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Evil Spirituality

by Gerry Bloemendaal  
3/09/2016 / Christian Apologetics

Friends I wanted to have a closer look at our spirituality, often we forget that we are spiritual beings and that both Good and Bad bring spiritual realities alive within our lives.

Below I have listed some common wrong or evil spiritual manifestations which we can find within our spiritual space. Please understand that the names I gave the spirituality are pointers of recognition.

For example, feelings of shame, fear, guilt are human spiritual characteristics (which came into our life after we fell into sin) - and should not be understood to be evil spirituality in itself - yet unclean spirituality will use our human feelings and thoughts to captivate, hurt and even kill us - it is these forces I am looking at - and therefore I have named them according to the spiritual feeling they bring alive within - not because evil spirituality really carry such names.

The Deceiver. (Gen 3:1-5, Is 14:12-15)
The Devil, Satan, the Snake, the liar, the Beast. Though Deceiver can only be brought into us through Dishonesty, His spiritual visitations are vastly different than Dishonesty. Deceiver has his essence of being shaped as the snake -- sneaks into any tiny hole and speaks in split tongue. His presence of inner recognition is therefore not as easy as it may seem. The Deceiver is a silent almost invisible predator of heart and mind. His personal characteristics give him away however. His focus is always seeking to put/talk/set the truth into such a perspective as to suit us the wilful sinner/his cause best. Also the Deceiver appears as a friend within when we either try to get out of the truth of our wrongful actions or when he tries to smooth talk us into doing/seeing something wrongful(ly). (Le. 19:36, Ps. 109:1-5) Rightfully the Deceiver forms a very large part of The Dragon/accuser and The False Prophet within our inner world of being.

The Tempter. (Mt 4:1-11,7:10, Rev 20)
The Devil, the snake. Oh the tempter of human hearts shall soon burn forever more. Yet as of today beware. No one can withstand the Devil but Jesus Christ the Word. Everyone can get to know the Tempter but not many realise how sly, cunning and strong the Devil truly is. The surest way we can recognise that we have fallen for the Tempter is when our fleshly/worldly desires/needs rule our lives. The Tempter is the 'commander in chief' of our fallen reality. The more times the Tempter get his way in us the more miserable and empty of spirit we become. Truly in our human nature we are the puppets, unclean spirituality shape the strings and the devil in the shapes of the Tempter, Accuser and Deceiver the unholy puppet-master.

The spirit of this world.
Satan as 'prince'(dictator) of our 'worldly' lives. The spirit of idolatry, adulatory and deceit -- who takes our focus away from God and places us in a removed from God reality -- even this sinful world's. The spirit who is permeated through our fleshly desires our worldly and sinful existence. The spirit of this world 'conforms' or 'conditions' us according to the ways of this world. (Psalm 115:2-8) The spirit of this world is an entity which controls MANY legions of unclean spirituality. (Think about saturate.) For example the 'worldly spirits' of the self-absorbed, workaholic, watching sport, believing the news Media and having a beer, every night again, all shape more unclean spirituality under the banner of one spirit -- the spirit of this world -- with our human spirit in bondage to it all.(Romans 1:18-32, Rev 17:15)

Unbelief.(Psalm 14 & 53, He. 3:7-19.)
A spirit of lies and deceit through untrue visions/perspectives of 'truth'. A crushing spirit, a spirit full of murder Unbelief ought to be a guardian angel. The clearest shape of its appearance is that one perceives from nothingness (you can't see or understand) while He is. Unbelief is experienced as a stab, (deadly if believed,) to the heart of the believer, as easily noticeable as the sting of death, for those of little faith in us. Constantly on the prowl this spirit seeks moments of incomprehension and suggests to our minds that God or His loving help is impossible for you don't see, see wrongly or don't understand, as you look at its suggestion, which is always a lie or a perverted view of the truth.

Self will. (Romans 2:8)
A spirit of stubborn pride, rebellion, spiritual war, dictatorships, murder and genocide. Another general in Satan's web of spiritual intrigue. Self will does not take into account Father's will. Jesus teaches us that complete denial of self will was the purpose of His being. Not My will but the Will of My Father in heaven I have come to do.) Self will seeks only for self and those/that which are/is important to self and in this way is very closely related to selfishness. Their spiritual visitations however are quite different.

A spirit of false hopes and visions.(Is 47:13b-14) A spirit of self-achievement. A spirit of this world, an overwhelming 'addictive' spirit. That our current socio-economic system is run largely by speculation should not surprise us in the least. The spirit of speculation is strong in our modern day and age. Hardly ever warned about the Speculator also runs a muck within the children of our Church. "Just imagine" Speculation is a big and real danger in any Christian's life. Witchcraft and Speculation are not only 'related' they work like hand in glove together. Where you find the one, one will find the other. Speculator forms a big slice of the tongue all believers must hear, the false prophet promoting The Dragon as God and the world as the way to go.

Self Destruction.
A spirit of spiritual genocide and murder. A tool of the Destroyer/Accuser. The spirit of self destruction 'takes away' all personal respect form its victim. Lack of respect, for self or others, opens the way to more spiritual and/or physical abuse. self-destruction is a powerful attitude/mood spirit. By this I mean that Self Destruction constantly pollutes our thoughts and feelings, an true abomination that God's children should fornicate with such a wicked force. Addiction and I don't care always accompanies Self-destruction and Suicide is usually the 'last ruler' before physical death.

