by Dwayne Collins


Written by:  Dwayne Collins aka Olafemi


I look at the world and see that the galaxies don’t ever change. The world revolves and rotates the same way today as it did years before I was born. So, how can the minds of mankind change if change can’t be seen as life passes on?


Nobody wants to believe in a world that was created by ALMIGHTY GOD, YAHWEH - HE who is SUPREME before existence was created. Nobody wants to even think that WE all came from the same nothingness because of our separatisms like race, creed and color. Nobody wants to believe that there was a garden that produced the fruit of mankind for generations because of the villages, cities, towns, communities, states, countries, continents and so on and so on. So, as life passes on, WE refuse to allow life to change.


It has been written that WE will destroy our own existence. WE will do this because WE are not able to see TRUTH and LOVE for the existence of generations to come. WE only see what WE have been made to see. Some of us are intelligent but WE have never become Wise enough to change the ideologies set forth for us to live. WE are supposed to grow to be Wise but all WE have to show is intelligence.


I try my best to show you the intelligence of mankind by the birth of two cells joined together to create both male and female of our species. Yet WE never see the intelligence that WE have to create all the things necessary for our lives to live on. WE never see the insides of who WE are but WE definitely see the outsides of us from every corner of the world. WE only identify ourselves by our outward appearance. As life passes on, nothing ever changes.


WE have allowed religion and politics to announce our self-worth. Our beauty is judged by how WE look at each other not by how WE see each other. WE don’t see with the same eyes that WE look at things with. Even seeing changes that occur in life, WE look at life as if it has never changed. WE are dominated by something that WE can never seem to realize exists.


If WE had not the knowledge of good and evil, how would WE exist in the world? Our minds are fixated on surviving before death that WE are never able to live our lives to its fullest. WE set boundaries that make limitations on the ways WE grow up to live. As life passes on, WE never grow to live, WE only live when WE are children. The older WE get, life gets snatched away from us.


It has been written that WE once grew to be hundreds of years old. This means that WE grew up to live a full life. WE raised children and they grew up to be old and Wise or intelligent. If they were Wise, would time had passed on so that the evil in people would cease to exist? But they grew to be intelligent to a point that the minerals and chemicals of the earth were made to produce comforts beyond their imaginations.


Look at the things mankind have created to make life easier. Then look at the ways for which WE live as a whole. WE can’t end poverty, homelessness, hunger but WE have all the means to do so. WE are at war with each other without cause. WE just kill each other over nothing. There is enough silver and gold and all the other minerals of the earth to give each child born the luxuries of life. WE store them giving them more value than what they are worth and allow our own kind to suffer. Look around you and let that thought just stagger.


Cars, jewels, food and all the things of any value are stored in great numbers and people go hungry in the night, living in the streets. Whether religious or political, WE can’t come together to end what was, still is and will be tomorrow. As life passes on, WE continue to wallow in our separations, altered mentally by chemical substances WE can’t even identify and make ourselves believe that things will get better.


For years, I have held out my hand to be you Friend. You have accepted my Friendship but you refuse to take my hand. Our fear for togetherness, makes us continue to distance ourselves from each other. This fear allows hatred and all that is evil to continue to exist. If WE were to ever join hands, nothing would allow one to fall without the other. WE need each other to exist. When will WE TRULY recognize this TRUTH? As life passes on.



My name is Dwayne Collins aka Olafemi which is my ALMIGHTY GOD, YAHWEH INSPIRED name. I have been INSPIRED to write TRUTH. I give this TRUTH to you so that you too should find TRUTH that will set you Free. WE all been instilled with TRUTH. Seek it, Find it and share it. TRUTH. GOD BLESS...

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