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  1. Tips for Staying in Mountain Cabins by Tonja Taylor  
    No matter how well-furnished a mountain cabin or "cottage" (which is a whole house) is, you would most likely want to make sure you take these things on your visit, so you don't have to come down from the mountain and drive to the store (Unless you just want to, of course!).

  2. 13 Tips to Help You Sleep Better While Traveling by Tonja Taylor  
    These tips work for me and I believe they will help you sleep better while you travel--and at home too!

  3. Another Top Ten Things You Must Do in Las Vegas by   
    Las Vegas, Nevada is the single-most popular gambling city in the world. Also known as Sin City, it's also a place where adult entertainment options are in no short supply. Whether visitors are looking to party, gamble or simply see the sights, Vegas is the type of city that offers up choice in abundance. They may catch a bad rap, but there are some family-friendly options if you'd prefer.

  4. God's provision in Ontario by Nicki Jeffery  
    Halfway across the world on a working holiday visa with my sister, I wondered how our needs would be met. God is faithful and He goes ahead of us. We can trust Him as we travel with Jesus.

  5. God's Enormous Energy by Marsha Barrow  

  6. All Things Under Our Feet by Gregory John Monroe  
    The meek will inherit not only the earth, but the universe as well; a place in which we may travel by the speed of thought

  7. GOD'S COUNTRY by Paul Curtis  
    The breeze on my face was still warm
    Though the sun was setting
    With the horizon a kaleidoscope of colour,

  8. Le Passage to India wins National Tourism Award by   
    Le Passage to India (LPTI) India's premium award winning No.1 Destination Management Company has yet again won recognition for its contribution to the tourism industry

  9. TUI India appoints Raja Natesan as the Chief Operating Officer by   
    TUI Travel India announces the appointment of Raja Natesan as Chief Operating Officer

  10. An Alluring and Amiable Journey of Rajasthan by   
    Rajasthan "The Land of Kings and Colors" is one of the best tourist's destinations in North India. It is popular amongst the vacationers for its richness, royals, heritage culture, rituals and multi-colored lifestyle.

  11. Change Your Scenery by Sydney Avey  
    Whether you long for silent forests and simple fare or crave the bright lights of the big city, it's good for the soul to mix it up once it awhile!

  12. The Mysterious Mountain in An Giang, Vietnam by   
    The mysterious cave, the artificial lake, the rock elephant ... bring wild beauty, impressive of the mountains at this land.

  13. For Selwyn by Richard L. Provencher  
    The next day I
    looked beyond his

  14. God's Miracle Trailer Move by BILL HUNT  
    God provides in the way he points! To answer a call to ministry, God supplies the trailer to move and a shiny silver cross.

  15. The Ocean Waves by Holly Bortisser  
    My love with God's creation when my mom took me to Monterey in CA.

  16. Gulley's Gap by Scarlett Farr  
    Everyone wants to have an unforgettable vacation experience. A closeup encounter with a grizzly bear and a herd of elk fits the bill for an unforgettable experience.

  17. Vacation? How about trying Temecula California by Jamie Myles  
    Championship golf courses, hot air balloon rides and California's' largest casino are just the beginning of what Temecula Valley has to offer to young and old alike.

  18. I DID IT essay by Richard L. Provencher  
    Moving from one province to another is expensive, nerve-wracking, yet exciting. This move our family did became a long term adventure, with no regrets.

  19. Tips to Fly By by Arlene Baker  
    Some travel tips I want to share to make an international journey a bit less stressful.

  20. Enchanting Speewald by Arlene Baker  
    Spreewald is one of Germany's best kept secrets. Any travel to that country should include a visit to this wonderful region.

  21. HELLO CITY SLICKERS essay by Richard L. Provencher  
    A journey to a farm, where work, animals and loving grandchildren await. Ah, memories. Never depart from this soul.

  22. Maker's Joy by Lisa Holloway  
    Fly above the ocean and watch the scene below unfold. This is a journey for the soul, rest for the spirit.

  23. Super Slimming Tips While on Vacation by TripMama. by   
    We all know the feeling- saving up all year for our dream trips. You've been really good about keeping fit and eating less; you look in great shape for the beach. Then you arrive and it all goes out of the window. Studies show that this type of behavior has a long-lasting effect on your health, and even your emotional wellbeing. TripMama is here to give you the information you need to keep that holiday-high long after you return.

  24. A day's journey to Emmaus by William King  
    A look at the historical area of Emmaus just outside of Jerusalem and what's there today.

  25. Remaining Close to God While You Travel by Jennifer Coe  
    Practicals on how to have a reasonable expectation in your personal time with God; practicals

  26. The "Mapquest" to heaven by John Urs  
    It looks so easy and pleasant to travel when you have good directions. Do we always have them?

  27. Manage Your Chronic Pain While Traveling in Comfortable Hotels by Lisa Copen  
    For those who are chronically ill, traveling can be a painful experience. Whether the travel is business or pleasure, oftentimes, little is accomplished and discomfort rules the trip. By knowing a few perks of different hotels your travel experience can be much more tolerable, and even pleasant.

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