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WISDOM UPDATE: Profit economically and learn from the bitter experience of others. Believe me, this is MUCH SMARTER than to learn out of your own bitter experience. NOW ADDED: Investment Details, Financial Bubbles (Especially Stocks), Education, Choosing

by Eugene Lopatynsky  
8/25/2015 / Christian Living

WISDOM UPDATE: Profit economically and learn from the bitter experience of others. Believe me, this is MUCH SMARTER than to learn out of your own bitter experience.
NOW ADDED: Investment Details, Financial Bubbles (Especially Stocks), Education, Choosing Professions, Gold, Financing Devils, Job Cautions and Strategy. etc.


The experience of lifetimes, of many, and their advice, is contained in these few pages.



The old Germanic tribes of Europe had a "goddess", before encountering Catholicism. Her name was Freya. From this name comes the word FREIHEIT, in German, and FREEDOM, in English. What was she a "goddess" of? Do you have any idea?


Such was the practical attitude, perceived and born out of bitter experience, way, way back, from the don of human history. Only slaves own nothing. If you control someone's life's essentials, you have that person utterly dependent on you and your will. Without assets we have only the freedom to starve. And, maybe, not even that. God gave to each Hebrew property to make him independent. Then God gave laws to protect that independence by protecting their property. PROPERTY IS FREEDOM.

Every pirate government, which wants to remove your liberty, will try to utterly impoverish you, first. These nice people will try doing it slowly or rapidly, depending on current probabilities for avoiding a successful counterrevolution.

Writing our Constitution, after some battle, the original wording was changed to "pursuit of happiness". Some of the founding fathers did not relish too many upstarts either. But can YOU imagine much happiness in the midst of bitter, grinding poverty? Try instead "pursuit of private property", or "pursuit of private ownership", the original intention. If you make it, don't forget your USA, your beautiful country. Try to help it and defend it. You will be part then of the middle class, so feared by the Big Boys.

Invest only in REAL ESTATE, AND TANGIBLES. With a RENTAL PROPERTY, IN A GOOD AREA, the tenants will pay off your mortgage in 15-30 years and you retire debt free with big income. Learn to calculate and to plan.

Watch out for "bubbles", temporarily overprized properties. During "bubbles" buy a lot, zoned for the number of units you want, in a good area, and build. There are no bubbles for wages or construction materials. Apart from property resale or operating rental real estate there is nothing much still open to us.

The Big Guys have already seen to that. They do not want a middle class.

Consider debt as a most dangerous enemy. NEVER BORROW WITH CREDIT CARDS. Use debit cards, against your own money in the bank. Get out of mortgages as fast as you can. The sense of freedom and power over your life will be unbelievable. It doesn't cost much to live. The danger is in what you owe.

Beware of small merchant (small shop), small factory or small production type of enterprise. Big capital has eliminated most of this type of independence a hundred years ago. It is now an ENDANGERED enterprise. Dangerous.


Forget the STOCK EXCHANGE. Only an INSIDER CAN MAKE MONEY, by robbing you! Why put your assets into the fingers of such scoundrels? BANKS and STOCK and Currency Exchanges are economic PUMPS, transferring limitless riches from the working classes of the world into the hands of a minute devil worshipping elite. INVEST IN REAL PROPERTY, OVER WHICH YOU HAVE CONTROL.

Similarly, never leave your girl alone, out of your sight, for any length of time. That may be, say very many, practically a guaranteed disaster. Satanic laws have seen to the promotion of that.


Before the appearance of giant capital almost every nation had an enormous "middle class" with independent, private ownership a class of small independent masters, shoemakers, clothiers, small manufacturing shops, ranches, etc. These provided an endless pool of employment (as well as political stability) to the nation.

Big capital changed all this into few employers, the MASTERS, and a nation-wide, colossal, "workers pool", the lowly, uprooted and disinherited, SERVANTS. Most of us, unfortunately, have to depend today on employment by these masters and their lackeys for our livelihood.