I don't care.
A spirit of isolation, imprisonment, extreme spiritual injustices and murder. A spirit of lovelessness, unwillingness and selfishness. Usually a fleeting spirit, though like all unclean spirits it leaves a lasting effect.
A mood and attitude problem one can expect from this abomination within fallen existence. I don't care what the wicked say isn't even a pure spirit of being for God does care about wicked utterings. A loving heart always cares and in this way we can see even more clearly the wickedness shaping our spirit when we are in our I don't care 'moods'.

The need to be right.
A spirit of powerful delusions. A spirit of this world. A very stubborn spirit. The need to be right feeds on insecurity and fear. The shape of being is this stubborn hold around a personal perspective. (Think here about walls around a city.) The need to be right is 'fathered' by pride in the selfishness/self-focus of our own being. The need to be right is usually an unspoken reality of inner being. The times that the need to be right does speak out could be seen as the tip of the iceberg. I know better and the need to be right are 'blood related.' (To side with God is the best way to be freed from its clutches.)

A spirit of depletion, oblivion and destruction. A spirit of this world. Boredom in essence of being carries the void like nothingness of the uncreated. When one meditates on Boredom one can soon see its abominable character. As if, when Boredom strikes, all good is not present any longer while The Fountain of all Good is. Boredom is one of the most visible spirits of childhood. Still undisguised by the child's consciousness the spirit of Boredom openly empties the need of active living into a void of inner discomfort which seeks to feed without the will to act. In active and creative persons Boredom finds its most fertile field in a(n) restrictive/authoritarian environment and its best long release fertiliser is forced and/or meaningless work/jobs, or jails, be they bedroom or dungeons, physical or spiritual.

Here we have a true example of that which is anti-Christ, selfishness is the 'father' of the lawless one. (Le. 19:9-10, Is 5:8-10, Jude :8-16.) A flaming spirit. A spirit of pride, arrogance, unfaithfulness, disobedience, rebellion and murder. (Jude :11) A spirit of this world. Selfishness is the 'door' and 'motivator' to take more wickedness into our hearts and minds. Selfishness is the Judas of our spiritual life. Selfishness at the bottom of it has to do with flaming realities called Fear and Greed. The Fear of missing out indeed the fear of death combined with the grab what I can get attitude of being. Selfishness is the very essence of force within the great deceiver.

A flaming spirit. A spirit of arrogant haughtiness and disdain. An abominable spirit easily recognisable within our hearts. Pride is a high climber always reaching far above itself. Pride loves to praise itself. Like all unclean spirits Pride is stubborn for it contumaciously holds its perspective even when proven wrong. Pride and Weakness work in particular efficiently together within human hearts. Arrogant is the first-born 'son' of their unholy union. (Psalm 10:2-11, 73:6, Proverbs 13:10.)

Doubt.(Romans 14:23)
A spirit of unbelief, haughtiness, oppression and murder. Doubt ought to be a guardian angel. Doubt like so many other spirits of existence doesn't have to be wrong at the right time. To doubt a lie is wise for example or to pride in God. Yet Doubt as an unclean spirit doesn't carry any redeeming qualities. The shape of Doubt is the hesitation in accepting The Truth of God as final. To doubt the truth is lethal. Yet this spirit can attack and oppress Christians, in particular young or new Christians behind the scene of life for years. Doubt hates the truth, for this removes the need for doubt's rule over our existence. That something which makes Christians today so weak could be so strong taught me that the reign of doubt in God's Church is stronger than ever.

Dishonesty.(Pr 19:5, 1 Tim. 4:2)
A spirit of rape and distortion. A fleeting spirit. We all know this one this sense inside of us which is sly, evasive, suspicious, argumentative and secretive. Yet truly the spirit is mean, thief-like and uncaring. Its presence in us is easily recognised for Dishonesty makes us, the one(s) in us who know the truth, very selfish and self focussed. Dishonesty cannot look the truth in the eye but can bluff if it can utilise inner insecurity in the observer. Furthermore Dishonesty despises and fears the truth. Truth is always its enemy. Dishonesty also brings us this sense (tells us) that we can get away with it - the lies and deceit we have committed in the darkness of its unholy presence. (Is.28:15) A very close 'blood relative' of Dishonesty is The Deceiver.
Dishonesty the lie opens our heart and mind to legions of unclean spirituality and creates spiritual 'children' which are not from God. (Inner realities that find birth in us because we have fornicated with wrong spirituality.)

Laziness.(Pr. 22:13)
A spirit of inactivity, plunder and spiritual genocide. A spirit of spiritual blindness and 'sleeping/dreaming'. A crushing spirit. Laziness is the force which debilitates the God given ability to do or be. Laziness does not store 'goodness/energy' for hard times but rather empties its occupant of their sense of purpose as well as well being. Laziness does nothing but make its occupant feel lazy. We must therefore be very careful who we call lazy, as far to often we call others lazy because they are doing an activity we don't approve of. Unwillingness, Speculator and Deceiver are always present in the lazy heart and Addiction usually gains a solid foothold. Spiritual laziness --lazy in serving our Father in Heaven is by far the most predominant way we ought to view our fight with this spirit of being.

The unfaithful one.
A spirit of betrayal, dishonesty and secret deeds. The lawless one in the ultimate analysis, a spirit of selfish greed in lovelessness of being. The Lord's sorrow and tears. The Father's wrath and righteous anger. The Holy Spirits grief of unutterable anguish.
Oh what has the snake not caused? Who can tell but God alone? Unfaithful is a sense of being in which humanity seems to delight! Unfaithful flirts evil and evil alone. Unfaithful is the 'winking eye' to make us long after..that which is in opposition to God's Truth as the King of Love tells it. (Even in our hearts at the times of decision.) Unfaithful rejects Jesus Christ to follow sinful ways instead. Unfaithful is the force behind the need to capitulate at times of resolve. The lawless one's heart is stamped with unfaithfulness.

