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Thoughts To Ponder

by Donald Mehl  
10/28/2006 / Devotionals

This writing is simply my random collection of thoughts concerning Biblical truth, faith, inspiration, encouragement and the Christian life. My prayer is that they might be a blessing to you as you read them.

* I know that the day when my life on earth in over, my last breath here will be my first breath in Heaven. When my eyes close in death, they will then be immediately opened there to see the loving, outstretched arms of my Jesus welcoming me. I know that when I see Him, I will know Him by His shining, smiling face and by the scars in His nail pierced hands. What a day that will be!

* If Jesus should return in the next 60 seconds, would you be ready to meet Him? The Bible says that if were not looking for Him, He will come back at a time we least expect. His coming is very, very near. Are you watching, waiting and longing for Him? Have you invited Him into your heart as Savior and Lord of your life? You must be ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN you have done that because tomorrow might be too late.

Listen closely and you can almost hear the footsteps of the Master on the Hills of Glory as He prepares the way. He may already be at Heavens door about to come for His children. If you dont truly belong to Him, then Hes not coming for you.

* God is so BIG He can cover the whole world with His love and so small He can curl up inside your heart.

* There are two books of the Bible that Satan hates. They are Genesis and Revelation.
Genesis because it reveals Satans wickedness, deceit and also prophecies his doom.
Revelation because the doom prophecy for Satan is carried out when he is thrown into the lake of fire forever.

* True faith is having a rock solid belief and unshakeable assurance in the promises of God.

* I dont want to someday stand before the Almighty God (the Bible says all will stand before Him) and tell Him that I dont believe some or all of what He had to say.

* The day is coming soon when the only things well have is what we have given to God.
(our heart, soul, love, trust, acceptance, time, money and talents)

* Our Almighty God created everything that exists and has a perfect plan for all that was, is and will be. He is in complete control of all His creation. He controls all life even our next breath and heartbeat.

* Biblical prophecy is simply God writing history in advance all with 100% accuracy.

* With God, Get right...or get left.

* A Christian must get on his knees before he can get on his feet.

* Today and everyday when storm clouds gather and lifes ups and downs begin to threaten on all sides, then lift up your head and rejoice in your salvation.

* Prayer is not getting God prepared to do your will, it is getting you prepared to do Gods will.

* God never intended for prayer to be a mindless repetition of memorized words.

* Your relationship to Jesus Christ is determined by one thing, doing Gods will. If you are not doing Gods will, then you are not in the family of God.

* When you pray you need to be so specific that when the answer comes, only God could have sent it.

* Just because one professes faith does not mean one possesses faith.

* Give the devil an inch...and then hell become a ruler.

* What you do with Jesus will determine what He will do with you.

* You can crown Him or you can crucify Him...but you cannot ignore Him.

* Just as the first coming of Jesus was prophecy fulfilled, the second coming will also happen exactly as prophesied. Be not miss it!

* Do you have in your life any love for anything or anybody that is greater than your love for Jesus? Is there anything God has given you that you would not be willing to give up or give back to Him if He asked you for it? (life style, possessions, money, your life, your family). If the answer is yes to ANYTHING, then God is not number one in your life.

* There is only one alternative to total obedience to God...and that is disobedience.

* When Satan tries to put doubt in your mind by reminding you of your past, then just hold your head up high and remind him of his future.

* If anyone says there are other ways to Heaven, they should be asked to explain why Jesus died on the cross. Why did God, who is the creator of all things and the giver of all life, have to send His Son to suffer and die on the cross for our sins if there was another way?

Would they have gone to the cross when Jesus was hanging there dying to ask Him why He didnt come down from there? Would they tell Him they had heard there were other ways into Heaven and that He didnt have to die like that for anyone? Heb. 9:22 clearly states that without the shedding of blood through Jesus sacrifice on the cross there can be no remission of sins.

* Hope in the Bible means absolute certainty that an event will happen.

* In the Lords Prayer, why would He teach us to pray Thy Kingdom come if it wasnt going to happen?

* Jesus is not in Heaven saying lets make a deal Hes saying this is the deal. Nothing is negotiable.