Often this turns into a disagreeable experience. Both masters and their lackeys may humiliate you, exploit you and spitefully persecute you, to boost their EGO, or for other reasons. Coworkers or your subordinates may compete for your job, to advance themselves into your position, by discrediting, gossip mongering, blackmail, even by sabotaging you. If you're not vigilant, often they do succeed. I know a strange case where a subordinate managed to steal enough to lower the inventory sufficiently to incriminate his boss. In some extreme cases illegal drugs have been planted on their boss or "mistakes" fabricated. The old GREED, EGO, LUST provides the motivation. The lower the level of morality in a nation, the worse it gets.

One of the "disciplining" procedures involves "writing you up", two of the lackeys confronting you with written accusations and asking you to sign it. NEVER SIGHN. This usually is equivalent to admitting guilt. IF THE WHOLE THING IS DISHONEST, you must start defending yourself, with courtesy, but dignified, and effectively.

You might start immediately to solicit advice from friends, associates experienced with this type of persecution, lawyer, anyone familiar with this type of intrigue and customs. Next you might want to contact your department supervisor with some personal complains of harassment, personal malice and persecution, and the real facts. Any discrimination for race, religion, nationality or sex is now a type of crime. You might eventually ask for a transfer or start a lawsuit on you own. Don't let any "write ups" accumulate. Such write ups may follow you into your next job. If here is a union to help you, see what can be done.

In some cases both the lackey and the servant write each other up. In one case, I heard, an employee took out the maximum "health, disability and accident" insurance offered by his company, and when they tried to fire him, he claimed psychological, psychiatric disability, partly due to stress and harassment at work, and with the help of a psychiatrist got several years free pay and medical.

I mention this only to illustrate that this is a serious, competitive and potentially dangerous field. Someone unaware of what is going on is in danger. One must walk with courtesy and honesty, but very carefully; do your job as well as can be done, watch any stock or equipment entrusted to you like a hawk, and explore defensive options well ahead of time. It is no joke being a servant (employee) instead of being the master (owner); especially when becoming an owner yourself is properly and totally blocked for you by big capital.

Keep in mind your eventual PENSION BENEFITS. Much of private industry and enterprise will provide practically nothing towards your retirement. Believe me, this retirement will come and you will need financial help. Historically the State or Government employment has been best at providing a decent retirement programs for employees. They offer salaries a little lower than private industry, but calculate yourself the real financial gain for your ultimate 20 to 40 years of life. Most of us, in spite of great hopes and plans, do end up very dependent on pension and social security. There might also be less stress and workload, as well as automatic promotion, in government sponsored jobs.


but only if you choose your profession wisely. Lawyers, doctors and dentists have been highly successful occupations, primarily because many can set up in independent business; be their own masters. A good profession must also require a special license, as above, for their protection. Licensed professionals in the health provider field have been in considerable demand, but positions in pharmacy, nursing, and others have been reduced to "permanent" servant status by big capital. Some of these captured professions report being stressed out and exploited past limits of endurance by ruthless taskmasters, the lackeys of their rich owners.

Engineering might be appealing to some mathematically minded, but there is no license to protect you and, if you are out of work for a while, you tend to forget most of your education. Employers know that. Neither can you be your own master in today's economy.

Arts, painting, music are usually the worst prospects, unless you are a rich promoter yourself and control the "market".

Before you invest and embark on a course of study, canvass the opinions of professionals working in that field. Ask about the demand for this profession , pay, job-stress and so on. Some of them (not all) will tell you the truth.

Acquiring a profession by education may now mean several years of study. But remember, that if you stay in whatever you are doing now, in a few years you will still be in the same mess and several years older. Six to seven years is not a long time and it will probably change your level of living, quality of job, the type of friends you will have, the kind of vacations you can afford. It is worth it. If there is a will, there is usually a way to finance it.


Our currency had a SILVER and GOLD backing in the past. Removal of the silver and gold backing eliminated the last defense which our CURRENCY had against inflation. One SILVER dollar today may be worth 20 PAPER dollars or more. That means your PAPER dollar lost 95% of its old value during these few years. Today's currency has nothing tangible whatever behind it, apart from a promise of "I Owe You -Nothing" from the bankers (banksters).

Gold coins require minimal space. Many financial advisors recommend purchase of the physical metal itself, preferably as the prices go down (it also fluctuates), leave it in your safety deposit box in a bank (not your regular bank), and never touch it unless you have an emergency. Don't advertise you have it and it will remain divorce-proof too. Just mention it in your private, confidential testament. Established gold coins might be best. Generally, accumulate tangibles, leaving only small amount of money in the bank. Diversify wisely.


