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  1. Tempoaray Residents by Ken Barnes  
    11/30/2022 / Christian Living
    The Word of God tells us that we are to live here on Earth as temporary residents, yet many Christians live like permanent occupants.

  2. It's OK For You to Have a Different Ministry Than Your Spouse! by Tonja Taylor  
    11/30/2022 / Christian Living
    I used to think strong Christian couples had to do everything--especially together, to prove that they were in unity. When both are mature Believers, there is a freedom to go different directions, to the glory of God.

  3. 5 Ways to Get Into the Christmas Spirit by Tonja Taylor  
    11/29/2022 / Christian Living
    Here are a couple ways that can help you "get in the Christmas Spirit."

  4. Unlocking God's Blessings: Best Way to Receive is to Give by John Seun  
    11/29/2022 / Christian Living
    Be compassionate, give, give and give for that is the secret to true blessing

  5. MEANING OF CONTENTMENT by Lupie Riley  
    11/28/2022 / Christian Living
    You can find contentment in a world that's ready to implode. Two words, trust and obey.

  6. 7 Free Online Study Tools For Greater Learning Success! by Tonja Taylor  
    11/28/2022 / Education
    Through my years of studying for professional educator exams, and to discover tools to help my virtual students, I've found these. They have helped me and my students be more engaged in learning!

  7. A Child is Born by PamFord Davis  
    11/28/2022 / Holidays
    Notes ring loud and clear. Sometimes bell ringers back up a choir and lyics of Christmas carols bring a birth announcement.

    A child is born!

  8. The Result is the Same! by Tonja Taylor  
    11/27/2022 / Christian Living
    God is endlessly creative, and it's OK if your way of doing things is different than others, especially when the result is the same, and God gets the glory!

  9. WHEN THE EVIDENCE IS WEIGHED by Lewis E. Thomas  
    11/26/2022 / Poetry

  10. VISIONS OF THE KING - He Wouldn't Let Me Bow! by Tonja Taylor  
    11/25/2022 / Salvation
    Here's what happened in the vision God gave me during high worship today! I wept as I experienced the sublime love and acceptance of my darling Daddy God even more deeply!

  11. Leftovers by Jerry Ousley  
    11/25/2022 / Devotionals
    Leftovers after Thanksgiving

  12. Whatever it Takes, do a New Thing in Me Today by Dudley Anderson  
    11/25/2022 / Christian Living
    Every breath you take is a new breath. You cannot live on old air. God is a God of the new. In Christ you are a new creation, all things have become new.

  13. Never Lose Hope by Ken Barnes  
    11/24/2022 / Christian Living
    Paul knew that anyone who preaches or embraces the Gospel would experience resistance. Therefore, Paul urges them to never lose heart.

  14. You Are An Answer (5) by Olawale Ogunsola  
    11/24/2022 / Christian Living
    Be ready to be an answer to someone else's prayers or requests. That is the reason for your existence.

  15. You Are An Answer (4) by Olawale Ogunsola  
    11/24/2022 / Christian Living
    Be prepared to be an answer because it is the essence of your existence.

  16. You Are An Answer (3) by Olawale Ogunsola  
    11/24/2022 / Christian Living
    You are created to be an answer to others needs as other people are answers to your prayers and needs.

  17. You Are An Answer (2) by Olawale Ogunsola  
    11/24/2022 / Christian Living
    The Lord answers prayers. You can become an answer to God's desires.

  18. You Are An Answer (1) by Olawale Ogunsola  
    11/24/2022 / Christian Living
    God answers prayers. Do you know that you are an answer to someone's prayers?

  19. Keep Dancing! by Tonja Taylor  
    11/23/2022 / Christian Living
    When you're shot down by others--especially other Believers--you must realize that your Daddy God is always for you, and that, like me, you gotta keep flying; you gotta keep dancing, and be thankful, to the glory of the LORD!

  20. Math Multiplication Strategies by Tonja Taylor  
    11/23/2022 / Education
    As an educator who virtually tutors elementary and middle-school children, I've found that these simple math strategies increase understanding and confidence in most students.

  21. It's YOUR Move! by Tonja Taylor  
    11/22/2022 / Christian Living
    Yes, God is sovereign--but He has given us a free will. Everything the LORD did was done at the cross. It's OUR move--OUR job--to discover in His Word what was accomplished, and to agree with Him that it is supposed to come to pass in our lives!

