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by Eugene Lopatynsky  
1/26/2017 / Health

Could there be a promoted plan to keep you sick, sexually sterile and dying young?

Americans are reportedly spending more on health issues than any other people on this globe, and they are reportedly still the sickest people on Earth.

How can this be?

Some say, there is an organized, even enforced, effort to keep America sick. They say there are many reasons for it. One is the issue of profit. Big Pharma makes money dealing with the sick, not with healthy people.

Add to this the global resolve for population containment – they don’t want us around. Adding to longevity does not decrease the population, and how about the need of retirement pensions, and so on?

To understand this, consider that AIDS is a fully promoted lethal disease. Some say, your heralded privacy hysteria was imposed primarily to aid the spread of the HIV virus! Now why would any nation deliberately do that? So is CANCER, promoted, in dear US and a (small “a” for shrinking American presence in America). Those who can afford it need to become medical refugees, to seek effective treatment abroad. So is LYME disease, a promoted, incapacitating illness, so is GULF WAR syndrome and so on. Any physician trying to specialize in treating LYME disease, for example, is likely to have his medical license revoked.

For the same reason potent poisons have actually been released among the public, in food, air (exhaust from carcinogenic gas additive), water, and many vaccines, to reduce overall health and promote obesity (fat people), to increase chronic debilitating diseases (arthritis, inflammations), neurological decline (Parkinson’s, Alzheimer) and especially to reduce the ability to procreate, to reduce the birthrate. They really want us sexually sterile and impotent, Old Boy.

The fallout from the latter (Mercury and Aluminum in vaccines; infant receives 29 vaccines by age of 2 years) resulted in a tremendous reduction in intelligence. “Congenital” idiots (autism) have increased more than 100 fold, since the inception of these compulsory vaccines, from one in 10, 000 to one in 165. There are reports that many “millennial births” (born near year 2000) already exhibit virtual sterility and impotence.

Nutrition and Micronutrients

Big Pharma affectively displaced all competition – our physicians simply do not get meaningful training in NUTRITION, or HERBALISM or HOMEOPATIC approaches (apart from vaccines), at all. Each of these disciplines constitutes an effective threat to Big Pharma’s profits.

Can you imagine the near trillion dollar loss in revenues for Big Pharma, if you could lower blood pressure and cholesterol, reduce or heal cancer, just by cleverly changing your diet?

The “public secret”, so long socially hidden, for treating a host of debilitating health issues and especially the debilitating chronic degenerative diseases, resides greatly in withholding information and instruction regarding (1) MICRONUTRIENTS in a continuous diet, (2) BODY PH (keeping it more alkaline. (3) Attention to nearly excluded KEY MINERALS – especially magnesium and potassium (far more important than calcium), plus Zinc and Selenium.

These issues may not appear that essential to very young people, still in in good health. Those are like a car off a recent assembly line. But deny this car all essential lubricants, long enough, and how long will it last? With increasing age and declining health we have less and less means to contain the decline. The same happens in a scenario of serious injury or illness, or possible predispositions indicated by a family history of cancer or diabetes or other.

The key to meaningful nutrition – a virtually immense powerhouse for man – are the, all but forgotten, MICRONUTRIENTS.

Man functions very poorly on mere calories and a few vitamins. Man desperately needs these “MICRONUTRIENTS”, for lack of a better term. The name is used to cover that which is mostly missing in conventional diets, but is vitally necessary for thousands of enzymatic and hormonal reactions on which a man’s biochemistry and physiology really depend.  Here they are lumped together under the term MICRONUTRIENTS. The main source of these are selected, raw (or nearly raw), vegetables and fruits, augmented with nuts and berries.

You are not impressed? The results are very impressive, in fact, unbelievable.

Consider that cancer as well as most degenerative diseases can often be healed just by returning to a fundamentally simple nutrition, consisting primarily in micronutrients.

Have you observed, in the midst of all the infectious ailments, in spite of all the imposed vaccines, in the middle of all these coughs and colds, there are some who NEVER catch anything? Nearly everybody gets sick, and they don’t?

The main reason they don’t, is a more alkaline body PH, a natural result of mere vegetarian nutrition, rich in micronutrients. The average, healthy, systemic PH is about 7.4, just beginning to be alkaline. Higher numbers denotes more alkaline, smaller numbers more acidic. Very small deviations herald a tremendous change in physiological status. This is especially important for people with a family history of cancer or neurological and inflammatory chronic disease. Bacteria, viruses and cancer cells just love a more acidic biological platform. In regard to this, Essiac Tea and comparable supplements, can work wonders, fortifying our biochemistry.

Nearly all animal products (from milk to eggs, all meats) produce a more acidic body PH, favoring cancer, bacterial and fungal diseases and cholesterol, while supplying nearly pure calories to keep us fat.

These conventional foods supply mostly calories to make us obese and are nearly totally deficient in MICRONUTRIENTS and essential minerals, (like magnesium, even potassium). Additionally, this food is laced and contaminated with antibiotics and hormones (even ground up tumors) in slaughter animals, plus pesticides, fungicides in their feed.

