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Mens Issues


  1. Eyes Are Dim But I Can See by Richard L. Provencher  
    He charges into his 80's, one
    leg following the other, a
    leash of sinew, bone and muscle

  2. Calling all fathers: Leaving the sidelines and Quarterbacking our families to success by chris benjamin  
    I want to let you know you are doing a great job fathers of the this great nation and worldwide, but there is more to be accomplished with our time here. We must beat the drum for Championship Fathering! Fathers, you are the rock in which your family leans on!

  3. THOSE DAYS by sethabela l JACOB  
    A MAN

  4. Father's, seize your families! by chris benjamin  
    This articles focuses on the role and responsibility of the father in the family. It calls to action all fathers to stand up and take control the the spiritual destiny of their families.

  5. Men, It's Time to Come Out of the Closet! by Angel Casiano  
    I don't want for you to think that I am being disrespectful, careless or un-loving towards you. If you feel that way, it's surely not my intention. Because I do love you, I want to take the time to explain where I am coming from. I engaged in many street fights growing up in Puerto Rico; don't ask me why, but I used to enjoy fighting. Later, as a teen I became an amateur boxer. In my twenties I became a Martial Artist here in the beautiful city of Jacksonville. I won some fights, but surely I lost others. However, they were just physical fights. Now that I am older, I find myself engaged in many emotional battles. The loss of my wife Ileana was and continues to be a tough one, especially when I look at my children struggling.

    As I remarried it was and continues to be extremely tough to go through our struggles there ( I must admit on the other hand, that no fight has been tougher and bloodier than my personal declaration of war on my sexual immorality. I am not holding back; I feel that I have lost so much and that I have wasted enough time.

  6. Sensitive boys by Unami Magwenzi  
    A poem about the need to let men be themselves. Permission to show a range of emotions without shame.

  7. Mantle, Martin and Mays by Earl Taylor  
    Read about three great center fielders, and one great servant of God.

  8. Competition: The heart of a man by James Barringer  
    Jesus himself affirmed his disciples when they expressed a desire to be first. He told them exactly how to do it. Shouldn't we conclude that even Jesus understood that some people simply get more excited when they have the ability to compete against other people? If we can introduce that dynamic back into faith somehow, won't we reach a lot of men who feel that Christianity is a good story but is lacking something?

  9. What is Ed's Problem by Randy Kosloski  
    This is a summary of counselling experience I had trying to help an average guy find peace.

  10. Righteous Pride by Stanley Hasegawa  
    Scripture shows that there is a place for pride in the life of a Christian. As men, our righteous pride begins with our pride in God. We don't want to be proud of God just in our hearts, we want to let everyone know how proud of God we are.

  11. Dealing with Pride by Stanley Hasegawa  
    Men have an issue with pride. We are always checking on how we are being perceived with respect to others. We keep track of our stats, standing and status. We are hypersensitive to evidence that we are being dissed.

  12. God's Perspective on Fatherhood by Glenn Frontin  
    A Christian dad can work hard at being a good father, but nothing will inspire him more than seeing what God's Word says about Fatherhood.

  13. Obtaining The Mantle of Vision by Birdie Courtright  
    Strong emotions that emerge during times of painful shifting in life can cloud a man's vision and effectively rob Him of the peace and abundance that God promises to us through His Word. How do we emerge from such times with a mantle of vision for the future?

  14. Facing the Truth, Finding My Spiritual Ground Zero by Jay Hopson  
    Immediately upon my salvation I began to stand upon the promise in Psalm 1:1-3. Fifteen years later, I find myself questioning, "why do I not seem to be blessed, why did my season of fruit producing apparently pass me by, and, most of all, why is it that nothing I touch prospers? I think I have found the answer to those questions.

  15. CIRCLES OF FIREFLIES by Richard L. Provencher  
    Grandpa and grandson get together to give the boy a rest from the turmoil at home. He has been physically abused and learns that not all fathers hit their children.

  16. AN OLDER GENTLEMAN by Richard L. Provencher  
    Getting old is not so terrible. It simply means a slower pace of life, as Ryan learns to enjoy the moment. And there's always a friend to have a cup of coffee with.

  17. Too Many Titles ... Not Enough Leaders by louis verges  
    When the title becomes more important than The Calling, the time has come to repent...

  18. Missing In Action: by louis verges  
    "It takes a man to start a church, but it takes women to keep it running." This statement is sad but quite too often true... Where are the Men?

  19. WHO AM I? by louis verges  
    It's not about who you are ... It's about whose you are.

  20. Abandoned Responsibilities by Peter Stone  
    "Is this slop the best you can come up with, Dad?" the lanky teenage boy objected as his father dropped a microwave dinner in front of him.

    My friend George had invited me over for dinner-and-a-video, but this display of utter disrespect from his son Matt was somewhat unsettling.

  21. Who Am I? by Rick Oraham  
    We must each ask ourselves at one point in time or another, "Who Am I?" Regardless of our past or even our present situation, this soul-searching question lingers in all of our hearts and demands to be answered.

  22. Life In A Shelter by Rick Oraham  
    I wrote this my first day in rehab at the Salvation Army. Sometimes God will allow us to sink to low depths in order for us to look up and find Him. I am so thankful we have a forgiving, graceful God who doesn't hold our failures over our heads, but accepts us just as we are.

  23. I am my father's son by Jim Hutson  
    We want to be our fathers, to be proud of them and to be like them. But when you bear the sinful stain of your father's past, it seems a burden to be exactly like him.
    But we have the glory of being like our Father in Heaven too....

  24. Vision by Aaron Griffith  
    Lust is a force that attacks us on all fronts, but none so sinister to men as visually. We need to understand that Jesus knew this and is ready and willing to change our sight from one that leads us to sin, to one that leads us to worship.

  25. Three Types of Men by Rick Oraham  
    This is about the types of men there are in the world: Ignorant - doesn't know God; Foolish - knows God, yet lives wildly; Wise - knows God and lives wisely

  26. In Search of..HEROES by Jim Hutson  
    What happens when a group of men come together to worship, fellowship, and tell their stories?

    A story weekend........

  27. You Send Mehonest you do. by Jay Cookingham  
    Josh, my oldest son, turned 18 in March of this year. With that milestone came the realization that his journey away from home and towards his life adventure is close. The passage from a boy to young man was only the first leg of that voyage.

  28. It's Who you Know by Jay Cookingham  
    Dreams and visions are big in Klingon culture, as their relationships with their fathers are.

  29. Sex, Sex and more Sex!. by Mark E Crossley  
    This article challenges us to think about all aspects of sex.

  30. How Men Can Manage Their Fears, Depression, OCD, And Other Stresses by Stan Popovich  
    Some men may experience those times when their fears, anxieties, and depression are stronger than what they can handle. There are times that no matter what they do, their fears have the best of them. As a result, here is a brief list of techniques that a man can use to help manage their every day anxieties, stresses, and fears.


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