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  1. Pain of a Prodigal, A Mother's Perspective by stephanie reck  
    Help for mothers who have a prodigal child. If you have a prodigal child you may feel alone and wearied. This article will give you some tips on what to do as you wait and to let you know that you are not alone in your journey.

  2. What's the Buzz, Bumbly Bee? Bumbly Bee Series Volume 1 BRENDA HENDRICKS by sana edoja  
    Bumble Bee, an adorable bee who is unsure about flying high in the skies. He is a little bit confused of his own abilities. His friends are scaring Bumble Bee by telling him that he cannot fly?

  3. He Giveth More Grace by Emily Van rijn  
    A encouragement for mothers in the stressful moments!

  4. "Monkey See... Monkey Do!" by Susan Gurney  
    Ninth in a series of Bible-based articles to help set you thinking: Imitate your Heavenly you can live a holy life for YOUR children to imitate!

  5. Children Resoloving Conflict by naomi Cassata  
    Children dealing with conflict with friends,neighbors and siblings

  6. Christian Relationship Help: How Anxiety in Difficult Relationships Contributes to the Dysfunction by Karla Downing  
    Are you looking for Christian relationship help to enable you to understand how anxiety in difficult relationships contributes to the dysfunction? Then this article will help you by showing you how people either overreact or under-react to anxiety and how to calm the anxiety which will decrease rather than increase the dysfunction.

  7. Bless those who Curse You by naomi Cassata  
    Teaching your kids how to handle others when they are mistreated. Luke 6:28

  8. Bless those who Curse You by naomi Cassata  
    Teaching your kids how to handle others when they are mistreated. Luke 6:28

  9. Help Prevent Bullying (A Layman‚s Guide) by Richard L. Provencher  
    I believe parents today are also not aware of what is going on, unless your child tells you. When they do please be quiet and listen carefully about how their troubles began.

  10. Christian Parenting: Three Things Parents Do That Ensures Irresponsible Entitled Adult Children by Karla Downing  
    Are you looking for Christian parenting help on how to raise responsible children? There is an epidemic of irresponsible adult children that need help from their parents well into adulthood. While there are justifiable reasons for this such as a bad economy, the high cost of living, the increase in college tuition, there are also plenty of unjustified reasons such as laziness, addictions, irresponsible decisions, and a lack of maturity. Prevention is always the best policy. With that in mind, here are three things you can do with your young children that ensure irresponsible behavior in adults...

  11. A Mother And Her Cubs by Gloria Comingore  
    It seemed funny to me.
    Thinking to myself.
    How mothers will be mothers.
    Two legged or four.
    As I watched the scene unfold

  12. Christian Parenting: How To Teach Your Son To Respect Women by Karla Downing  
    It is your job as a parent to teach your children. Much of this teaching has to be intentional. One of the things that you must be conscious of is how to teach your son to respect women. God created men and women to be different but not to be any less valuable. Throughout history, women have been controlled, abused, and mistreated by men. The church needs to follow Jesus' example and treat women as equals that deserve to be treated with respect. Do the following things...

  13. Chosen Parents by Billie Jo Youmans  
    Encouragement for parents...God makes no mistakes. He selects the parents for each child who will accomplish His purposes.

  14. Setting Boundaries With Your Adult Children: Five Ways God Wants You To Parent Your Adult Child by Karla Downing  
    Are you wondering about setting boundaries with your adult children? Parenting your adult child sounds like an oxymoron. The two really shouldn't go together, but they often do. There is an epidemic of children eighteen years and older (even much older) that still require involvement from their parents in their lives and want support in the form of a place to live, money, training, and emotional energy. This requires a plan and an understanding of the ways adult children should be parented. Here are five ways God wants you to parent your adult child...

  15. Bullies by Donna Wasson  
    For shame...

  16. Interview: Shari Karney, Esq talks about the evil of Child Molesting by Peter Menkin  
    This interview with Shari Karney, attorney and commentary contains adult content of an explicit sexual kind. Know it holds some graphic statements about child molesting. That kind of material in an interview of a kind dealing with issues in the news today, like the Sandusky trial, have brought to national attention the often secret subject of child molesting and about the child molester. Attorney Shari Karney of Santa Monica, California has been working on this kind of case with others in the United States and especially California, almost in the manner of a Crusade. Perhaps as a Crusade, for the interview has some tones of the Crusade against this evil of the sexual predator.

  17. Dysfunctional Families: How to Protect Your Children From the Dysfunction by Karla Downing  
    Children are affected by the problems in your marriage. This article offers four things you can do to protect your children from the dysfunctional dynamics.

  18. Father-Daughter Relationships Influence A Woman's View of God: Three Things Women Need by Karla Downing  
    Father-daughter relationships influence a women's view of God the Father. There are three things women need from their earthly father to have a healthy relationship with God...

  19. Prodigal Children - Six Things You Absolutely Must Do by Karla Downing  
    Watching your prodigal children make choices that you fear will cause pain and consequences and you know are out of God's will is heart-wrenching. The parable of the prodigal son in Luke 15:11-32 provides the model for six things you absolutely must do when dealing with your prodigal children...



  22. Setting Boundaries With Your Adult Children - How Much Involvement Is Enough? by Karla Downing  
    How much involvement is enough when setting boundaries with your adult children? Just enough! You raise your children with the idea that when they turn 18, they will be completely independent with the exception of possibly paying for college. But just because a child turns 18 doesn't mean parenting isn't wanted or needed...

  23. OH DEAR PARENTS by Paul Curtis  
    Oh dear parents
    Let us tell you that we do
    Appreciate how lucky

  24. Parenting 101 - Bullying by Lynn Dove  
    Are your children the victims of bullying? Are YOU a victim? Some practical suggestions on how to parent a child who is being bullied.

  25. MOM SAID, NO by Richard L. Provencher  
    Then her arms surrounded him like a cuddly bear. She kissed away his sore feelings then rushed to get a band-aid.

  26. Every Parents' Responsibility by naomi Cassata  

  27. Every Parents' Responsibility by naomi cassata  
    Why discipline is important to our children.

  28. Mother of fifteen children is now homeless by Robert Randle  
    Just when you think things couldn't get any weirder in America, another event happens to come along, unexpectedly, from somewhere out-of-the-blue. Although this is an old story that reporter Keith Morelli, The Tampa Tribune, broke way back in April 21, 2010, still, it has reignited the contentious debate regarding family planning and the responsibility of social services agencies.

  29. Alpha Infant by Melissa Martin  
    How Deep is a Mother's Love for Her Daughter

  30. Spanking as a form of discipline had its merit by Robert Randle  
    this: "It takes a village to raise a child" and it is so true. One of the things that probably contributes the most to juvenile delinquency is a lack of discipline; starting in the home. This is the environment where a child is first introduced to the values and conduct which will make him a productive and law-abiding member of society.


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