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FaithWriters Reprint Articles is a Christian article marketing, publicity generating, traffic building, and article distribution service designed to get your expert Christian articles in front of content-hungry ezine publishers.

What You Get For Sending In Your Articles:

  • Boosts Your Credibility:

    Getting published in the directory can boost your credibility and begin the trust cycle with your readership. For many authors, being listed with is an excellent way to get started, especially if you are a published author or hope to be published soon. There is a book inside each of us waiting to come out.

  • Surges in Traffic to Your Website:

    This is caused by the ezine publishers who come to our site throughout the year to pick up quality articles for their email newsletter or website. When your articles get picked up for reprints, you will often get a surge of traffic as your articles are introduced to their email list members or audience.

  • Receive Quality and Relevant Leads to Your Website:

    People who read your articles and click on your link(s) found in your Resource Box at the end of each of your articles are highly-qualified prospects by the very nature of how they found your website.

  • 7-10 Times More Effective Than Regular Advertising:

    You become known as the expert by your article and this endears potential customers to you before they even visit your website. There is no better way to "pre-sell" your prospects than article marketing.

  • You've Got A Head-Start on The Reciprocation & Trust Cycle:

    Your prospects are pre-sold as you have already begun the reciprocation cycle by giving first, through your expertise in your articles. When they visit your site, your qualified prospects will already know something about you and feel endeared to reciprocate, or at least check out your products.

  • High-Quality Back Links To Your Website Helps Build Search Engine Relevancy & Traffic:

    The links that you receive from the Resource Box at the footer of your articles give your website a continuous trickle of traffic. More importantly they help build search engine relevance because is already a highly popular website as viewed by the major search engines. Having links in our directory may transfer some of our quality standings with the search engines to your website.

  • Builds Link Popularity:

    By now you may have heard of "Link Pop" as an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy. It means that the more links your website has by other sites, the greater importance bestowed upon your website when major search engines rank your site. Having articles in the directory helps you build link popularity; link popularity builds traffic to your website.

  • Builds Brand Equity & The Brand Called You:

    Having your articles featured in builds brand equity for you, your business, and your expertise. It begins or reinforces in your customers and prospects minds what you can do for them.

  • Massive Exposure To The Thousands of Unique Visitors That Come To Daily.
  • To Be Recognized as an Expert Author:

    When we accept your article in our directory, you become recognized as an expert author. This adds prestige and perceived value by others when they view your articles, especially when you have more than 1 article to share with them.

  • Get Yourself Noticed:

    While this is not the only reason you should submit your articles to our directory, it is a great one. Submission to the Reprint Directory can help to increase the exposure you receive dramatically!

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