False security.(Psalm 33:17, 1 Thes. 5:3)
A spirit of deceit, spiritual blindness and death. A spirit of false trust and hopes. A spirit of this world. False security allays our fears in such a way as to damage us most when such security fails. An inner sense of safety which relies on self effort and other forms of human strength to protect us from evil. False security pretends to be an inner 'vault' in which we may place our most sensitive materials. False security in believers hearts often takes hold of sins that are not confessed or unconquered sins - providing us with the 'sense' that God doesn't care or has forgiven us already anyway. The Deceiver through False security, the spirit of this world and Legalism weaves strong unholy cords of resistance to Jesus Christ and His spiritual Kingdom.

Grace abuser.
A spirit of selfishness and stubborn continuation of sin. An overwhelming tempting spirit. The shape of the Grace abuser is the cold hard need to continue in sinful wrong. The Grace abuser holds God's grace up as the excuse to stay under the dominion of unclean spirituality. The Grace abuser, I don't care, Weakness, the will to do wrong, love for evil and the Tempter, Deceiver and Accuser work in particular well together within the human heart burning our conscious as with a hot iron.

Rationality.(Is 9:18-20, 51:7-9)
A spirit of this world. A spirit of deception through reason. A spirit of folly. A spirit who resides in our knowledge base. A spirit of this world. The spirit of rationality when 'loosed' tears us apart with logic versa the illogical. Logic as taught by this world. Demanding constant recognition of the 'reasonable' this spirits challenges the infallible Word of God. The spirit of rationality must be one of the worst enemies of the Word of Christ within us.
The spirit of rationality always drags God's Word over our own experience of seeing and understanding things. While so much in us is shaped by the world and the Devil. Also the spirit of rationality believes that all things could be 'solved' if other people only understood what it makes you see or understand.

Addiction. (Pr 30:15-16, Is 5:11-12.)
A spirit of bondage/slavery, imprisonment, oppression, debasement, pestering or torturous demands/temptations and spiritual genocide. A spirit of this world. Addiction needs to be understood from a different perspective than our world has given it. Addiction is not physical, though the spirit of addiction does use our fleshly needs to magnify itself! Addiction is the sense of need within our own inner being. The 'voice' of demand, the inner need for well being through consumption.
However it is not the substance we crave after that is the sin or wrong, but much rather the demander - who makes us crave for such a substance and our lack of self-control which leads to the growth and control of Weakness over us as well. From a 'family tree' perspective, with Weakness as a mother, Craving is Addiction's first-born. Some spirits who help in deed. Greed, Selfishness, Unfaithfulness and Weakness.

A spirit of deceit, dishonesty and spiritual genocide. The shape of this spirit one can recognise as the need to hide one's true self/feelings. Mask wearing is a sure sign of its unholy presence. Pretender always works together with Dishonesty and Deceiver and should never be underestimated as to its power to pollute our inner being. Hypocrite is another spiritual reality which finds 'birth' because of pretending.

A spirit of bondage and spiritual genocide. A spirit of this world. A spirit who brings Shame, Guilt and The Accuser, but also hate and rebellion into our being. To be conformed to God's will or to be conformed to the world's ways are two very different spiritual forces. Conformity attacks/manipulates the spirit of the carrier - shaping it in such away as to suit others the best. Think here about a tight steel harness. Conformity hates a free spirit as promised by Jesus Christ. Demanding constant sacrifices Conformity and the spirit of this world tie people into a daily rut life-style. (Col. 2:16-23) Deceiver, Dishonesty, Pretender, Pride, Legalism, Secret self and Conformity walk hand in hand.

Loneliness. (Mk 15:34)
A spirit of torturous isolation and imprisonment. A crushing spirit. A spirit of growing stature in the fast landscape of spiritual dominations. Our societies crazy drive for success and wealth have given this spirit a solid foothold over people. To be lonely and cut of in a place where sometimes millions of people dwell is the surest way of recognition on grand scale. From a more personal perspective Loneliness attacks the weak in faith as well as the lonely such as the sick, elderly or widows. The spirit of Loneliness always tries to drive us away from our faith in God. So it can rule our heart and minds with Misery, Despair, Gossip and Hopelessness and the likes.

*** Evil eye spirits.

Arrogance.(Ps 10:2-11)
A spirit of perversion, boasting, self-satisfaction and self glorification. Arrogance is a spirit of clear visibility when present within our hearts. An evil eye spirit. Lacking any sense of shame or guilt Arrogance takes hold of the perspective/situation and places itself above God our Father, making us feel strong/good and powerful/holy in its unholy presence. The lie who 'fathered' Arrogance in Weakness and Pride remains the underlying force of our will, so Arrogance is a 'mile-stone' closer to the self-deification of Satan within our own sense of self.

The prayer obscurer.(Da. 10:13, He. 3:10-11)
Satan as spirit of inattention, unfaithfulness, self-focus and unbelief. An evil eye spirit. The prayer obscurer I see as the one who takes us 'away' on velvet wings during prayer, Bible reading or Sermons in Church. Yet truly this spirit is most wicked for he silently takes over our heart and mind -- This spirit takes us away from a living communion with our Lord. To bombard us with our daily thoughts or rake-up old memories or to simply take us on a dream tour are some of the shapes of recognition within ourselves. The prayer obscurer, Deceiver, Accuser, Word hater, and the Tempter are different manifestations of the same spirit of deceit.

