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  1. Race in the Clouds by Jerry Ousley  
    We all run a race . . .

  2. Hallelujah in the Face of Adversity by Dudley Anderson  
    ?God is enthroned in your songs of praise and where God is enthroned Satan cannot dwell. So, hallelujah!?

  3. Comfortable or Covenant? by Tonja Taylor  
    "Comfortable or Covenant?" the Holy Spirit asked me in my heart a few weeks ago. I understood immediately that He was calling me to take a leap of faith and I decided to be open to that change. A week or two later, He made clear to me a very surprising, but right, direction about that.

  4. Bragging Rights by Jerry Ousley  
    How do you face your giant?

  5. Watch What You Say by Dudley Anderson  
    ?We greatly underestimate the power of our words, good or bad. It was once said, ?Words can inspire. And words can destroy. Choose yours well.??

  6. A New Age by Stanley Davis  
    We need to work together to win people to Christ...

  7. Moving In With Mom by Tonja Taylor  
    God often answers prayers in ways our minds would never think of! He is always faithful, and His ways are a win-win for all involved.

  8. The Brevity of Life by Ken Barnes  
    The brevity of life is a reality, but we often view it as a fantasy.

  9. Whose Plan Will You Follow? by Dudley Anderson  
    ?So, trust the plans of God without relying on your own insight. He who promised is faithful and he will do it. And that?s what God-tracking is all about.?

  10. Battle Plan by Jerry Ousley  
    We may have a plan, but God has a better battle plan

  11. WHEN GOD SAYS WAIT by Lupie Riley  
    There are lessons to learn when God's answer is wait. We must remember he always has our good in mind.

  12. Three in One by Jerry Ousley  
    Is God one or three?

  13. Sometimes God Says No by Ken Barnes  
    There are times when, just as in the case of Paul, God gives us what we need, not what we want.

  14. Settle Your Indebtedness by Olawale Ogunsola  
    When you know that you owe something to someone, the next step is to look for a way to settle your debt. On the other hand, if you don't know that you owe, how will you plan to pay? You owe and you have to pay. Begin today.

  15. The Great Plan For You! by Tonja Taylor  
    "Make good choices," we tell our kids and students. When I was teaching 4/5 grade robotics at a public school years ago, I had to give a few students a discipline writing assignment. Instead of the usual boring one, the LORD had me quickly write this, for them to copy. Not only were they quiet as they wrote, but they wanted copies to take home!

  16. Take Cover! by Tonja Taylor  
    There is power in numbers; even the wicked people know that. In these crazy, terrible days of the world system, true Believers need to gather with other true Believers, to be strengthened and encouraged, privided for, and protected by prayer and the Word!

  17. Sitting While Waiting by Olawale Ogunsola  
    Waiting is part of living. Sometimes, while waiting, you have to sit until your expectations are met.

  18. CUNNING & CLEVER by linzy bruno  
    "Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour." (1Peter 5:8, nkjv)

  19. What Goes Down Must Come Up! by Tonja Taylor  
    Normally, we hear, "What does up must come down," and that usually refers to the effects of gravity. However, the LORD gave me this title in reverse as I woke. It makes even more sense than the old saying!

  20. Baptized by Jerry Ousley  
    Do I have to be baptized?

  21. 19 Ways to Submit to God by Tonja Taylor  
    "Submit" is usually a word we don't like, even as Christians. It really just means "obey", and we all know that when we obey, life is better! True submission to the LORD is a win-win for us and the ones He touches through us!

  22. Go Said Go, Jonah Said No! by Ken Barnes  
    Even God's discipline is designed to show his mercy. You can run from God but can never hide.

  23. Efficacy Of A Vow by Olawale Ogunsola  
    Every seed yields its equivalent seed. So it is with a vow.

  24. Spread Positivity: Send a Thank You to First Responders! by Tonja Taylor  
    During a heatwave of 105-degree temperatures, a transformer blew and the power went out. I called the utility company, and was thrilled and thankful when the power was restored within an hour! This prompted me to send a thank-you note to the electric company, and other first responders!

  25. Faithful Endurance by Dudley Anderson  
    ?The Lord has not forgotten you and has not forgotten his promises to you. He who promised is faithful and he will be faithful to you as you faithfully continue to trust Him.?

  26. TRUTH IN FAIRNESS by linzy bruno  
    "For there is no partiality with God." (Romans 2:11)

  27. Soul Dance (excerpt): His Mercies Are New Every Morning: Forgive Yourself! by Tonja Taylor  
    We true Believers are taught, and charged to practice, forgiveness daily for others. We know we are to do that. However, it's rarely been taught that we are also to forgive ourselves--something the LORD revealed to me again, when I read I Corinthians 13:4-8 this morning.

  28. As It Happened by Ken Barnes  
    If Ruth had not found herself in Boaz's field, as it happened, the whole story of Ruth would not have happened.

  29. Don't Give Up--God's Word IS Always Working! by Tonja Taylor  
    One of the most powerful ways we can change our lives and others after we are born again by believing in the LORD Jesus Christ as our Savior and LORD, is to speak His Word aloud every day! The enemy lies and says we are wasting our time, but he is scared--because God's Word cannot NOT work! When all else is gone, God's Word will live!

  30. When You Are Weak, Do These! by Tonja Taylor  
    When I feel weak spiritually and/or emotionally, and/or mentally, I know it's an attack of the enemy. He is forever tormented, and tries to hurt God by tormenting us, God's kids. But we have the victory through the blood of Jesus Christ, and these other ways to overcome and enjoy the peace of God!


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