Before contemplating marriage or pure adultery first read HOW TO SURVIVE MARRIAGE IN THESE LAST DAYS UNDER SATAN; better still, look up "Defeat Divorce? Marriage Security Begins with" both my articles, in If that is of interest, make sure to read these references. They need not be duplicated here.

Your time BEFORE marriage is the MOST IMPORTANT part of your security and defense, to investigate your mate and to prepare all PRENUPTIAL CONTRACTS. Quite apart from investigating character, works and family of your prospect, search for any history (ancestors) of schizophrenia or bipolar disorders and also current evidence for drug addictions. The last two issues are said to be just about permanent and eventually fatal future assurance of disaster.

Learn from the bitter, disastrous mistakes and experiences of others before entering this veritable minefield yourself. Read about biblical child upbringing and homeschooling. Above mentioned reference is a MUST, at least to start.

It may be a surprise to Europeans and Americans, that the laws in SOME Latin countries, regarding inheritance, are really different. If estranged family members, who hate you, manage to kill you somehow, the "wife" and "kids" automatically inherit 2/3, or all, of your estate in these Latin Countries, and perhaps globally. YOUR TESTAMENT may NOT APPLY. It can only transfer 1/3 of your estate, as per testament. If you want to keep your life's assets out the hands of your enemies within the "estranged family", you must transfer the title (sell it) during your lifetime (before they kill you). You think I am kidding? If you have enemies in your family in any Latin country, have you noticed their inquiries (with the rest of your family and friends) about your global holdings? Kiddo, down there it happens all the time. Virtual wars of violence ensue over inheritance, without the police doing anything about it. It's hard to believe until you see it.

(2) Within marriage MAXIMIZE SEX, but remember to give pleasure as well as to receive. It is a wonderful thing within marriage. This is also a very effective investment. Most unfortunately, in their selfishness, only very few will understand this. Promote sex inside your marriage.
Schools and education change stupid devils into clever ones. If you allow them assets, or set them up in business, you create a powerful evil. They are predators on mankind, enemies to the social fabric. It is the nature of the demons inside them, to squeeze everything they can out of you and turn on you and rend you. Then they will proceed to do the same to society.

An elder, divorced gentleman started helping two young girls in South America, without investigating their character (works) or families. The girls came like angels of light, in true tradition of Satan, their father. Few years and some $ 100,000 later, for school, food, pretended sickness, lodging and all, the poor, now ailing guy, found poison in his coffee.

Finally suspicious, belatedly, he investigated. One girl had just graduated; the other still at university. Both of them got together to kill the guy and seize all his assets. Two voodoo, witchcraft death curse-packets had been planted by them, one inside his mattress, the other under his sofa. One investigator opened and inhaled something in one of the voodoo packages and died inside 3 days. On the mattress had been sprinkled powdered dead man's skin, from a local witchdoctor.

This is what the trusting guy got for his investment in the lives and educations of these two whores. They and their secret lovers/pimps simply intended to kill him quietly, enter and seize his entire property, just paying taxes and maintenance. If they could have succeeded enriching themselves, what would they have continued doing to society later?

Generally speaking, remove the appeal of huge and easy gain from the minds of others. Pretend that all your property is mortgaged more than it is worth, that you have huge debts besides and a crowd of your children after you for inheritance. That removes the motive. Remain still on guard. Their demons love to mutilate others just for nothing. Be armed and keep valuables and wallet in a digital safe, as well as the exit door-key. (Only you will be able to open and let them out). Hidden cameras may not be a bad investment. Examine what your intimate visitors bring in. If you find strong hypnotics (put you asleep) and a plastic bag you'll know they're there to kill you. You might find something else interesting, who knows. Think I am kidding? You are in the middle of 2 Timothy 3:1-5. Only some countries have it worse than others.


Trust only God for your salvation, -- IF --you continue to obey the Bible. People change with time. One trusting ex-husband, who placed ASSETS into the hands of his successive wives and family, never learned, and is still wailing and weeping that ALL his previous wives and relatives had turned enemies, robbers and traitors; all of them. You think it's an isolated occurrence? Never put others in control of any of your POSSESSIONS OR PROPERTY.