The Church hater.
Satan. A spirit of hate, oppression and murder. A spirit of arrogance and judgementalness. A spirit who 'toys' with right and wrong. An 'evil eye' spirit. (Ps 124, 143:3-4)) The spirit who hates the Church should not just be understood from a narrow perspective. The spirit who hates the Church hates all God's children - everyone! For a Roman Catholic to hate a Protestant reveals the Church hater just as much, as when a Protestant hates a Baptist, or an Arab hating the Christians as well as the Jews. Also hating ones brother or sister has its origin with the Church hater.
From personal dislike for one's own Church to hating every Church but ones own, to bringing his mate Shame to burn one's identity as a Christian for awhile, the Church hater is sure to visit the hearts of God's children in countless ways and places.

An 'evil eye' spirit. A spirit of injustice, haughtiness and self exultation. The spirit of dislike is characterised by this sense of disinclination towards one's neighbour or other Creature or thing Created. Sometimes Dislike 'strikes' people down for no apparent reason, though usually Fear, Pride, Hate or Arrogance are preludes. Dislike is often followed by Disgust and/or Judgmentalness.

A spirit of pride, arrogance, hate, cruelty, disregard, power seeking and war. A spirit of injustice, oppression and mass murder. A brutal crushing and overwhelming spirit. An 'evil eye' spirit, a spirit of this world. Racism is another form of the Church hater and has enormous powers at his command in our world today. Fear, Pride and Hate 'raise' this spiritual abomination.

A spirit of cruelty, betrayal, imprisonment and murder. An 'evil eye' spirit. A spirit of this world. Gossip can be found as in its eye and eagerness to downgrade or think evil of others than itself. By this I mean as with Envy this spirit uses (or resides in) our knowledge base and perverts it. Another description which fits Gossip well is vulture as it always seeks out corruption within others or the person it resides in. In the ultimate analyses Gossip and Perversion are the manifestation of the same fallen spiritual reality, however Gossip uses right - our perverted perspective off right - and stabs 'daggers' or 'spears' of evil intent into our perspective of 'right' in relation to actions of other people or events. Gossip can have a strong grip on us even if we don't gossip in the physical reality. Negative thoughts about other people or God as in this is how they/He talk or think(s) about me --- insights and illusions - of a person(s) saying or doing such things clutter the mind at the times when the spirit of gossip is active in this way. (Le. 19:16, Ps 31:13)

Love for (money.)
A spirit of distortion, abominations and greed. A spirit of idolatry and adultery. An 'evil eye' spirit. A spirit of this world. An overwhelmingly sly spirit a power seeking spirit. That an object is loved and trusted has always been seen as idolatry in the Scriptures. Love for money is a classic. Love for money rules inside its victim's daily reality. Countless abominations have been committed by humanity because they fell for the tempting voice of the money lover. Love for money has Greed and Fear as 'parents' and is raised in Lust. Please understand that money lover is but one of the countless 'loves for .... ' we can have within our mortal existence. Love the Lord Your God with ALL your heart and ALL your soul and ALL your might leaves no room for other loves for ...... to rule instead.

The Accuser.
Also known as The Dragon, the god of this world and the Destroyer Satan. An 'evil eye' spirit. A flaming spirit. Satan the dragon and its Beasts as the god of this world. A spirit of severe oppression and persecutions.(Ps 109:16-20, Zech. 3:1, Rev 12) The Accuser resides in our conscience -- the place from where the Accuser rules us. The Accuser has power over the uses who sin, continue in sin, doubt and/or stay in unbelief. The Accuser has the power to bring guilt, shame and fear into our spiritual being. The Dragon in the book of Revelation is the best description I have been able to find.
A blasphemous reality that the Accuser should try to destroy God's children. Yet our Father in Heaven gave him spiritual being as Accuser, to destroy the lawless 'ones. (Rev 17 )
The Accuser can bring down 'fire' from the sky yet only to hurt never to cleanse our hearts from sin. The Accuser turns a loving heart hot and and unloving heart cold.
The Accuser raises many ungodly kings (ruling perspectives) throughout our lives, kings which persecute those things in our life which have been chosen by God to rule with Christ.

Witchcraft /superstition/imaginations.(2 Chr. 33:1-6, Is 47:8-15)
A spirit who robs God's honour and glory for herself. A spirit of extreme greed and enormous powers of being. (Revelation chapter 16:13-14.) The evil eye spirit. The eyes of the Devil, is the best way to describe Witchcraft, because lovelessness in evil glance looks at life untruthfully, and so seeks to control/predict/spook our mysterious but beautiful life our soul for self to have, for she loves it when we cling to her lies
In her, particularly Our secret self, Love for evil, Will to do Wrong, Religion, False Prophet and the Unfaithful one have doomed existence and the Lawless one is her very offspring.
This spirit is experienced as an angel of light grandiose ideas/dreams/insights or an angel of darkness for her intent is dark and spooky. Everybody can know the spirit of witchcraft for her attacks are not hidden as such. For Witchcraft seeks God's throne. With her at the helm God is there for us, we are not there for God. The need for power and recognition is the surest sign of her presence within, in all cases. However the need for signs and self-glory shape the Judas in her.

(***) Witchcraft is the spiritual leader behind all 'evil eye' spirits. In many ways witchcraft shape the eyes of Satan within our own soul.

