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Teen Issues


  1. ABSOLUTES by Rachel Jamerson  
    Compares the mindset of contemporary teens to that of their parents & grandparents.

  2. Murder That Driving Spirit by Mike Ramey  
    Cancel culture is the new way of getting rid of contrary people and opinions--no matter how true they may be. Cancel culture is little more than electronic murder which drives some people to do the real thing. A biblical view of murder is in order and study.

  3. Old Bait and New Lures by Mike Ramey  
    Don't be fooled teens! Satan knows what bait and lures to use to get you hooked and into his boat. Jesus Christ can and will help you to snap the devil's line--if you ask the Lord into your life!

  4. Teens Need To Be Taught Bible Prophecy by Mike Ramey  
    The hunger is out there. The demand is out there. Jesus Christ is coming soon. The Rapture can hit at any moment. These topics and more provide a serious illustration as to why Christian teens need to be focused on Bible Prophecy and not just 'safe' issues in Christian education.

  5. Cloudy Days and Foggy Nights by Mike Ramey  
    Think you have had a bad time of it because of external and/or internal factors? You are not alone. Some great biblical illustrations and wisdom from the KJV Bible.

  6. Reparations On The Back Burner Again by Mike Ramey  
    Why are teens--even Christian teens--ignorant of the issue of Reparations and its application? Could be that many in the church, government and society don't want the truth told.

  7. Depression: That Draining Spirit! by Mike Ramey  
    Throughout history, some of the most powerful men and women of God had to battle depression. Teens--especially Christian teens--are not exempt from the 'black dog' known as depression. Here are a few biblical tips to follow, before depression gets worse!

  8. Suicide: That Stalking Spirit by Mike Ramey by Mike Ramey  
    Suicide is an issue many teens don't want to talk about...until it is too late, which is EXACTLY what Satan wants! A thorough look at the spiritual side of this issue...and how to fight teen suicide.

  9. Be A Woman Before Becoming A Wife. by Olawale Ogunsola  
    Immaturity before marriage has grave consequences. Be careful to be a woman before yearning to become a wife.

  10. The Chronicle of Carlo by Stephen Kimball  
    Carlos the bird illustrates our propensity toward sin and a path to restoration.

  11. SURE BENEFITS FOR EVERY CHILD by Olawale Ogunsola  
    Certain benefits will acrue to every child who obeys his or her parents in the Lord. What are they?

  12. From the Head to the Heart by Stephen Kimball  
    Am I really saved or am I self-deceived?

  13. Taming the Tongue by Stephen Kimball  
    Have a child that is bullied by an older sibling? At a loss for how to stop it? Just paste their names into this tragic real life scenario for a wakeup call that that just might help.

  14. Old Wounds by PamFord Davis  
    The LORD heals wounds.

  15. The Choice by Stephen Kimball  
    Perfect for parents to read with their pre-teens and teens, as a discussion starter about the consequences sex outside of marriage. Written from experience, don't put off this conversation. Feel free to use this and let me know if you felt it was helpful. Thank you.

  16. How to Use His Word by Karen White  
    Written for Tween girls, the article gives scripture versus to assist them in facing some issues; bullying, making friends, etc.

  17. I stepped out briefly of the home and . . . by theburningbushboy Solanke  
    While I was looking elsewhere, distracted in a sense, not to have noticed him, he was busy analyzing me inside out. He must have taken his time to look deep into my life. He probably knew I had stepped out of grace, alone without my brothers and out of the cover provided by my father. If I had known that stepping out would make me so naked, maybe I should have stayed back home.

  18. Teenagers and God by Jennifer Champion  
    Teens asks hard questions about God. How we answer them can determine how they see Christianity in our world.

  19. Faith to get through high school by MARK HUMPHREY  
    A preacher's kid seeking liberty from legalism channels a determination to begin enjoying life toward achieving goals and building a road to success.

  20. God's Special Child by louis gander  
    A short story poem about God's special child and us...

  21. The Quandry Of Low Expectations by Shannon Meiers  
    What's the biggest issue facing teens today? Our own behavior and the resulting social stigma.

  22. A Letter To Generation Y by Shannon Meiers  
    Generation Y has a "Why me" problem. I attack this problem head on with sarcasm.

  23. SEEING GOD AS YOUR FATHER by Anthony Osei Boateng  
    God being a very good Father is interested in every area of our lives and wants to play a key role in it. But He can't come uninvited, hence we should pray and invite God our Father to take charge of every area of our lives and also to lead and guide us in all that we do.

  24. Much More Courage by louis gander  
    There's danger on my city street,
    there's danger in my school,
    there's danger at my local store -
    if I'm not lookin' cool.

  25. masturbation is simply selfishness by OPEYEMI ADEBARI  
    this article is to depict the true essence of God'd gift(sex) and how He intends that it would be used

  26. Stalking Us by louis gander  
    You ARE being stalked...

    This book is about our need for ultimate love and understanding. Set in today's society where self-doubt, bullying, broken homes and brokenness is rampant, this book is a must read.

    Seventh Dimension -The Door is a touching story about a hurt young girl who finds the ultimate love of the king.

  28. Dear 16 year old me by Darlene Glasgow  
    Letter written by a 50 year old to her 16 year old self.

  29. Cow Paddies by Winnie Kaetzel  
    Beware of sin in your life. Vain imaginations only lead to destruction.

  30. Who Do You Listen To? by Valerie Federoff  
    We are exposed to information from thousands of sources every day. We evaluate that information and decide to follow it or not. This article will help you make beneficial life choices.


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