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Skits and Plays


  1. VISIONS OF THE KING - I Love Jehovah Nissi My Defender by Tonja Taylor  
    Jehovah Nissi--the LORD our Deliverer, the LORD our Victorious Miracle Banner--is always fighting for us, to deliver us from bondage into a better life (John 10:10)!

  2. The USA Rises! by Tonja Taylor  
    This skit/drama was inspired by the LORD to inspire us Americans to celebrate and appreciate our beloved country--the United States of America--and to realize the importance of praying for His help and mercy to restore the USA to what she should be!

  3. Even Hoarders Can Be Free by Tonja Taylor  
    As I was cleaning my office years ago, this humorous skit rose up and I wrote it down to share one day. This is the day!

  4. CREATION PUPPET SKIT by Stephen Kimball  
    This skit (under 5 min.) details God's creation from Genesis 1.A conversation between two Sunday School educated kids and their wide eyed friend who has never before heard the creation story.

  5. The Man Behind the Stonewall by douglas batson  
    This 43-minute Civil War drama (viewable at www dot dhhill dot org, Copyright 2013) reveals the events that destined one Confederate general, Stonewall Jackson, for lasting fame, and relegated another, D.H. Hill, to the margins of history. Through an exchange of letters, based on Gen. Hill's actual correspondence, Mrs. Hill relates the joyous birth of her niece, Julia, Jackson's baby girl, as well as deteriorating conditions on North Carolina's home front.

    The acerbic General Hill resigns in frustration from the Army of Northern Virginia to reluctantly assume command in Goldsboro, NC. There, he assails his own inept officers, draft-dodgers, deserters, and unionists, but saves his most toxic contempt for his Yankee opponent. Only with the shocking death of Jackson does Hill exhibit his Christian piety and tenderness. To console her grieving husband, Mrs. Hill offers some astounding insight concerning both men, who were brothers-in-law.

  6. Your Great Reward by louis gander  
    I said, "I had cried."
    Jesus asked, "Were you 'tried'?"

    I said, "I was used."
    Jesus asked, "Were you accused?"

    I said, "They were cheatin'."
    Jesus asked,"Were you beaten?"

    I said, "I was stripped."
    Jesus asked, "Were you whipped?"

    I said, "I was jailed."
    Jesus asked, "Were you nailed?"

    (read on to see the ending)

  7. Good News on A Wednesday Afternoon by Theresa Vogel Millward  
    As a child, did you attend a Good News Club? They are an interdenominational Christian program for 5-12 year old children featuring a Bible lesson, singing, learning a memory verse, and fun games. This particular Good News Club is on a Wednesday afternoon.

  8. Find the Butterfly (song lyrics) by louis gander  
    On beach, so sad, I lonely was.
    A large, dark storm cloud said,
    "Your shore is all but empty and
    your soul is very dead."
    The waves crashed and soaked in the sand
    but truth not in my head -
    and blackness washed my beauty out instead,
    and blackness washed my beauty out instead.

  9. Journey to the Land of the Prophets by Jenny Fulton  
    The students arrive at school to find that things are not as they should be. Their teacher is missing and there is a strange machine in the corner. They all get in and are taken to the land of the prophets where they discover they have become the prophets themselves!

  10. Journey to the Land of the Prophets by Jenny Fulton  
    The students arrive at school to find that things are not as they should be. Their teacher is missing and there is a strange machine in the corner. They all get in and are taken to the land of the prophets where they discover they have become the prophets themselves!

  11. Worst of Sinners by Steven Dexheimer  
    Based on 1 Timothy 1:12-17. Before he became Paul, apostle and tireless missionary to the Gentiles, he was Saul of Tarsus, a zealous persecutor of Christians. Taking advantage of Paul's unsavory past, Satan pays his adversary a little visit in an effort to derail his ministry. Although Paul admits to being the "worst of sinners," he reminds Satan that Christ's mercy and forgiveness has freed him (and all believers) from the mistakes of the past.

  12. Skit for I Corinthians 13 by Sylvia Maltzman  
    This is a paraphrased and choreographed presentation of I Corinthians 13, the "love chapter" of the New Testament. It has minimal costuming and minimal props. It should be suitable for teens in the middle school through high school age range.

  13. Psalm 19 Skit by Sylvia Maltzman  
    This skit is a paraphrased and choreographed presentation of Psalm 19. The costumes and possibly the lighting effects are more sophisticated than my Psalm 1 skit, but this is such a beautiful Psalm, the effort is well worth it.

  14. Psalm 1 Skit by Sylvia Maltzman  
    This skit enables a small group to act out Psalm 1 with minimal props and scenery. There is some paraphrasing and a little bit of slapstick involved. It's essentially the Psalm in its entirety, simply choreographed. It is suitable for middle school through senior high kids.

  15. The Birdcage by Paul Taylor  
    An analogy of the true act of Love by a rejected Savior

  16. Christmas Play by Ken John  
    Based on the dream of Nebuchadnezzar - the Emperor of the Babylonian Empire in 600BC, as recorded by Daniel, in the Book of Daniel (Chapter 2)

  17. Christmas Prodigal by Ken John  
    A short skit which aims to show how Grace is free but not easy. We have to put our pride in our pocket and love God on his terms. We owe him gratitude and our trust.

  18. Tackle Talk by Kristi Peifer  
    Skit. What would happen if Sunday morning church service came fully equipped with sports-style commentators?

  19. Alas, Poor Yorrick by Jan Ackerson  
    In Elizabethan England, a struggling playwright wonders why Shakespeare gets all the good lines.

  20. Peek-A-Boo, I See You! by PamFord Davis  
    Does God play peek-a-boo?

  21. My Son!........Mother! by Jeanne E Webster  
    Agonizing hours later, amongst the crowds, Mary catches a glimpse of a man struggling to carry a wooden beam that is strapped to his shoulders. This is surely a criminal off to his death on the hill

  22. Simon the Serv-Ant by Tim Pickl  
    A wonderful children's play, starring several hard-working 'ants'

  23. Pirates of the Mediterranean NxGen Nancy by Tim Pickl  
    After traveling backward in time to the 17th Century, Nancy meets Captain Blackheart on the mighty pirate ship The Black Raven. While showing the Captain the "NxGen" time displacement device, they are

  24. The Dark and Eerie Forest by Tim Pickl  
    A skit inspired by The Wonderful Witness of Uz, focusing on the actors practicing the Dark and Eerie Forest scene

  25. Regret's Warning by harvestgal Ndaguba  
    a monologue about a girl who dies and regrets not accepting Jesus, even though she was a good person.

  26. Contemporary Christmas Play - Wise Men by Ken John  
    The Christmas story is always fresh, fun and challenging! Here is the old story set in modern times.

  27. Behold I Give You Power by Fenny West  
    Disciples were empowered and sent out two by two and they went preaching the gospel healing the sick, casting out demons. They were excited as they returned to give the good report to Jesus.
    Salvation is the greatest Miracle.

  28. You Must Be Born Again by Fenny West  
    During an outreach, Christian witnesses to an unsaved church-goer. Others believers can be in the background witnessing to others or giving out tracts)

  29. Jesus Heals a Crippled Man by Jessica Gerald  
    Here is a short skit for your Sunday school class from Mark 2:1-12, where the crippled man was lowered through the roof to be healed by Jesus.

  30. Amazing Grace ( Musical) by Fenny West  
    Musical to accompany this enduring song that speaks of God's wonderful gift of salvation, His amazing grace, O how sweet the sound to a wretch like me, once lost but now found, cleansed, restored, given hope by the God of Hope.


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