NEVER JUST ACCEPT OR BELIEVE WHAT ANYONE SAYS. If it's IMPORTANT, always check it out. It will be well worth the trouble. Separate false from true stories and the same goes for promises. Categorically don't believe in anybody's promises or faithfulness. Neither does your bank, right?

(2) NEVER LOAN anything.
You may give it away, but if you cannot afford to give it away, do not lend. Lending, you usually lose the object lent and your friend as well. If they want money, let them go to a bank. The bank is well able to defend itself. They come to you, knowing, you won't. Neither GUARANTEE anyone's loan even the Bible has a prohibition against it.

(3) Practice COURTESY daily. EVERY DAY.

Make a point of it. Courtesy costs nothing, but is one of the MOST EFFECTIVE investments in the world.

Self- confidence, knowing you can do something right, is good. SELF-ESTEEM IS SATANIC. Christ Jesus, your creator, washed feet. And you can't even be courteous?


Sooner or later there will be times when we just don't really know what to do.
In that case, confronted with a major decision, a major threat or with a major problem DO NOT TRUST ONLY YOUR OWN ABILITY. Solicit advice. You don't have to take it, but you should consider it. Remember that nobody has had experience in everything. You NEED to know your options and the probabilities of various possible outcomes. Take care to consult the right people, not the right devils.

Often in one's life very serious and terrible errors arise just for not consulting cautiously the right people.


We normally have MANY, MANY people we know, but VERY, VERY FEW, if any, FRIENDS. Whenever you find one, keep in touch throughout life. Help them in need. Be interested in their problems. Even if they don't love you, you might profit much to retain them as friends. Keep in touch.

Most depressed people lose out on this, by hiding, not communicating. Most especially, devote yourself to your parents and family, to all who love you. This is an investment. Help each other, communicate, tell them you love them and kick your pride (self-esteem) to the devil, where it belongs. Jesus washed feet. Can't you? We need fellowship, exchange of ideas, cheering up, or just talk to people we like. This is an authentic need and it is often profitable.

(6) DO NOT DENY YOURSELF much if you can reasonably afford it IF ITS MORAL, LEGAL AND BENEFICIAL. Most people WILL KEEP DENYING themselves ALL THEIR LIFE, only to lose their fortune sooner or later, through divorce, disaster or thieves; or perish, leaving it to others. Be forewarned.
MOVING OFTEN and settling down in different parts of the country are probably counterproductive. The best growth potential is usually in picking a promising area you really like, establish yourself, purchase real estate and keep adding property and valuables or business to it throughout the years. Every time you move you probably lose substantially.


EVERY true Christian will tell you that knowing Christ Jesus is the greatest happiness of their lives. And will be hereafter, better believe it.

This will be, indeed, the greatest thing you will ever have, and it will last forever. Even in this life it will be the greatest happiness you'll have, and a light upon your path. Conversely, to FAIL in this, will be the GREATEST DISASTER you will ever have, both here and hereafter.

Get your wife to become a REAL Christian too. Do you know how much a divorce costs? This must be one of the greatest investments for you, indeed. And how about the kids? Do you want them to grow into useless, selfish, decadent, rebellious children, as in 2Tim. 3:1-5? Be a Christian example to them, share your time with them, even your work and choose Christian home schooling or a Christian school. You think this is not a very, very vital investment?

(2) STUDY AND OBEY THE BIBLE every day of your life. The results are statistically really beyond price. If you have invited JESUS to be the ruler of your life, then PLEASE, PLEASE read "BIBLE MUTILATION" in . No real Christian can remain unaware of this tremendously essential information. Don't wait. Read it.

The Bible is a love story; written with blood, upon a wooden cross; the story of God's love for you.

Men are not lost because they are sinners; they are lost because they have rejected Jesus who died for them. The ultimate treasure is not creation, it is the Creator. Any CONCEIVABLE sacrifice in this world is worthwhile to find our Lord and to belong to Him!


After this, check out the guide in "How to read the Bible and clean up your life" in (in Discipling Bible Studies) . It's made for you.
The second resource, contains much information not easily found anywhere else. Curious?

From this basic dishonesty will result tremendous negative internal, psychological readjustments. It will mark you evil internally. Don't do it. Pay for things. Never steal. If you find something which others have lost, return it to owner, as possible.