The spirit of adulteration, debasement an abomination. An 'evil eye' spirit. The early shape of Perversion is visible in the sense of delight when one considers or does something he or she knows is wrong. Often jubilant joys or delights shape the orgasms of its unholy seeding in the human heart. The surest way Perversion travels is to grab onto something loved and change the perspective into something different than God made it.
For the battler lighting bolts of unclean suggestions this spirit will cast down upon those captivated. Especially Jesus and our Heavenly Father this spirit likes to use as target of debasement and ridicule.

The False Prophet.(Rev 16:13-14)
The split tongue of Satan -- the spirit of deceit. An overwhelming power seeking, extraordinary clever and deceitful spirit. The spirit who speculates even about God and the Word about do and don't do. An evil eye spirit.
The False Prophet twists God or His Word into pictures/ideas of perspective which promote an abominable beast of a god. How we in flesh as shaped by the world - think God thinks, acts or executes His judgements.(Is 55:7-9)
The False Prophet 'loves' making predictions and loves it even more when they come 'true'. The false prophet hides in our daily eye of observation and recognition. The False Prophet, Accuser, Deceiver, Religion and Witchcraft work hand in glove together.

The Word hater.
The Devil, Satan. A spirit of oppression and spiritual murder. An 'evil eye spirit. The Word hater, though he hates the Word in blazing heat, may lure the human heart in a simple aversion to read the Bible or make us see the Word as just an ancient book. Satan, the liar of old, hates The Truth to dwell in our hearts again. So the Bible hater will even try to 'blind' a person to what is being read. Yet the Bible has proven time and again to have the power of evil's expulsion - often just one verse can destroy years of careful implantation and rule of inner wickedness.

Envy.(Jb. 5:2. Pr 14:30, Ja. 4:5)
A flaming spirit. An 'evil eye' spirit. A spirit of murderous greed. To find it's shape of recognition we must look within our inner 'eye' of observation and recognition. This part of oneself where we downgrade others, by thinking ourself more important or better than others, gets 'input' or existence through a 'piercing flame' and then you see something you want but haven't got or someone better of then yourself. The piercing flame is the spirit I'm talking about here. Envy is the spawning ground for Fear, Greed and Hate. I see Envy as a spiritual force of the 'highest order' the motivator behind virtually all our selfish deeds. Children display high levels of input by this spirit. At school they face popularity, rejection, labels and group gossip. Also the fact that 'grown-ups' are 'above' them in what they are aloud to do or have gives Envy easy foothold even at such 'tender' age.

The Thief. (De 24:7.)
Satan. A spirit of selfish dishonest greed. An overwhelming thrusting spirit of deception. An 'evil eye' spirit. The thief is really a manifestation of Greed, Lust, Selfishness, Dishonesty and Deceiver rolled into one shape of being. This spirit is like the shadow of Satan within the human soul. He stole the kingdom from Adam and Eve /us and tried to steal it from God. His whispering suggestions within set our eyes in secretive mode and our mind in evil thoughts of planning. Suggestive predictions about how safe the deed will go, to the rising excitement of the act, follow his conquering path in those foolish enough to get court-up with his meddling of our souls. Cover-up in the shape of lies and deceit trail his every deed. The Thief shapes our soul into his unholy entity of being, stealing our love, self-respect and decency, to name but the first losses to the human soul. The Thief constantly tries to lower our personal standards about what is allowed and what is not. Fear and the Thief make a most unholy couple -- in constant breeding mode.

Self Destruction.
A spirit of spiritual genocide and murder. A tool of the Destroyer/Accuser. The spirit of self destruction 'takes away' all personal respect form its victim. Lack of self respect (or lack of respect for others for that matter) opens the way to more spiritual and/or physical abuse. self-destruction is a powerful attitude/mood spirit. By this I mean that Self Destruction constantly pollutes our thoughts and feelings. Addiction and I don't care always accompanies Self-destruction and Suicide is usually the 'last ruler' before physical death.

Love for evil. (Is 5:20)
A spirit of lawlessness and utter wickedness. A spirit of the most extreme cruelty and abominations and perversions. An 'evil eye' spirit. Love for evil should not be confused with the will to do wrong - their 'sense of being' are very different.
Love for evil is characterised by the following,
- firstly the strong dark need for power of control over (other) living creatures,
- secondly to captivate, enslave, harm, torture and/or destroy other creatures,
- thirdly the 'enjoyment'/idolisation' of the first two.
Many rapes, assaults, torture and murders are committed under the rule of this spirit in being. Love for Evil is utterly perverse, one of the most unspeakable abomination that the Devil has 'fathered' within the human spirit. Love, even the tiniest 'light beam' of it, comes from our Father in Heaven. To give love to the evil one is therefore the same as giving His/your life away. I think that love for evil more than any other sense of being shows us humanities extreme capacity for perversion and depravity.

Lust. (Romans 1:26, Galatians 5:19, 1 Thes 4:4-5, ) or the heart of Jezebel.
An flaming overwhelming spirit of unfaithfulness and burning greed which needs, yes pants after. An 'evil eye' spirit. A spirit of abominations. A spirit who makes our 'senses' go wild and gets our 'juices' running. Its shape of being is to lust after something with all your heart - one big inner yes I want, need, pant after that.....
Lust inside the human heart in a perverted way longs after Him - as in His power or His goodness for self. Lust is ever so closely related to Greed. Lust leaves its victims feeling ever so dirty and emptied out. Lust seeks to grab the 'most loved' and pollute it with its sickening feeling of presence inside the human heart. Love in tenderness and gentleness - love in self-respect and self-control are classic victims of Lust's attacks. Lust creates a really deep black hole inside the offenders heart where faithful love ought to be. Dissatisfaction, Perversion and Addiction are classic mates of Lust.

