph Jackson
Acknowledgement to Pastor Stephen Bohr and Professor Walter Veith for the subject matter

Article Source: WRITERS

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