  22. breathe life into me today by julie clark  
    11/21/2022 / Prayers
    breathe life in me today
    fill me

  23. The Dirty Dollar by Tonja Taylor  
    11/20/2022 / Salvation
    A dirty dollar bill is still worth a dollar. You may be dirty; crumpled; torn; abused, but you are priceless and precious to the God Who created you!

  24. The 57-Million Dollar Mistake by Tonja Taylor  
    11/20/2022 / Salvation
    "You made a 57-million dollar mistake!" they told the pastor. "What were you thinking?!" But the LORD used this to teach him a lifelong lesson!

  25. Ode To Hubby: What Happens When You're Gone by Tonja Taylor  
    11/20/2022 / Humor
    The LORD gave me this funny song, when it occurred to me that, although I love my husband, I have lots of fun when he's gone!

  26. Let These Two Words Strengthen Your Faith by Tonja Taylor  
    11/19/2022 / Marriage
    God commands us to say, "Thank You!" to Him and others. It's amazing how one's marriage can be strengthened with this simple but profound act!

  27. Thanksgiving Starts with Prayer by Jerry Ousley  
    11/18/2022 / Holidays
    A Thanksgiving article

  28. Thanksgiving Menu by PamFord Davis  
    11/18/2022 / Holidays
    Thanksgiving is on our minds; we turn memories and hearts toward God the Father.

    Teach me Your way, Lord;
    I will walk in Your truth;
    Unite my heart to fear Your name.
    I will give thanks to You, Lord my God, with all my heart,
    And I will glorify Your name forever (Psalm 86:11-12 NASB).

  29. Boldly Following His Call by Dudley Anderson  
    11/18/2022 / Christian Living
    Know this, he who called you is faithful and he will give you the boldness to take on the world.

  30. THANKSGIVING EVERYDAY by Lupie Riley  
    11/17/2022 / Christian Living
    We can have thanksgiving every day by recognizing the giver.

  31. Wiped the Slate Clean by PamFord Davis  
    11/17/2022 / Devotionals
    The LORD removes all sin from our darkened hearts.
    I, only I, am He who wipes out your transgressions for My own sake,
    And I will not remember your sins (Isaiah 43:25 Amplified Bible).

    He doesnt remember my sins; why do I?

  32. Breakfast Served All Day by PamFord Davis  
    11/16/2022 / Devotionals
    Breakfast is one of my husbands favorite meals. Hes always happy to see breakfast served all day on restaurant menus.

    After fishing, the disciples joined Jesus on shore for breakfast. Fish was on the menu and it was a meal they didnt want to skip!

  33. Your Role as Caregiver by PamFord Davis  
    11/14/2022 / Devotionals
    Overwhelmed in your role as caregiver?

    Find respite in the presence of the Great Shepherd.

  34. The Greatest Treasure by PamFord Davis  
    11/14/2022 / Devotionals
    Our Bibles hold great treasure; few are hidden inside boxes.

    Most often, theyre out in plain sight; seen but unopened.

  35. Yours Or Others Faults? by Olawale Ogunsola  
    11/11/2022 / Christian Apologetics
    It is essential to concentrate on our faults with the intention of making necessary corrections. We do not need to concentrate on others' faults to condemn them.

  36. Power Of Righteousness by Olawale Ogunsola  
    11/11/2022 / Christian Living
    It is highly beneficial to live righteously. It is rewarding to the righteous and his household.

  37. Burdens Of A Christian Writer by Olawale Ogunsola  
    11/11/2022 / Writing
    A Christian writer is on a special assignments for the glory of God and benefits of mankind in a special way.

  38. Our Gratitude by PamFord Davis  
    11/11/2022 / Holidays
    Today, America salutes all of its Veterans; past and present.

    How can we express our gratitude?

  39. Conviction by PamFord Davis  
    11/10/2022 / Devotionals
    The Holy Spirit will bring conviction to hearts of the spiritually lost.

  40. Two Words That Can Sustain Your Marriage by Olawale Ogunsola  
    11/09/2022 / Marriage
    Where contentment is present, peace of mind reigns. Greed leads to constant complaint. Identify what is good that you love and be satisfied with it.

  41. Access To Dominion by Olawale Ogunsola  
    11/09/2022 / Christian Apologetics
    The authority and power lost by the first Adam was reclaimed by the last Adam.

  42. A Sigh by PamFord Davis  
    11/09/2022 / Devotionals
    Im a bearer of good news; sorrow and sighing is temporary.