Will to do wrong. (Ps 10:2-11.)
An 'evil eye' spirit. A spirit of this world. The spirit(s) of captivation and death. A spirit that burns/consumes/kills good out of our lives. Also known as spiritual 'sons or daughters' conceived through the temptation or whisperings of Satan in our hearts. (Psalm. 36:1-4, 58:1-5)
The Adolph Hitler's of this world or the soul of the whore on the beast in the book of Revelation (think here also about the lawless one) must be the best way to describe this spirit as in the substance one does meet in its actions. This sense of being which when properly viewed is wicked at its core.
Though fun and excitement at the arrival of their presents, those 'illegal' things they make us hunger after, like when pot, beer, sex, music, film or book is so 'good' that we like it above God's truth and want more of it, for the sense of well being - to burn-up like that - feels so good, while only God was, is and can ever bring good and is good for the human soul and we should only ever feed in/from Him.
The will to do wrong always tries to convince us that wrong doesn't matter and that we will get away with it. Yet only Jesus, no other course can set free from wilful wrongs. Self effort only leads to a loveless betrayal of inner loyalties to other parts of self, denying God's grace and power to rule in loving good within our inner being.

An 'evil eye' spirit. A spirit of 'punishment' and 'correction' in fire. (Shame ought to be a guardian angel.) This flaming spirit rains fire and brimstone upon our sense of being at a tight moment. Shamed is not the wrong, rather this fiery sting when Shame spits a concept 'how everyone thinks about you' into yours face hoping you will relent then and become ashamed and/or guilty all over again. In such manner Shame, Guilt and Judgmentalness rule very sensitive material inside.(See REV 2:24)) Shame, Guilt, Accuser, our Secret Self, the spirit of this world and Legalism work closely together.

An 'evil eye' spirit. A spirit of punishment, severe oppression, and 'correction' in fire and brimstone. A crushing spirit. Guilt ought to be a guardian angel. Guilt attacks the 'wrongdoer' and has originally been placed by God into our spiritual reality to bring us back to Him (think about guilt offerings). Also Guilt and Shame stop us from entering spiritual paradise again. In the new dispensation however Guilt has been taken by Jesus to the bottom of hell for ALL who believe in Him. (Gal. 2:20-21) To still have guilt after we have put our faith in Him turns Guilt - that which always makes us feel guilty in our heart, one of God's worst enemies. Guilt has NO mercy or forgiveness within its spiritual reality (the guilt offerings had to be burned.) and is as such the complete opposite of our loving Father in Heaven. Guilt is brought by the accuser of our hearts because we transgressed rules or laws. In transgression of rules and laws, God's or the world's, we put ourselves under his dominion, as the Father willed unless true faith in Jesus is found. Guilt ought to drive sinners to repentance but because of the craftiness of evil it more often leads to hot or cold hearts instead.

Fear.(De. 28:65-68, 1 Jn. 4:17-18)
A flaming spirit. A spirit of oppression, bondage unfaithfulness, confusion, insecurity and hate. An 'evil eye' spirit. Fear ought to be an guardian angel. Fear's attack usually creeps-up or shoots into our hearts because we lack confidence faith. It attacks from below or behind, enfolding heart, mind and will in its ungodly perspective. The spiritual reality could be described as a claw around our spirit. A fiery clamp to squeeze in hellish heat the sensible out of our life. Fear rules humanity in sinful existence. Think about the many decisions/promises people make when they are overpowered or ruled by Fear. I believe that Fear is the underlying cause of incredible much evil.

A spirit of faithlessness, distortion and torturous mind. A crushing spirit. An 'evil eye' spirit. A spirit of this world. The spirit of worry finds reality inside of us after fear has had a go at us. Worry has its root within the frights/insecurities inside of us. Jesus advises us not to worry about anything for good reason. Worry has trust nor faith and as such demonstrates the ungodly and godlessness of our 'natural' existence. We can all at times be overcome with worry but the general idea is that Christians overcome, in and with Christ, such times of inner degradation and destruction. (Lu. 12:11, 1 Pe. 5:7)

Our secret selves. (Ps 10:8-11, Ezekiel 8:7-18, Jude :8-16, Rev. 2:20-25 )
A spirit of dark secrets, bondage, imprisonment, murder and spiritual blackmail. An 'evil eye' spirit. A spirit of idolatry and adultery a spirit of this world. A 'child' of the Devil. This spirit masquerades under the mask of the private and personal. However this is only to hide our darkest personal feelings, thoughts and deeds. The clearest way to see the power of , our depth of fall in, with this spirit is to remind ourselves that everything hidden shall be out in the light - for all to see! If pride and arrogance, or fear, shame and guilt, knock on the door then things are not well. Neither will a tottering trust in forgiveness of sin help much when we stay in darkness - Our God is a consuming fire! Dishonesty, Deceiver, Pretender, Pride, Arrogance, Love for evil, Will to do wrong and Fear work hand in hand with Our secret selves. Our secret selves finds 'birth' in us because we listen to will to do wrong or love for evil (through the Tempter) and let the Deceiver 'cover our tracks'.

I know better.
A spirit of selfish stubborn arrogance and rebellion. A spirit of spiritual oppression, imprisonment and genocide. An 'evil eye' spirit. A spirit of betrayal and extreme abominations. An overwhelming spirit. In paradise the Devil did not speak it out - yet the whispering lie suggests the obvious - I know better - you can eat - for then you will know better as well. The sense inside of us which tells/presents us the I know better state of being must therefore be viewed as a 'high order' unclean spirit. Indeed this spirit uses even God's most holy and beloved to rule inside of us in blasphemous reality of being. I know better has its reality in the Pride and Arrogance of our sinful seeing.