(19) DEFEND YOUR HEALTH: AVOID POISONS. Examine "Population containment by promoting wrong nutrition and chronic diseases" in "" on the internet.

In England the rate of pathological obesity (overweight) is 6 %. In USA it is now 36%! Have you considered why? Only saccharin is reported to be safe, all other synthetic Sweeteners (nutrasweet, aspertame, sucralose) damage your appetite control center and cause a permanent explosion of appetite, all that besides being terrible chronic poisons.

Why do we have the emergence of pathogenic viruses, which never existed before? Why the tremendous increase of debilitating chronic disease and cancer? Ever hear of the Georgia Guide Stones?
Look it up in

You may not believe it, but it is possible to decrease food intake simply by psychological readjustment. THE MOUTH is the veritable KEY to any weight control. Whatever weight any person has achieved is gained in one way only BY MOUTH! The money grinding drug industry will offer you a thousand different products to lose weight, mostly raw STIMULANTS (caffeine sources or ephedrine analogs or both) so you can invite soaring blood pressure and stroke. But never, not once, will they tell you, to form, to develop EARLY a lifelong habit of avoiding poisons and JUST CONTROLLING YOUR MOUTH. Why? Because there is no money in keeping you healthy. The profit lies in repeatedly treating chronic diseases.

It can be done and is done by almost all slender people around. Once you ingest something, there is virtually no real way to lose it, not even by regular attendance at the gym.

The technique involves the following:

(a) Continuous AWARENESS OF FOOD AS AN ENEMY, eat much less and eat healthy. Delicious and fatty meals, and especially poisons, like monosodium glutamate, aspartame, fluoride and a host of others, invite more appetite and debilitate you eventually.
(b) Eliminating or minimizing impulse snacks, most especially the readymade ones, with hundreds of harmful ingredients. If you must have a snack, carry your own or bring a fruit.
(c) Eliminating or minimizing SUGAR for a sugar substitute use only SACCHARIN for sweetener. Make your own soft drinks from pure (filtered or distilled) water, sweetener (saccharin) and maybe lime, etc. Never use modern sweeteners these have been developed for population containment (reduce offspring) and are chronic poisons. Besides poisoning you chronically these sweeteners damage your appetite control center and cause insatiable hunger! Check it out. Sugar is said to be also a veritable fertilizer for cancer. DECREASE "all the white stuff", the heavy hydrocarbons, like BREAD, RICE, POTATOES.

Start with small measures and constantly increase control over eating habits.
(d) Avoid like a plague all omega 6 oils (partly unsaturated). These are all the cheap oils on your grocery shelves. These oxidize very rapidly into poisonous lipid peroxides. Use only olive oil (low heat only) and natural fats butter, animal fats. These are saturated; they do not oxidize easily. Heat turns unsaturated and partially unsaturated fats rapidly into lipid peroxides avoid, like a plague, all fried food; especially French Fries! Avoid ALL margarines. The dear government and their controlled medical schools gave us the exact opposite, unhealthy advice.

(e) Consult a reputable nutritionist on the subject of healthy foods and the avoidance of poisons. There are several on the internet. Check their professional standing first. Dr. Blaylock may be one to look up, but this is no advertisement.


no matter what else you might be doing. This habit must be for life. Never give it up. You'll probably end up exercising most days this way. This short exercise will OXYGENATE your entire body. If you exercise longer than some 15 minutes (at a time) your body will generate toxic radicals.

Besides, exercise is work and any program of one or more hours is usually maintained for a very short time. To achieve your 15 min daily, plan on 3 min (but pledged 3 min.) only. If you don't like it or are too busy, you'll give yourself the freedom to stop after 3 min. Anybody can squeeze in 3 minutes.

This is a psychological trick. Because as soon as the adrenaline starts flowing you'll not want to stop, but are likely to complete the exercise. Pledge 3 min.
For this you might select weight training, but small weights only, to improve muscle tone. It's the regular aspect of doing it that works miracles throughout your life. This should become a habit which is continued practically as long as you live.


If it were possible in this present "article format" to solicit the wisdom of others, their advice born out of their dire experience, if you please, I would certainly ask for these contributions now. Advice accompanied by true story examples is even more effective.

Nevertheless, contributors could respond to Visitors Message, in

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