    So the ransomed of the LORD shall return, and come to Zion with singing, with everlasting joy on their heads. They shall obtain joy and gladness; sorrow and sighing shall flee away. I, even I, am He who comforts you (Isaiah 51:11-12a NKJV).

  43. LORD, LET IT RAIN! by Lewis E. Thomas  
    11/07/2022 / Poetry

  44. SPIRIT SONG: We Love Your Word by Tonja Taylor  
    11/06/2022 / Poetry
    The LORD gave me this poem/song a few years ago. May it echo your own heart, and inspire you to love His Word more!

  45. The Difference Between Praise and Worship by Tonja Taylor  
    11/05/2022 / Christian Living
    There is a difference between praise and worship, which I recently learned. This insight may help you understand how to come before our awesome God even more effectively!

  46. Kingly Delicacies by Olawale Ogunsola  
    11/05/2022 / Christian Apologetics
    To be blessed is not a sin. What we make out of the blessings can constitute a sin. What we fail to do which ought to be done may amount to wickedness. Over concentration of our blessings may prove dangerous to us sometimes.

  47. King's Delicacies (3) by Olawale Ogunsola  
    11/05/2022 / Christian Apologetics
    A great loss may follow overindulgence or over involvement in king's Delicacies. Holy Spirit may depart.

  48. King's Delicacies (2) by Olawale Ogunsola  
    11/05/2022 / Christian Apologetics
    If a king's feeds you, if care is not taken, he will control your life and ministry, if you are a Minister of God. You must do all his biddings.

  49. King's Delicacies (1) by Olawale Ogunsola  
    11/05/2022 / Christian Apologetics
    Self-discipline is a sure path to distinction. It is expedient to avoid certain things from certain quarters.

  50. The Thief On The Right Hand by Olawale Ogunsola  
    11/04/2022 / Bible Studies
    On the cross of Calvary, two thieves were crucified with Jesus Christ, one on the either side of Him. Which one railed insult on the Lord and which one met Him in Paradise?

  51. Mixed Multitudes. by Olawale Ogunsola  
    11/04/2022 / Leadership
    To lead a multitude of people is great task how much more leading a Mixed Multitudes. Yet, some people are equiped to lead such group of people.

  52. Food Of Your Fancy by Olawale Ogunsola  
    11/04/2022 / Christian Apologetics
    Are you ruled by your wants or you are contented with your needs that are met by the Lord, your God?

  53. Feedback. by Olawale Ogunsola  
    11/04/2022 / Christian Living
    Everyone sent on an errand will surely need to give a feedback to him who sent him. So it is with everybody who is on the surface of the Earth. You will give a feedback to your Maker one day.

  54. Of First Importance by PamFord Davis  
    11/04/2022 / Devotionals
    We see the empty tomb of Christ through eyes of faith.

    Come and see!

  55. Can You Hold the Water? by Dudley Anderson  
    11/04/2022 / Christian Living
    A person who walks in integrity and uprightness places his hope in the provision and guidance of the Lord. And heres the promise: When a righteous man walks in integrity his children are blessed after him.

  56. Kindness by Olawale Ogunsola  
    11/03/2022 / Christian Living
    Kindness begets kindness. Therefore, be kind to others.

  57. Best Romance by Olawale Ogunsola  
    11/03/2022 / Christian Apologetics
    No matter how romantic you are or how sweet your romance experience is if you have not experienced this.

  58. What Is Your Motive? by Olawale Ogunsola  
    11/03/2022 / Christian Apologetics
    What is the motive behind your complaint about other people's wrong doings? Do you want to use their own to cover yours?

  59. Backtrack by PamFord Davis  
    11/03/2022 / Devotionals
    All backsliders need to backtrack. God waits for them to return.

    Return, ye backsliding children, and I will heal your backslidings. Behold, we come unto thee; for thou art the Lord our God (Jeremiah 3:22 KJV).

  60. The Holy Spirit Will Warn You of The Wrong Direction by Tonja Taylor  
    11/02/2022 / Christian Living
    The sweet, gentle, all-knowing Holy Spirit Who is God loves you, and wants only the best life for you (John 10:10). He will warn you when you are going the wrong direction, and when you listen--even if it doesn't make sense to your mind--you will be so glad you did!

  61. Happy Birthday I AM - Part 1 by Tonja Taylor  
    11/02/2022 / Poetry
    The LORD has had me bringing "treasures hidden in secret places" out into the Light. This is part one of a song He gave me years ago, called "Happy Birthday I AM". This part is to be sung to the melody of "immortal, Invisible". More parts to follow.