* Faith can do the impossible at the most impossible time if God is in you and you are in Him.
Heb. 11:1 Faith is being certain of what is hoped for but cannot see.

*If you arent...
Always mindful of the things of God.
Anxiously watching and waiting for His return.
Talking to Him in prayer daily.
Studying your Bible daily.
Regularly attending a Bible preaching church.
Finding the time or desire for some of the above.
Then, Satan has deceived you into believing his biggest liethat you dont need God!

* You will either please God and offend the world, or you will please the world and offend God. You can not have it both ways.

* The message of Jesus Christ always was the answer, it is the answer and always will be the answer.

* There was once a day when you were not, but there will never again be a day when you wont be. You will spend all of eternity somewhere. The question is, do you know with absolute certainty where you will be? If your answer is maybe or hopefully or perhaps or wherever, then you havent truly repented and invited Jesus into your life as Savior and Lord.

* If you dont follow God, youll miss out on His plan for your life.

* If you dont have God as number one in your life, then theres at least one idol in your life. An idol is anything you fear more, love more, serve more, value more or embrace more than God.

* God doesnt want perfect people. He wants broken people. Until we realize we are broken and in need of God, the Holy Spirit cannot enter our lives.

* Have you ever thought about how long eternity is? Our human minds simply cannot comprehend it. Just imagine if you will a great mountain of solid granite. Also imagine a small bird with a silk scarf in its beak flying low repeatedly over the top of that huge mountain so that with each pass, the scarf brushes ever so lightly on that granite. Eventually, that silk scarf will begin to wear away the hard granite. When that great mountain has finally been worn down to the same level as the valley below, then the amount of time it took to do that will be but a brief moment in eternity.

* When we pray, we are talking to the God who created all things and it must be done as He commands in humbleness and true repentance. If He truly lives in us, if we are truly in Him and if we pray as He has told us to pray, then God will hear us. When He hears us, the heavens will begin to shake and the demons will tremble and flee. Whatever we ask in His name, He will do it (John 14:14). God will move mountains for us if we just ask and believe (Mark 11:22,23). He has promised the floodgates of Heaven will be opened up with blessings so abundant we wont be able to contain them (Mal. 3:10). Hell give us vineyards we didnt plant, houses we didnt build and wells we didnt dig (Deut. 6:11). We will be like a tree planted beside the River of Living Water (Jere. 17:7,8; Rev. 22:1,2). God is patiently waiting for us to ask Him just do it! What an awesome God we serve!

* You can laugh your way into hell, but you wont laugh your way out after you get there.

* If Jesus isnt the passion of your life, then you dont know Him and He does not live in you.

* Christ is either Lord of all or Hes not Lord at all in your life.

* Jesus was called the great Physician, He is the great Physician, He is on the throne today and He always will be.

* The small amount of heat you might feel in this life for following Jesus is nothing compared to the heat you will feel for all of eternity for rejecting Him.

* Jesus said, I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except thru me. He suffered and died on the cross in our place for all my sins and yours. After three days, He rose from the dead victorious over death and the grave. He ascended into Heaven and is preparing a place for us. Jesus, the Name above all names, is soon to return for us and will rule and reign forever and ever. He will be King of Kings, Lord of Lords and of His Kingdom there will be no end.

* Jesus is called the great I Am. He is not just the great I was, nor is He the great I will be someday. He always was the great I am, He is the great I Am and He always will be the great I Am. The Bible says He never changes. He is the same yesterday, today and forever.

* If you dont know Jesus, then one minute after you die, you will suddenly realize too late that you would have given up everything for only one more minute of life and breath just to have asked Jesus into your heart as your Lord and Savior.

* If during every day of your life you dont feel you really have any problem with temptation, then you and Satan are going in the same direction and that direction is away from God.

* Because God is everywhere, you can pray anywhere and at any time.

* When everything seems to be in a downward spiral, the world appears to be falling apart and the future seems bleak and hopeless, then know that God has a plan. He is in control and He WILL win the battle in His own time according to His plan. Its all in His book read it!

