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  1. Responsibility Towards the New Believer and the Backslider by Michael Okyere Asante  
    What should be our attitude towards repentant sinners and backsliders? Should it be one of love and compassion, or one of hatred and suspicion?

  2. The Christian's Cash and the Bible by Robin Calamaio  
    Does it matter to God what we do with our $$ - cash? Does He have designs for it and, if so, what are they - and do they make sense? And is it possible the church itself threatens one's financial compliance before our eternal Maker? Sound ridiculous? Well, let's see.

  3. Wildlife Habitats and Stewardship of Creation by carlynn c  
    What is a wildlife habitat? What does Creation Stewardship mean? Do I need a big yard to help God's creatures both great and small? Do I need a license? What are the advantages and disadvantages? Do you wish there were alternatives to mowing your lawn twice a week in summer months? Do you want to conserve gas, decrease noise and air pollution?

    Discover the major components of a wildlife habitat, how to set on up in just a few hours (or be surprised that you may already be a good steward of the environment and of all God put here for our use and mutual delight!

  4. The Calling to Christian Ministry is not an Occupation by Robert Randle  
    The life of a Minister, Pastor, Evangelist, Priest, or Missionary can be filled with enormous joy but it can be one of tremendous hardache, suffering, deprivation, imprisonment, and martydom for the cause of Christ. This is a serious commitment, and not for the faint of heart or the sunshine soldier because there will be some dark days ahead; and many of those full of trouble.

  5. Seeds in the Garden by Irvin Rozier  
    Planting seeds, both earthly and heavenly, is labor intensive!

  6. Thank You to a Nameless Saint by Annie Glasel  
    Writing for God is not about the vanity of being published. Writing for God is about using the words that He gives as dews of life - ministering to those in need.

  7. RESIDENTIAL SCHOOL letter by Richard L. Provencher  
    Nora Bernard, a Christian, and Mi'kmac social activist was instrumental in gaining approximately four billion dollars compensation from Canada's government regarding abuse of natives from previous residential schools. She was brutally murdered in a home invasion this year and died, leaving behind a legacy of love and caring for others.

  8. The Robe Jesus Wore To The Cross by Imma Okochua  
    The robe Jesus wore to the cross does not prove that Jesus was rich while He was on earth.

  9. REALITY CHECK: by Diana Isham  
    To A Radio Commentator Re: Abortion Edited/Updated!! 3/30/2006

  10. Fredas Foibles - FREEDOM by Freda Douglas  
    Are you tied to a boss who is making money while 'slaves' work to help him/her to make money? Read this essay and find a possible solution for yourself.

  11. In Whom ar You Vested? by Kay McElroy  
    Do you know where your investment dollars are going? You'll be surprised to see the immorality you could be supporting when just buying stocks.

  12. Industry Standard by Kay McElroy  
    Christians sometimes have a ho-hum, "just get by" attitude in our walk with Christ, when in fact, our lives should be demonstative of a joy like no other.

  13. Understanding What Outer Darkness Really Means by Everest Alexander  
    Detailed explanation of what being cast into Outer Darkness is, who gets sent there and why. Also shows why Outer Darkness and Hell are NOT the same thing.

  14. Understanding What The Mansions in Heaven Really Are by Everest Alexander  
    Detailed explanation of what the heavenly mansions really are, who they're for and how to get one.

  15. It's Not Easy Being Green! by Alan Allegra  
    The earth and skies were made to be enjoyed and to glorify God (Psalm 19:1; 1 Timothy 6:17). It is difficult to enjoy polluted air and water, disappearing resources, and extinct animals. We have been given these assets to manage, not to squander.


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