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  1. The Proxy by Beth LaBuff  
    A voice articulated, "You must create a culinary masterpiece. You will be allowed to gather ingredients from the pantry. If your creation satisfies the judge you will be allowed through, otherwise you will be eliminated. Your time starts now."

  2. Water-a necessity by Grace Tom-Lawyer  
    Hardly can anyone survive without water but does water also have some spiritual implications ?

  3. MCG by Katie Presser  
    Microwave chocolate gravy (MCG)
    There is still an Art to it! Still a special way and straight and narrow way to place the ingredients, stir the ingredients and heat the ingredients to have a hot mixture to serve up to others!

  4. halal catering Delicious food services by   
    Every year, newer trends in food and recipes arrive that usually grabs the eye of your shoppers and as a business owner, you must be updated frequently. There square measure totally different cooking courses that also are on the market on-line for simple access.

  5. Halal Catering - Luxiary and Fresh Food by   
    If you're not accustomed doing these sorts of meals, continually treat Halal caterings as a decent technique to search out out new dishes and additionally new strategies of cookery differing types of food

  6. I Believe Poem by Nanette Tron  
    This is a poem of some of thing things I like and are important to me. The few things I believe.

  7. Crockpot (not crackpot) Queen by Melissa Martin  
    A humorous (and exaggerated) story about crockpot cooking.

  8. How is sin like canned peas? by Barbara Miller  
    How is sin like canned peas? When it comes right down to it: Whose cuizine will reign supreme?

  9. Creamed Chicken Baked in Pepper Shells by Jessica Gerald  
    This recipe gives a different twist on stuffed peppers.

  10. Blueberry Tea Cake by Jessica Gerald  
    A light and tasty cake made from scratch. Nice to serve for summer get-togethers.

  11. Spanish Layer Cake by Jessica Gerald  
    Here is an old fashioned layer cake made from scratch. No mixes here!

  12. Chocolate Chip Shower by Pat Murray  
    "Do it again, Mamaw, Do it again!" I was laughing so hard at that point that I could not have done anything else, much less repeating that.

  13. The Fondue Fiasco by Pam Carlson-Hetland  
    Sometimes our best ideas go awry. Life as a single parent has its challenges and its humorous moments. Planning a special Valentine's Day celebration brought about some great story-telling later on.

  14. Jailhouse Gravy and Snake Cakes by dub W  
    Cooking for the grandkids makes for fond memories.

  15. Exploding Mississippi Mud Cake by Betty Castleberry  
    A cook's humorous account of what happens when not paying attention in the kitchen. Based on a true experience, with only a few slight exaggerations. ;0)

  16. Smashed Potatoes by Betty Castleberry  
    A humorous look at the language of today's chefs.

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