* God loves us. God hates sin. If we sin, and we all sin, the wages are death. That's what makes God's love to us, through the sacrifice on the cross, so astounding - He paid the price Himself. It isn't denying God's love to speak of God's wrath and His condemnation of sin. How in the world can we comprehend our need for salvation unless we understand God's condemnation against sin? It is the wrath of God against sin that makes my heart rejoice in His love and salvation. That's why His grace is so amazing!

Praise Him who died for us when we were yet sinners, and praise Him who paid the price for my sins so that I could escape the wrath to come. I am saved by GRACE, through faith, and by no works of my own.

* If scriptures say something different than the way you have chosen to worship or live your life or conduct yourself, then the problem isnt just your interpretation of Gods Word. The real problem is you and your relationship to the Lord.

* No one can ever be good enough to get into Heaven by his own merits, nor do people just simply go there because God is a loving God. Also, no one can ever be good enough by the things they do, or by being the kind of person they are, or by living a good life, to avoid going to Hell. Many good people will never enter Heavens gate and many good people will spend all of eternity in Hell.

The Bible teaches we are all eternally lost sinners that come short of the glory of God. Its been that way since sin and death entered the world through Adam (Rom. 5:12) and then continued throughout all humanity. That includes you and me. However, God in His infinite wisdom made His plan of salvation available to us, but we must choose to accept it. We must realize that we are lost sinners, confess our sins to God, repent of those sins, invite Jesus into our heart and then live for Him.

You see, we can never see Heaven or avoid the torments of Hell by just being a good person. The only way is through Jesus shed blood on the cross. He is patiently waiting for us to choose Him do it today!

* The God of the Bible, the one who simply spoke the universe into existence, has a love for us that knows no bounds. He sent His Son Jesus to suffer and die on the cross to shed His blood for all who would choose to accept Him. His love for you is so great that even if you had been the only person on earth, Jesus would have come here willingly to die for just you. Now, what do you choose to do about Him?

* When people are asked to explain or describe WHEN they became a Christian, many would say they have always been one as long as they can remember. They were born and raised in a Christian family always attending church even as a small child and then they just grew up living a Christian life.

However, one CANNOT become a true Christian simply by believing in a loving God and/or by living a good life with long exposure to Christian values and principles. Just as there was a moment in time when we were all born physically, there is also a moment in time when all true Christians become RE-BORN spiritually. The Bible refers to that life changing MOMENT as being born again, which in spite of what many might think, is the ONE and ONLY way for us to have eternal salvation. For all who claim to be Christians, it is essential that they KNOW for certain their conversion moment or experience actually has occurred.

To become born again, we MUST become convicted of our sinful nature before God, confess and repent of our sins, humbly ask God to forgive us, and then invite Jesus into our heart and life as our Lord and Savior. The point in time when we DELIBERATELY choose to do that is the MOMENT we become born again. Have you chosen to do that? Have you been on your knees before Him? Or have you just always assumed you are a true Christian? Where we spend eternity is clearly a conscious choice we must all make and its our choice alone. To simply not choose IS YOUR CHOICE TO REJECT His message. Think about it!

* The Bible tells us there are three Heavens. The first Heaven is the earthly realm up through the earths atmosphere. The second Heaven extends outward to the edge of the universe including all of the stars. The third Heaven beyond the universe is the abode of God.

In 2 Pet. 3 and Rev. 21, we are told that one day soon the first and second Heavens will be destroyed and replaced with a new Heaven and earth that will be pure, perfect and eternal.

The first Heaven is clearly seen in daylight.
The second Heaven is mostly visible at night.
The third Heaven can only be seen by faith, not by sight.

* As long as God has work for me to do for Him on this earth, I will gladly do it to bring honor and glory to His Name.

But when He calls me home to serve Him there, Ill be ready to go and pray I will leave this place willingly. Then I can truly say, Here am I Lord, use me as You will.

During retirement, my prayer is that I might serve the Lord by sharing the Gospel through my writing. As the Lord leads, my work will inform, challenge and encourage. I also enjoy Biblical theme woodcarving, Bible studies and Christian music. Watch, pray and keep looking up!

Donald Mehl

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