  62. The Power of a Whisper by Tonja Taylor  
    11/02/2022 / Christian Living
    I like to pray and praise loudly, at least at times, and especially outside. However, living in the city for years in a busy, cramped neighborhood has taught me the power of a whisper.

  63. Get Rid of the Garments of Shame! by Tonja Taylor  
    11/01/2022 / Christian Living
    Not everyone is this way, but the LORD showed me to literally get rid of--sometimes give away, sometimes trash--clothes in which i'd experienced shame or humiliation or something. The physical shedding of these garments helped me heal emotionally!

  64. No Password to Praise by Tonja Taylor  
    11/01/2022 / Christian Living
    The LORD gave me this phrase a few days ago, and He reminded me of it again just now. We don't need a password to open up praise to the LORD; we just need to open our mouths and praise Him. The praise IS the password to His Presence!

  65. Two Cheap Probiotics to Raise Your Immunity by Tonja Taylor  
    11/01/2022 / Health
    Probiotics are the good bacteria we must have in our guts--our intestines--to fight off the bad bacteria and other disease-causing agents. Yogurt and saurkraut are two very cheap foods with probiotics that can help you be healthier.

  66. Workbench in the Man Cave by PamFord Davis  
    11/01/2022 / Devotionals
    Three tools in particular hold my attention; the vise, plane and level.

    Today, Ive come to understand that each tool has a special purpose.

  67. INVENTORY by Lewis E. Thomas  
    10/31/2022 / Poetry

  68. Just Say It! by Tonja Taylor  
    10/31/2022 / Christian Living
    "Just sayin'" has been an expression many have used the past few years. However, if you will just say it--The Word--then you'll be investing the time and power of your words wisely, to change your life for good!

  69. Accusations by PamFord Davis  
    10/31/2022 / Devotionals
    Did the accusations stick?

  70. The Power of Sound--To Hurt or Heal by Tonja Taylor  
    10/29/2022 / Christian Living
    God created the world with sound--words. He gave us the power and freedom to use sounds, especially words, to change things.

  71. Don't Judge God by What People Do! by Tonja Taylor  
    10/28/2022 / Christian Living
    Every true Believer--and those who are really seeking how to be true Believers--wants to see Christ, in true Believers! But when we judge God by us fallible humans, we can get a wrong picture of Him.

  72. Darkness and Fog by PamFord Davis  
    10/28/2022 / Devotionals
    Praise God!

    He has delivered us from the power of darkness and conveyed us into the kingdom of the Son of His love (Colossians 1:13 NKJV).

  73. God Will Provide All These Things by Dudley Anderson  
    10/28/2022 / Christian Living
    Your source is Gods riches in glory in Christ Jesus. You are his little one and he knows that you need all these things.

  74. Pouting, Or Parting? by Tonja Taylor  
    10/27/2022 / Christian Living
    To everything there is a season, Solomon said (Ecclesiastes 3). In this new season, prepare for change--sometimes surprisingly so!

  75. CHRISTLIKENESS: More of YOU Father, and less of me by linzy bruno  
    10/27/2022 / Bible Studies
    "He must increase, but I must decrease,)" John 3:30

  76. Liberated! by PamFord Davis  
    10/27/2022 / Devotionals
    Two of Gods servants were incarcerated.

    Their jailer and his family were liberated!

  77. The Story Teller by PamFord Davis  
    10/26/2022 / Devotionals
    The LORD often used contrasts in His story telling.

    Once upon a time

    Jesus contrasted the worship and prayers of two men.

  78. GOD'S DEFINITION OF WEALTH by linzy bruno  
    10/25/2022 / Bible Studies
    "I know your works, tribulation, and poverty, (but you are rich);"

  79. An Eagle Shot Down But Rising Again--Stronger and Higher Now! by Tonja Taylor  
    10/25/2022 / Christian Living
    Many are familiar with the myth of the phoenix, that rises from the ashes. However, we true Believers are eagle Christians, and when we get shot down, we remember that our true Life is in the Spirit of God, the Living Word, the LORD Jesus Christ!

  80. Hold On--It Will Get Better! by Tonja Taylor  
    10/23/2022 / Christian Living
    When it seems that life keeps being negative, dragging on, with no end in sight, know that the Master of Everything, the LORD Jesus Christ Who loves you and gave His life for you, will come through! Hold on!