Additional Magnesium works like a wonder drug in many deficiency diseases, in the case of asthma, blood cloths, bowel disorders, cystitis, depression, detoxification, help in diabetes, heart disease, fatigue, hypertension, hypoglycemia, insomnia, kidney disease, migraines, obstetrical problems, tooth decay, osteoporosis, nerve problems, and so on. That is not to say that you can add magnesium and achieve all cures. It is to say that very much is alleviated with elemental magnesium intake of 400 to 600 mg daily (say 2-3 magnesium citrate tabs of 400 mg each, separate dosing). If you overdo it, you might get extra bowel movements. To appreciate any of this, write “importance of magnesium” into your search engine on the internet. Americans are terribly deficient in magnesium.

Magnesium will solubilize calcium, not only for absorption but without magnesium you promote calcium plaques inside your blood vessels.

Potassium lowers blood pressure, but beware of excess potassium. Sodium, though needed in very small quantity, is a villain, retaining water with its salts. Potassium displaces sodium. One banana provides nearly 400 mg of potassium. Three kiwi fruits for breakfast will supply nearly all you need plus magnesium.

Zinc and Selenium in very small quantity are almost equally essential. These are mostly lacking in our foods (depleted soil). Get proper references on the internet. Beware of false or falsified information, also available.

The most effective diet for healing is called a basic CANCER DIET. But it is effective against nearly all other degenerative diseases. It provides the means for a natural defense, a basic healing and restoring our biological stature and inbuilt immune response mechanisms. There are also very costly food regimen’s available in very costly clinics, besides what is discussed here, and what is called, “dirt cheap cancer treatment”. These are reported not much better than basic MICRONUTRIENT nutrition.

The first step is to eliminate all animal products from the diet. All meats, milk, cheese, eggs and so on. This will not occur overnight. A study of the facts will provide the motivation.

After that, try to decrease substantially caloric input from “WHITE”, PROCESSED carbohydrates. This eliminates all sugar (Use stevia or saccharin for sweets), white rice, processed wheat (white bread), and potatoes. These provide usually only bare calories to keep us fat. They add nothing to health essentials, contain no micronutrients at all.

Give total preference to MICRONUTRIENT food, to nearly all colored vegetables, like carrots, broccoli, asparagus, etc., like basic fruits, like nuts. For cancer threats use APRICOT kernels, minimum 10 per day. Cold Juicing of vegetables releases hormones and enzymes, these are often bypassed or destroyed by higher temperatures and different ways to handle the food. Cold juicing saves them all for you.

Even a partial refuge to MICRONUTRIENTS (mixing them with selected conventional food) is very worthwhile. All this depends on personal health needs. Get information on all these topics from the internet. Knowledge is power. Type into your search engine topics, like “reducing blood pressure by diet”, or “lower cholesterol without drugs”, or “MAGNESIUM, as wonder drug”, etc.

Avoid, like a real plague, NutraSweet (aspartame, sweet misery), sucralose (see HEALTH topics, Avoid MSG (mono sodium glutamate, meat tenderizer and nerve poison). Avoid all child vaccines, laced now with mercury and aluminum (if you don’t believe it, take a vial to reputable essay lab). Similarly, avoid flu vaccines for the same reason.

If you can afford it, look up availability and prices (on the internet) for “organic” foods to minimize the ingestion of pesticides, fungicides, depleted or harmful fertilizers and avoid purveyors of cancer and infertility, like MONSANTO products. Guinea pigs, fed MONSANTO corn, came up with tremendous cancerous tumors and lesions. Look it up on internet.

Be your own detective – and your own cook! You will be not only a lot happier, but you will be around a lot longer, this way.

A note to cancer patients and those with a family history of cancer.

A hundred years ago cancer would not even appear on a list of major death threats. Today it is second only to cardiovascular mortality. Some say that it is fully expected to greatly exceed cardiovascular – heart attacks and strokes – mortality in the future. Cancer is the worst possible way to die. Don’t trust the AMA (American Medical Association) or your Big Brother. These guys permit only “cut, burn and poison”, with a five years survival rate of 2.5 % in cancer! Investigate, study and defend your life.

May I suggest, as a first step, to take a look at “Cancer Wars”, by Wm. Schnoebelen? Besides all else, he is a capable Herbalist Practitioner. Two DVD discs are thus available from Southwest Radio Church, Bethany, OK 73008, 800 652 1144.                     

After that explore the internet. All effective cures for cancer are suppressed and illegal in “US and a” (small “a” for a shrinking American presence in America). Keep in mind that there are also unsavory quacks out there too, just as there are also in conventional medicine. You have to be careful. Below is a list of internet leads to explore.

I cannot recommend any of these, because I don’t know enough about them. Study, investigate and judge by yourself.  Take a look:

 Cancer treatments and options to investigate.

Control-click on the links or input them into your search engine.


Peruse the above as a start and to obtain further leads. If you achieve a spectacular healing, don’t remain silent. Publish the results.

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