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FaithWriters Acceptable Use Policy

For Writers/Authors:

A1 - ALL articles must be written in English.

A2 - Upon submission of your article/s at FaithWriters you claim that you own the article/s and have full rights to it.

A3 - You agree that you have checked your article for grammar and spelling errors. If we find that any article contains errors, it will be deleted without notice.

A4 - By submitting your articles you agree to give us full and unconditional permission to publish your article at and distribute it to all article sites and article mailing groups we support, if opted to distribute.

A5 - Since our article directory service is FREE. Submitting your articles would also mean that you give permission for other webmasters/publishers to reprint your articles provided that they publish the articles as is and together with your bylines.

A6 - Your article is comprehensively checked for foul and invalid content. We reserve the right to either publish or reject your article upon submission.

A7 - By submitting your article to you agree to give us the right to edit your article and strip out promotional content (such as but not limited to: your site's links and domain) inserted in the body. is only interested in valid, informational and quality ezine articles and not promotional articles. If we find that your article contains more than 50% promotional content or your article totally talks about your site and/or service we reserve the right to disapprove your article or move it under Classifieds category, see section A8 below.

A8 - For articles found to be "Classified" articles, we will not approve them. is a free articles directory for websites and ezines, press releases are not accepted so please do not submit them.

A9 - FaithWriters does not fully guarantee that your article/s will be published in our site. We do not allow articles that contain only advertising content and articles that we find invalid. An article could be invalid if it contains: foul, hate, racism, SPAM and other forms of bad content.

A10 - We also reserve the right to re-categorize your article if it fits in another category.

A11 - FaithWriters is a free service and operates by accepting advertisements as fundings to keep the service alive. We reserve the right to post any advertisements on any of your article pages.

A12 - We will not proofread any article, but we still reserve the right to edit or modify your articles if we find that they do not comply with the Standard English Language Spelling.

A13 - FaithWriters does not guarantee as to how many times your article/s can be reprinted or viewed by the public.

A14 - We DO NOT allow "fake authors" submitting non-original articles. You have to be a representative of the author or authorized by the author to submit. Articles submitted by representatives must have the original author's name as author and not the representative.

A15 - If an article is proven to be plagiarized, we reserve the right to delete the article without any questions asked.

A16 - You agree that if your articles are opted for distribution by you and distributed by does not hold any legal liability or responsibility for the articles distributed if the articles are found to be violating any copyright laws. The role of in it's article distribution service is only to distribute the article but the ownership and copyright remains with you as the author.

A17 - We do not allow and condone plagiarism in our free articles service.

A18 - No more than three (3) articles per day can be posted.

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For Webmasters/Publishers:

B1 - Our service is a free service. We do not have any liabilities on any damage or harm our published articles may cause you.

B2 - We at FaithWriters do not own 100% of every article's copyright, but as stated above upon submission of the article to our site we reserve the right to publish it in our free articles directory service.

B3 - Know and respect that the copyrights of the articles belong to the authors and not to us.

B4 - Copy or reprint the FULL article as it is shown in the article's page including the "About The Author" section. If you wish to edit the article for grammar or spelling please contact the author to ask permission.

B5 - Always activate or hyperlink the Links and/or URLs found in the author's bio (About The Author), if the article will be reprinted in a site, blog, forum or any other publication as long as it is online. To reprint and article offline you need to contact the author for permission and include the URL/s in the author's resource box in print.

B6 - Respect the copyrights of the authors by publishing the entire article as it is with no changes and to include the FULL Resource box or SIG line at the end of the article. You agree to include a link at the bottom of the article, "source:" if you publish the article in your website/blog/forum. Links should be clickable leading to

B7 - You are not entitled and do not have rights to publish these articles at any warez, porn, mp3, or at any adult sites that all laws on any country finds unlawful.

B8 - You also agree not to include or reprint the articles for any unlawful online acts such as spamming and any other form of unsolicited email.

B9 - You agree not to sell any articles in our directory to anyone for any purpose. As well as you agree not to charge any fee for accessing or reprinting any articles in our directory.

B10 - We do not limit the number of reprints on any article in our directory as long as all policies stated above are being followed.

B11 - You MUST give the author notice and let the author know where the article will be published. This can be done by locating their profile on our site and sending them an email or private message. We recommend an email. This allows the author to build their portfolio as a writer. We appreciate your cooperation.

B12 - USE or REPRINT (manually or via RSS) the articles found in our directory AT YOUR OWN RISK.

B13 - In connection to B12, you agree that does not hold any legal liability or responsibility for any violations, issues, accuracy, or completeness an article may found to have on your use of any article in our directory.

B14 - You are allowed to publish the articles online, but not limited to, by using our Free RSS content feed provided you wont change anything in the article from our RSS feed. And you are also allowed to use our "Article Publisher" link found in every article page provided you follow all terms mentioned above.

B15 - You agree not to use any automated scraping system and/or scripts to reprint, grab, or mine contents from our directory and that has the right to refuse access from you.

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All emails used to register an account will not be given out to the public and will not be for sale.


Our site is a free article submission site. Although, we don't allow submissions of non-original articles we DO NOT hold our team liable in cases of users submitting non-original and copyrighted articles. If you find by any means that your article was submitted under a different name not recognized by you and wish to delete it, you may contact us and present your evidences. Please see Disclaimer for contact information.

Disclaimers disclaimes all the articles published/posted as it is owned by the author/authorized representative and/or their respective owners who submitted them to us. To report a copyright violation please see the Copyright Violations section of this Acceptable Use Policy.

Liability Disclaimer: does not hold any legal liability or responsibility for the usefulness, effectiveness, completeness, or accuracy of any information, product, or service found in any articles and sponsored links, banners or any other advertisements found in this site. Articles, content, and information presented on this site is for educational or entertainment purposes only and should not be used, implemented or applied without consultation from a professional.

External Links Disclaimer: contains several links to other external sites be it in the articles, link directory, or sponsored links. does not recommend, guarantee, or warrant any information, products, or services found in these external sites. does not recommend or endorse anything found in all articles. The informations found on every articles are owned by the author and/or their respective owners and does not concern or is being recommended by You are solely responsible for your actions should you use any information, product, or service found in this site. does not contain any pop-ups, pop-unders and/or installation scripts. Know that they did not originate from if ever you receive one as a result by clicking on any external link found in does not guarantee and is not reponsible for the availability, content, services and/or products of all external links within this site.

Article Distribution Disclaimer: does not hold any legal liability or responsibility for the articles distributed if the articles are found to be violating any copyright laws. The role of in it's article distribution service is only to distribute the article but the ownership and copyright remains with the author and/or their respective owners. does not own all sites it is sending articles to for distribution. If the articles distributed by to these sites are not approved or takes some time to be reviewed, it is the decision of the editors/administrators of these sites alone and not of

Copyright Violations:

For anyone who finds an article being plagiarized or for any copyright violation complaints please Contact Us. Send us your complaint together with your document/s and other substantial information that are helpful to prove your claim about the copyright violation. We will remove any article in our database if proven that it is violating any copyright issue.

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FaithWriters reserves the right to change this AUP(Acceptable Use Policy) anytime with or without notification.

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