  81. Thanksgiving Therapy by Tonja Taylor  
    10/22/2022 / Christian Living
    Being thankful sounds so simple, but it can be hard in challenging circumstances. It's cheap and effective therapy! However, once we develop the habit, it is easier, and when we choose to be thankful, we can get the victory much sooner!

  82. Trusting Father in difficult seasons by Lorraine Taylor  
    10/22/2022 / Christian Living
    When we find ourselves pressed beyond human capacity, the way of faith is the necessary unwavering absolute surrender of that 'thing' and wanted outcome to the father's forever covenant promises and faithfulness to enable and empower us in, by and through his unmeasurable Grace.

  83. THERE IS NO GREATER THING by Lewis E. Thomas  
    10/22/2022 / Poetry

  84. What Other King Would Share His Throne? Only The God of Hope! by Tonja Taylor  
    10/21/2022 / Salvation
    Hope is the light of life. When all seems dark and we feel dead, our spirits within know that somehow, God--The God of Heaven and earth, Who willingly shares His Throne with us--is our only true Hope. He is good, loves us anyway, and will help us live again!

  85. This is Your Hour by Dudley Anderson  
    10/21/2022 / Devotionals
    Now is the time. This is the hour of your purpose. Every minute of your life was penned for you in his book of your life before you were born.

  86. RELATIONSHIP IS EVERYTHING! by linzy bruno  
    10/20/2022 / Christian Living
    "My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me." (John 10:27)

  87. God Sized Portion by PamFord Davis  
    10/20/2022 / Devotionals
    He alone can satisfy.

    The LORD is my continual portion.

  88. Shovel-Ready by PamFord Davis  
    10/19/2022 / Devotionals
    Are you Shovel-ready?

    Hopefully youre a man (or woman) hard at work

  89. GOD IN THE CORN FIELD by Lewis E. Thomas  
    10/18/2022 / Poetry

  90. When You're Kicked in the Gut by Tonja Taylor  
    10/18/2022 / Christian Living
    When those closest to you--spouse, children, spiritual leaders--betray you, it's the spirit of trauma trying to take you out. But King Jesus is the trauma Master!

  91. His Will is Perfect by PamFord Davis  
    10/18/2022 / Devotionals
    The LORDS ways are marvelous; His will is perfect.

    And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God (Romans 12:2 NKJV).

  92. HUMILITY IS ATTRACTIVE by linzy bruno  
    10/17/2022 / Bible Studies

    "Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For My yoke is easy and My burden is light." (Matthew 11:29-30))

  93. MAKING WITNESSING SIMPLE by linzy bruno  
    10/17/2022 / Christian Living
    "It's a beautiful day!" "Yes! Thank the Lord!"

  94. External Religion by Ken Barnes  
    10/17/2022 / Christian Living
    The Lords greatest condemnation is for people who have an outward faade of religion but lack an inward heart transformation.

  95. Meditation and Prayer of a Sojourner by PamFord Davis  
    10/17/2022 / Devotionals
    Dont hang your hat; were just passing through.

    Meditation and Prayer of a Sojourner

  96. The Love of Daddy God is Our Victory! by Tonja Taylor  
    10/16/2022 / Christian Living
    The true victory is the agape Love of God--no strings attached. What a truly awesome thing to be adopted as His children, through the faith (which HE gives us!) by the pure blood of Christ shed for us on the cross over 2,000 years ago! Hallelujah! Here is one of my visions and one of my songs about that.

  97. How Are You Spending Your Wealth? by Tonja Taylor  
    10/15/2022 / Christian Living
    "Wealth" is much more than finances, although they are included. All the true wealth is in Jesus the Christ!

  98. God Needs the Gifts in You! by Tonja Taylor  
    10/15/2022 / Christian Living
    The LORD gives each Believer in Him at least one gift, and He has chosen to need our gifts to help accomplish His perfect Plan in the earth! Hallelujah!

  99. Christ, or Crisis? by Tonja Taylor  
    10/15/2022 / Christian Living
    We all want peace. It is only found in Christ. When we draw closer to the LORD and learn His ways, we have much more of crisis-free Heaven on earth!

  100. Are You Carnal or Spiritual? by Tonja Taylor  
    10/14/2022 / Christian Living
    We want to be like Jesus, Who is the Holy Spirit of God, Who is perfect in all His ways. It is a continual cleansing process, but here are a couple of ways to test yourself; to see if your decision is carnal ("the flesh"--from the mind/will/emotions), or spiritual (directed by God).

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