A spirit of intimidation, injustices, oppression, imprisonment and murder. An 'evil eye' spirit, a spirit of this world, a spirit of disgusting abominations. The labeller tries to captivate our mind with a set of suggestive statements/perspectives which in one word sum-up a person in an untrue way. Think here about the horrible words invented to sum another sinner up in one hit. The labeller's suggestions are always unclean, rude and disgusting. Hate and Dislike as well as Speculator and Gossip walk along side the Labeller. Today our Western world is severely oppressed by the Labeller the media in all its forms and schools are in particular hotbeds for this unclean spirit.

Mocker. (Pr. 21:24)
A spirit of extreme self-righteousness, pride and arrogance mixed with despotism. A spirit of cruelty, imprisonment, oppression, torture and murder. An 'evil eye' spirit. An abomination of being. The heart of the righteous cry out to the Lord when the mocker(s) arrive. We could compare the mocker with "the graves spilling their corruption - or a cobra spitting its poison." I see the spirit of the Mocker as a thrower of 'white hot daggers' with the human spirit as target. If the Mocker is present in one's life this spirit can show us the depth of our own inner lovelessness and depravity. It is a terrible sin to befriend the Mocker.(Ps. 1:1)

Hate. (Le.. 19:17.)
A flaming spirit of abominations. (Think about a fire storm.) An 'evil eye' spirit. A spirit of malice and torturous murder. Hate ought to be an guardian angel. To hate evil as the Bible teaches or to fall prey to Hate is as far removed from each other as Heaven and hell. Hate like Greed, Lust and Envy is a high order evil spirit. Hate burns inside the human heart - as if to remind us where it is going! The most abominable deeds have been committed by humanity because of our 'love' for this unclean spiritual reality.

Legalism. (Is 5:18-19)
A spirit of deceit, (especially about God's Word,) restrictions, oppression and murder. A spirit of abominations. An 'evil eye' spirit. A spirit of this world.
Oh these wolves in sheep clothing. They exult laws even God's holy law in world's unclean ways of seeing and ruling (Col 2:16-22). Legalism is the main force behind the most unholy spiritual beast to prowl around - The Dragon - full of blasphemous names - right in our soul - right in our being. With him we think in ways about God that reflect the lovelessness of our sinful seeing - an utter abomination to dwell within/among us ( Dan 9:27, 11:36-39, Mat 24:15, Rev 17.) Legalism's surest voice of recognition - must, don't, do, should, shouldn't and lets make yet another rule saying such things.
Legalism kills love and breeds fear inside of our hearts, tying us to laws and rules instead. We can detect Legalism (or the seeds of Legalism) if we can see the 'ruling' presence of the Accuser, Tempter, Wrath, Fear, Judgmentalness, Shame, Guilt and Hate in our hearts. Often Legalism acts like fuel on the fire of the lawless ones (will to do wrong and love for evil.) yet God has given Legalism in its 'ultimate and final authority' the right to burn that in us which remains lawless, after which it will be destroyed. ( Rom. 13, 1 Co. 5:5, Rev 17:15-17)

Judgmentalness.(1 Cor. 4:5)
A spirit of disdain, oppression and murder. An 'evil eye' spirit, a crushing spirit. The shape of Judgmentalness must be this inner need to pass a verdict upon another. Judgmentalness has being inside of us through the workings of Arrogance, Pride, Wrath, Gossip, Perversion, Legalism, Bitterness and the like. We act like fools when we accept the shallow perspective of Judgmentalness. One of the many unclean spiritualities the Bible CLEARLY warns us about. The judgement YOU use shall be used against you is the dire warning given.

Self-righteousness.(Pr. 30:12-14).
A spirit of pride, boasting and delusions. An 'evil eye' spirit. A spirit of extreme abominations. A spirit of this world. A 'child' of Legalism and Pride raised by Arrogance. Self-righteousness shapes the sense the we are good for we feel/hear this from within ourselves. Often long lists of 'good works' (even checking these past Scripture) this spirit passes by our spiritual eyes in defence of its inner existence.

An enormously sly, captivating and powerful spirit. An evil eye spirit. a spirit of this world. The Woman on the Beast in Rev 17 - which uses truths - even God's - to enslave our faith life to tradition, morals, values and rules taught by men. Paul in Col 2 describes that the harsh treatment of the flesh, gives Religion away, Religion has no power to curb sinful flesh but makes it worse.
Traditions/conservatism, values and morals are the baits used to captivate people to a religious life, where faith in Christ is replaced with faith in religious truths and customs.

Dissatisfaction.(Pr 30:15b-16)
A spirit of abominations. A crushing spirit. An 'evil eye' spirit. A spirit of spiritual injustice, oppression, cruelty and murder. A spirit of warfare and thievery. A spirit who brings us the moments of our darkest greed, lust, hate and envy of heart and mind. A sickening spirit. Dissatisfaction is the most popular spiritual cancer eating away at the (Westernised) human soul. Dissatisfaction could be called the 'throne' of Satan for it was dissatisfaction with his position that shaped him into the liar. The need for more 'good' typifies Dissatisfaction. (Is 29:8)

Rebellion.(Jr 5:23-31)
A spirit of unwillingness, mutiny and murder. A spirit of imprisonment, oppression and spiritual genocide. A flaring spirit. An 'evil eye' spirit. The shape of this spirit is the steel like grip which takes control of our heart and mind amidst often much inner turmoil. Understanding that Rebellion can take hold of us in either good or bad situations - rebellion against unjust practices for example - we should understand that the true wickedness of this spirit lays in its perspective and the route of its direction. Violently opposed resistance, intense heat within our heart display the seeds and growth of its inner existence. Rebellion has Pride, Envy, Legalism, Conformity, Injustice and Foolishness as some of its best working mates.

An 'evil eye' spirit. An overwhelming spirit, a fiery spirit. A child of hate, Revenge is another big one. Murderous thoughts and plans this spirit of abominations brings to our mind consuming all mercy and decency this spirit will prepare judgement in hate, malice and cruelty.

Grace killer.
A spirit without mercy, a spirit of abominations, A spirit who works in corporation with the Accuser and the Deceiver. An 'evil eye' spirit. Grace killer is the bringer of our own lovelessness and unbelief. His name describes his action. God's grace brings us His love - when grace killer is at work however we start to eat our own spiritual dung. We will find no forgiveness, grace or love. Grace killer commits the sin against the Holy Spirit and can cast a sufferer in their deepest personal Hell of being. Sure signs of his unholy company are the presence of his unholy mates. Weakness, Shame, Guilt, Bitterness, Rage, Legalism, Loneliness, Addiction, Hopelessness, Self Destruction and Despair (Suicide for some).

Sin Whiner.(1 Sa. 15:24-25)
A spirit of spiritual blindness, THIEVERY, inactivity, oppression, murder and genocide. An 'evil eye' spirit. An spiritual abomination, a spirit of this world. The sin whiner can be recognised by thoughts or statements such as "I'm such a sinner", sigh - "I'm a sinner", feeling so sorry for oneself that this is so - or in any other way or form arguing in favour of being a sinner - rather than a child of forgiveness and grace in the Joy of His salvation. The Sin whiner is a 'child' of Legalism and Weakness and is raised/trained by the Accuser and Grace killer.

To feel cut of.
A spirit of imprisonment and torture. An 'evil eye' spirit. A spirit of this world. The 'No one understands me' feeling unloved, isolated and uncared for, is the clearest shape one can find. To feel cut of is often a spirit forced upon its victim by communities which divides itself into little 'power' - elitist groups. To feel cut of as a Church member is therefore usually caused because the 'power' groups of the Church don't accommodate other people's views or ways. Many Churches by the very order of organised power bluntly refuses to provide a safe Haven for every believer.

A spirit of hate, injustice, thievery and murder. An 'evil eye' spirit. As one shivers from disgust when one drinks gall or vinegar so this spirit fills our hearts in bitter thoughts of reality. Bitterness is the spoiler of God's good and works on behalf of evil to pollute the heart and frame work of mind. Bitterness always seeks out to fill our spirit with its own depraved way of looking at things. Pride, Dishonesty and/or Dissatisfaction are preludes to its arrival and Jealousy walks hand in hand afterwards.

A spirit of merciless oppression in hopelessness, deceit, selfishness (or self-focus) and unbelief. An 'evil eye' spirit. A spirit of abominations. A crushing spirit. At its worst one could see in this spiritual reality along with misery and hopelessness the shape of the bottomless pit. (depicted in the book of Revelation.) Despair is the grip of death and decay, (that what is to perish,) upon our soul. The harvester of deceitful thinking and actions returns doom and gloom. Despair is cruel and icy cold on the bottom of our being.(Lovelessness is the grip that Despair uses.) Despair in a person indicates that legions of unclean spirits have been at work. In particular we will find Fear, Unbelief, Accuser, Grace killer and Deceiver are the forces working in the shadows.

A spirit of oppression in misery, despair and uselessness. A spirit of this world. An evil eye spirit. An other strong one. Self pity and Selfishness usually walk hand and hand together. The Mocker and Bitterness are also well known co-offenders. Self-pity imprisons our pain and tries to get as much misery out of it as possible by INCREASING the perception of our suffering. Selfishness, Envy, Greed, Lust, Fear, Rage, Rebellion and Pride as well as Weakness, Addiction, Despair, Misery, Despair, Hopelessness and Self-destruction, find good 'seed beds' when Self-pity rules our hearts and minds.

A spirit of merciless oppression in the hopelessness of sin. An 'evil eye' spirit. A spirit of this world. A crushing spirit. Misery is caused by sin. Misery can be brought upon us (traumatic events) but usually in our woods of the world it has been bred in the hearts of its victims. Love, grace and forgiveness are Miseries greatest enemies for these STOP the wailing in even the deepest pit. The power and depth of misery can be beyond comprehension - be very careful to only ever love Misery out of people.

A spirit of spiritual genocide. An 'evil eye' spirit. A crushing spirit. The sense that ALL is lost and the future offers no hope is the surest shape one can find for this spiritual abomination. Hopelessness is a most powerful spirit to drag us down into the 'lost sinner' syndrome. As hopelessness is in complete opposition to Jesus victory over darkness we must be sure to unmask and resist this inner voice of deceit. (Ep. 2:11-13.)

No spirit no life. No more existence (in that part of our life) as life has run out! Evil ending.

(This is why we need Jesus, for as sinners we interact - fornicate - with wrong spiritualities - polluting our souls. Repent and forgiveness is assured for those who confess their times with wrong and seek right instead. (Ezekiel 18))

Hi my name is Gerry I like to write poetry or short articles, I've had some of my poems published but most of my work is unpublished.

Copyright 2007 Jeshu (UN: jeshu at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.

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